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Advanced knowledge in the design, analysis, and optimization of 5G systems

  • Solid background on 5G wireless networks
  • Solid background on IoT
  • Solid background on cloud computing and mobile cloud computing
  • Solid background on green IT
  • Solid background on radio resource management
  • Solid background on optimization and mathematics of networks
  • Background on C/C++ programming and algorithms
  • Background on MATLAB programming
  • Experience in working independently and cooperatively
  • Experience in supervising and mentoring personnel
  • Fast and self-learner
  • IEEE member: Communications Society and Computational Intelligence Society
  • Leadership and chairship experience

Work experience

2013-2014, 2015Present

PostDoctoral Fellow

Ryerson University, Department of Computer Science

Conducting advanced high quality research both independently and collaboratively on 5G systems with emphasis on IoT, mobile cloud computing, cloud computing, and energy-efficiency. Supervise PhD and Master students. Publish research findings in top-notch  journals and conferences.


Chair of IEEE Toronto Sec. Signals & Computational Intelligence Joint Society

IEEE Toronto Section

Volunteer. Core activities: organize seminars, invite guest speakers, supervise the activities of all societies under my responsibility.



Federal University of Para

Teach, evaluate, and supervise students. Leadership experience as a chair and vice-chair of undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science. Major field: computer networks and systems.

Education (all degrees assessed by WES as equivalent to Canadian ones)



Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Pará.

Analysis, design, and optimization of wireless networks. Major competences: radio resource management, capacity planning, traffic engineering, system optimization and control, random process.



Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Pará.

Analysis of Handoff in wireless systems. Major competences: handoff optimization, traffic engineering, system model and simulation, random process.



Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Pará

Analysis of Electromagnetic fields on communication systems. Major competences: telecommunications, numerical methods, programming, numerical methods.


Wireless Networks

Experience on 5G system, IoT over wireless networks, mobile cloud computing for IoT systems, network design, radio resource management, call admission control, energy-efficient, quality of service,  capacity planning,

Research & Development

Experience in research (PhD and Postdoctoral level). Experience with advanced mathematical tools. Fast and self learner. 

Writing technical articles and documents

Experience in writing research proposals, technical reports, articles for conferences, book chapters, and top-level journals. Experience in LaTeX, visualization tools for plotting data, and MS Office editors.

Leading and Training personnel

Experience in leading, teaching, and supervising personnel in all levels, BSc, MSc, and PhD.


Publications on top-notch IEEE journals, Magazines, and conferences:

  • Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, I. Woungang, A. Anpalagan, M. Jaseemuddin, and E. Hossain, Intercloud and HetNet for Mobile Cloud Computing in 5G Systems:  Design Issues and Challenges. Accepted for publication.
  • Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, I. Woungang, A. Anpalagan, and E. Hossain, QoS-Aware Energy-Efficient Joint Radio Resource Management in Multi-RAT Heterogeneous Networks, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 65, no. 8, pp. 6343-6365, Aug. 2016.
  • Glaucio H.S. Carvalho, Isaac Woungang, Alagan Anpalagan, Analysis of Sub-band Allocation in Multi-Service Cognitive Radio Access Networks, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, vol. 3, no. 6, 645-648, 2014.
  • Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, I. Woungang, A. Anpalagan, R. W.L. Coutinho, J. C. W. A. Costa, A Semi-Markov Decision Process-Based Joint Call Admission Control for Inter-RAT Cell Re-Selection in Next Generation Wireless Networks, Computer Networks, Elsevier, vol. 57, no. 17, pp. 3545-3562, 2013.
  • Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, I. Woungang, A. Anpalagan, A Semi-Markov Decision Model-based Brokering Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Market, submitted to IEEE ICC 2017 Communications QoS, Reliability, and Modeling Symposium, 2017.
  • Richa Siddavaatam, Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, I. Woungang, A. Anpalagan, Efficient Ubiquitous Big Data Storage Strategy for Mobile Cloud Computing over HetNet, IEEE Globecom 2016.
  • Richa Siddavaatam, Glaucio H. S. Carvalho, I. Woungang, A. Anpalagan, An Efficient Method for Mobile Big Data Transfer Over HetNet in Emerging 5G Systems, 21st IEEE International Workshop on Computer Aided Modelling and Design of Communication Links and Networks IEEE CAMAD 2016.