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Glam Your Image interests:

  • Image - Further Education 
  • Companies - Workshops for staff 
  • Companies: The Company look (updating the look)
  • Magazines - Image Columns
  • Magazines - Fashion Styling
  • Magazines - Tips
  • Blog - Image related  


  • Elisabete Reis, Certified Image Consultant is the owner and founder of Glam Your Image providing style and image transformations to help people look their best. Looking your best is a way of life that Elisabete passes on to those fortunate to be her clients.
  • As a Flight Attendant for many years she worked with varied cultures, skin colors and body types. People all had the same concerns: How do I look good in the uniform? How do I wear the proper make-up? She helped them achieve their best image to represent not only the brand of the airline but also to help them gain promotion and reach their dreams and goals.
  • Elisabete also has many years experience in the retail world working on the image of clients. Many had image challenges such as figure and shape but her compassionate, loving approach put them all at ease as she helped them with simple yet effective image techniques. Her process is to work in depth so that her clients really get to know themselves and their best attributes. She provides color, figure and facial scale analysis, overcoming body challenges, choosing the right accessories and getting the correct hairstyle and makeup. Her clients feel gorgeous and empowered!
  • As an instructor for many years and a certified coach Elisabete loves to work with companies providing workshops and image awareness to various companies and staff. How the power of image can put your company on the top and the importance of staff and company speaking the same language are some examples of her workshops.

Work experience

Feb 2010Present

Founder, Owner and Image Consultant

Glam Your Image

Glam Your Image started with a dream of helping others feel better about themselves using ones own attributes.

Glam Your Image Mission is to: "Match who You are!"

To be able to show and demonstrate how people can really improve the way they look, hence feel, just by changing your hair, make-up or your clothes is an instant eye opening experience. 

  • Clients from various backgrounds, cultures and social status.

Glam Your Image works with diversity everyday. Is not only that every body is shaped in an unique way but also your culture and background has a huge impact on your looks.

No matter how many times you hear or say "Looks don't matter, beauty comes from the inside" , you simply know it is only half true! Looks DO matter and beauty does come from the inside.

And that is exactly why when you change, sometimes only a little thing about yourself, you feel instantly beautiful and happy. That comes from the inside with a direct impact on the outside.

Taking care of your self in every aspect is key to a successful image and life. Disregarding your looks is the same as disregarding your health and it does have an impact on your well being.

That is why Glam Your Image works from the heart, from the inside out and helps people get to know themselves better, love the way they were naturally and beautifully sculpted and work from there.

  • Specialties

Image workshops, Quality Control, Styling, Wardrobe, Presentations, Body Concerns, Camouflaging

Always interested in:

- Quality Control - Shops/Offices; staff and shop/office presentation;

- Quality Control - Costumer Service;

- Training staff - Reflect your Company image;- Motivate staff - Image does matter;-Companies - Image sells;- Company look - From CEO to doorman;-Clients Color and Body Type;The best colors for you with a range of 21 colors to fit you.Body Type measurements and styling. -Clients Hair Eye brow and Make-up consultationFace shape and tips -Clients Closet check and Wardrobe Make-overA voyage through your clothes. Understanding your closet and the choices you made and why. Preparation for future closet "buying with a reason"-Clients shopping dayTesting knowledge-Client fun day at Glam (hair/make-up/clothes/photos)(booked by client)-Clients follow-up(Questions and answers)-Workshops (small/big groups)Image Related (depends on client needs)Can be prepared for small or bigger groups

The confidentiality agreement between Glam Your Image and Client doesn't allow any disclosure except in cases where clients give permission to share their image transformations.


Feb 2010Present

Advance Image - Business Image

London Image Institute


Ability to defining clients style  Extremely skilled in creating wardrobe for various style  

Glam Your (overall) Image

Glam Your Maternity Look

Glam Your Maternity Office

Glam Your Image - Transformation

Stunning Transformation - 1 Year

GLAM Magazine - March 2012



Level III - Personal Stylist Training

Body Beautiful Institute

Image Advance Level

London Image Institute

Foundation Image Course

Image Asia