Matthew Pruitt

  • Goose Creek US-SC
Matthew Pruitt

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2007 - Present



My primary jobs are to cook orders, prep food for the next day, and clean the kitchen area at the end of the night.

2005 - Present

Audio/Visual Team

SonRise Christian Church

Volunteer work.  Every few weeks, I run audio/visual components of church services on Sunday from a computer.  This includes running a presentation software program called MediaShout.  I also have some experience running an audio mixer.


Aug 2008 - Present

College of Charleston

Current GPA is 3.9.



Graphic Design

I can complete simple tasks in Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator, and am willing to learn more.

Word Processing

I am familiar with Microsoft Word as well as, and can type with an average speed of about 75 words per minute.


As an English major, I am very interested in literature and enjoy reading and writing.  I also am very enthusiastic about music, whether it be listening, critiquing, or performing (I play the guitar).


After working in fast food for over three years, I am looking for a full-time job to work in order to gain experience in other areas while also earning money to pay for college and other expenses.  I am especially interested in jobs involving writing in order to gain more experience for a possible future career in journalism.