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I am a creative person with excellent organizational skills and I pay attention to detail. I have over 6 years of experience in Social Media and Business Management, events coordination, including active participation in community services. My international work experiences in countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Malawi I have developed a strong sense of discipline and dedication as well as an appreciation for hard work.

The opportunity to travel has allowed me to have developed numerous skills such as: networking, problem solving and good communication skills which have helped me to learn how to work both independently and within a team structure. I thrive in new environments especially when working with new people and adjust well in different circumstances.

Work History

Jan 2014Present

Social Media Manager

  • Develops content and campaigns for social channels to increase engagement and brand awareness.
  • Drives revenue through paid and organic social media promotions.
  • Maintains brand presence in social media, responding to comments and managing guest experience by offering advice, answering questions and addressing customer service issues.
  • Analysing metrics and manage budgets to track success and meet goals.
  • Utilise a variety of social media platforms like Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest and other tools for optimal community management, content delivery and reporting.
Oct 2014Mar 2016

Business Development Manager

Serendipity Group
  • Cold call daily within the market or geographic area to ensure a robust pipeline of opportunities.
  • Identify potential clients, and the decision makers within the client organisations.
  • Present new products and services and enhance existing relationships.
  • Submit weekly progress reports and ensure data is accurate.
  • Ensure that data is accurately entered and managed within the company’s CRM or other sales management system.
Jan 2013Jan 2015

Executive Manager 

Olivan Skin
  • Formulating and successfully implementing company policy.
  • Developing strategic operating plans that reflect the longer-term objectives and priorities established by the board
  • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the chairman of the board
  • Closely monitoring the operating and financial results against plans and budgets; -taking remedial action where necessary and informing the board of significant changes
  • Maintaining the operational performance of the company
  • Assuming full accountability to the board for all company operations;
  • Representing the company to major customers and professional associations;


Jun 2015Jun 2018

Bachelor of Commerce Degree

Regent Business School

This qualification  focuses on the development of entrepreneurial behavior in a much wider sense than normally understood. It aims at delivering management graduates who will add value by acting entrepreneurially not only as possible new venture creators, but also as employees in managerial or other capacities, in any organisation, be it business, government, non-governmental, in education, politics or sport.

Nov 2015Jan 2016

Social Media in Public Relations

National University Of Singapore (Online)

We embark on a journey into the realm of social media in public relations and explored the dynamics and management of social media and how it has changed public relations. We examine the impact of digital influence, the relationship between traditional and social media as well as some of the pitfalls in the use of social media. We also learned how to cultivate and manage relationships in social media, engage the online community, and plan and manage online content. We lalso take a look at some ways of to measure and evaluate social media campaigns.

Jul 2014Dec 2014

The Science of Everyday Thinking

The University Of Queensland (Online)

We  explore everyday thinking: why people believe weird things, how we form and change our opinions, why our expectations skew our judgments, and how we can make better decisions. We discussed and debated topics such as medical diagnosis, paranormal phenomena, placebos, miracles, and more. We learn how to evaluate claims, make sense of evidence, and understand why we so often make irrational choices. This helped us to begin to rely on slow, effortful, deliberative, analytic, and logical thinking rather than fast, automatic, instinctive, emotional, and stereotypical thinking. The course provided tools for how to think independently, how to be skeptical, and how to value data over personal experience. We examined the mental shortcuts and rules-of-thumb that people use and misuse, and applyed this knowledge to everyday situations to help make better decisions.

Jan 2014Jun 2014

Entrepreneur 101: Who is your customer?

MIT (Online)

This was an entrepreneurship course. Every class session was an in-depth and focused case study of MIT entrepreneurs from areas as diverse as mobile applications, 3D printing, power electronics, international development, and watchmaking.

We  learned, through the stories of MIT entrepreneurs, how to go from idea or technology to the necessary understanding of who and why people will want to buy your product. Course assignments were real-life exercises that guided us through a series of concrete, practical, and effective steps that helped us make our idea very real.


Team Management 

I have the ability to delegate to a team , motivate a team, develop a team, communicate with a team, and manage a team.

Time Management 

I have the ability to creating schedules for the day/week/month, allocating time according to the task at hand, and breaking projects into manageable segments, then overseeing the entire process to confirm the plan is working.

Project Management 

I have the ability to plan, organize, budget, and manage the resources at hand.

Computer & technical literacy 

I have a good understanding of computer hardware and software, especially word processing, spreadsheets, and email.

Communications (listening, verbal, written)

I have the ability to listen, write, speak effectively and facilitate communication. 

Analytic & Research

I have  ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more information if necessary, and identify key issues that need to be addressed are critically important.

Volunteer Work

March 2014-(Precent) Pretoria Self-Reliance Director (Poverty Alleviation)

Self-reliance focuses on workshop which help community members have a balanced life, through (1) education, (2) health, (3) employment and starting business, (4) family home production and storage, (5) family finances, and (6) spiritual strength.

October 2015-March 2016 Young  Adult Pretoria City  Representative  (Young Professional Program) 

Providing adequate training programs for Young Adults between the ages of 18-30 years, expressing the concerns of the Young Adult, and serving as a mentor to young adults so that they will become active members in different programs provided. This also includes establishing partnerships with different auxiliaries which service Youth and Young Adults.

February 2013 - August 2014 Seminary Teacher (Education)  

Seminary is a worldwide, four-year educational program for youth ages 14 through 18 where students and their teachers meet each weekday during the school year to study preselected topics. The curriculum is organized in a sequential or chapter by chapter manner. 

May 2010- December 2011 Humanitarian Missionary

Provide emergency assistance, Relieve suffering, Support programs that meet specific needs and encourage self-reliance, service, and sustainability, Encourage beneficiaries to participate.

Social Media Work  


Facebook: Meleklifestyle 


Nyoka Optometrists (present )

Facebook: L Nyoka Optometrist 

Instagram: @l_nyoka_optometrist 


Solar Contractors (on hold )

Facebook: Solar Contractors 

Twitter: @Solar_Contrac

PayAssist  (Oct 2014 - Mar 2015 )

Facebook: PayAssist 

Twitter: @PayAssist