Glenn Getty

Glenn Getty


I am a simple yet motivated and determined young man who wants to be successful in life.


My objective is to go to a good college and become successful in the military and astrophyics. I want to be remembered for something great and to make my family proud by giving back to them what they've given me my entire life.


Work History

Work History
Mar 2011 - Present

Ice Cream Specialist

Dairy Queen


Sep 2008 - Present

Heritage High School

Heritage Magnet student for 4 years taking rigorous AP courses. Stayed within the top three ranks of my class throughout my high school career.

Sep 2010 - Present

Governor's School for Science and Techonlogy

Taking Calculus-Based Physics, Research Ethics & Methodology, Environmental Science, Calculus, and Statistics, I go to this prestigious institution where the brightest minds and students attend.