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Extensive civil litigation experience, both plaintiff and defense, in catastrophic injury claims, including medical, pharmaceutical and dental malpractice, emergency medicine, fetal malpractice, elder abuse, sexual abuse, prosthetic devices, wrongful death and product  liability . 

Broad understanding of traumatic injury, iatrogenic injury, medical conditions, disease and pathology. Uniquely skilled in analysis of medical issues and theories of liability.  Experienced with client management, medical research, medical record review and liability analysis, retention and preparation of expert witnesses, drafting and response to discovery and motions, including motions for summary judgment and oppositions, settlement conference, arbitration and trial briefs. Initiated and participated in settlement negotiations through litigation. Highly effective in negotiation of liability and damages in mediation and settlement conferences. 

Employment History



Eureka Paralegal Services

Independent contract - litigation support

Supervise defense medical examinations, medical record analysis and review, medical research, retain and manage experts, preparation of  discovery and responses, motions and oppositions, including motions for summary judgment, settlement conference and arbitration briefs, investigation and interview of witnesses,  preparation of cases for trial, including evidence, witnesses, experts and clients.

Sep 2014Oct 2015

Contract Paralegal

Law Offices of Steven L. Martin

Reviewed medical records, including preparation of detailed written analysis of treatment, liability and damages for use in negotiation of claims; drafted discovery and responses; researched medical issues;  drafted motions, oppositions, mediation and settlement conference briefs.

Aug 2009Present

Contract Paralegal

John Buzas/Gabriel & Assoc.

Contract employment: observation of defense medical examinations, review  and analysis of medical records, attend and participate in settlement conferences.


Litigation Paralegal

Contos & Bunch

Civil litigation firm specializing in Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Malpractice, Product Liability and Catastrophic Injury claims.

Responsible for all aspects of litigated cases, from inception to settlement or verdict:

Preliminary analysis of claim, medical records and evidence; interviewed and assessed client and witnesses, developed theories of liability and damages; researched medical issues involved in claim.

Claims involved profound injury and wrongful death arising from medical, pharmaceutical and dental negligence, medical products and devices, pharmaceutical products, general personal injury, auto accidents, construction defect and premises liability.

Injuries, traumatic or iatrogenic, involved complex medical, dental and psychiatric issues, accidents, products, prosthetic implants and obstetric/fetal malpractice, anesthesiology, psychiatric, neurology, orthopedic, elder abuse, dental and pharmaceutical malpractice.

Attended medical examinations, inspections, expert depositions, mediations, settlement conferences and trial.

Propounded and responded to discovery; drafted discovery motions, motions for summary judgment and oppositions; drafted settlement, mediation and trial briefs.

Retained experts, identified liability issues, prepared experts for deposition testimony.

Attended and actively participated in settlement negotiations with opposing counsel, mediators and judges during mediations and mandatory settlement conferences; attended and assisted partners in arbitration and trial.

Broad understanding of medicine, nursing and medical management in claims arising from both acute and chronic disease, in clinic and hospital settings, resulting in permanent disability; dental, medical and orthopedic prosthetic devices; neurologic/brain damage with permanent disability requiring long term custodial life care planning.


Litigation Support

Parrish, Moriarty & Smith

Defense firm specializing in Federal Workers' Compensation

Asbestos and Mesothelioma claims



University of California, Los Angeles

School of Law/Paralegal Studies

University of California, San Diego

Continuing Education

Advanced Fetal Monitoring and Legal Implications (3)

Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine

Brain Attack Seminars (2)

Breast Cancer Forum

Medical Ethics & Legal Medicine


Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiac Health

Interactions and Complications in the Use of Pharmaceuticals

Nephrology Update

Concepts in Emergency Medicine