I.T Professional with experience as DBA, SA, Management and Applications developer; most recently involved with Networking initiatives and preparing for PMP.

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2008 - Present

IT Manager, DBA, Progress and SQL Server

BP Mechanical
I.T Solution provider to the organization. - Systems and Network Administration - Project Management - Web and Communication initiatives
Feb 2008 - Present

T Manager (Systems Administrator, DBA, Developer)

BP Air Conditioning
BP Air Conditioning is leading provider of HVAC and Air Conditioning Services for the NYC area. During the past 2 years I have been responsible for: Systems Administration, Database Administration, Network Administration and Software Development Developed and Maintained Software Applications (Progress 4GL RDBMS) Managing and supporting a network of over 200 connections, 18 servers Maintaining, Developing and Supporting Microsoft Dynamics SL as well as productivity tools. Implementing and supporting System Security (Cisco ASA5520, Microsoft ISA firewall) Introduced and Implemented a VMWare farm as well as Hyper-V environment Introduced and Implemented SharePoint 3.0 WSS Developed and maintained using SQL and Progress 4GL, Oracle DataServer and Unix scripting Implemented Cisco VPN Solution to the mobile workforce of 50+ Introduced, Installed and maintained BES, Blackberry Server of 30+ users. Web Development using HTML; Used and Deployed AutoCad, BIM Solutions Management responsibilities also included the Resource Management, Providing Training to Corporate workforce, Hardware and Software Support, Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery, Research and Development, Research Business Requirements and Project Management.
Jan 2006 - Present

Application Developer / Analyst

The CIT Group
The CIT Group is a Global leading provider of commercial, consumer and Small Business Lending financial solutions. During my 3 years at CIT I was responsible for supporting existing financial tools as well as full development of new Financial Applications for CIT Bank, Consumer and Specialty Finance divisions. Some of my responsibilities at CIT included: Development, Database Management, Application Support, Unix Scripting, Project Management, Application Research and Systems Administration.
2000 - Present

Youth Soccer Coach

Union Soccer
U10,U13,U17 Coach at Union Soccer League U17 Soccer Coach at Merlin Soccer Academy
Jan 2000 - Present

Manager of Electronic Commerce / Developer

Frederick Atkins
This was a wonderful experience in the Retail/Garment industry where I was constantly challenged in the areas of EDI management, Project development and Logistics: Full Development & Implementation of Progress based EDI Translator (Sun based Systems) Manage and Establishing Trading Partnerships, communication and Testing Project Management Fully proficient with EDI specs and Mappings Write Networking and OS scripts Write Client/Server Applications - (ORACLE - PROGRESS - MS ACCESS) Design Graphical User Interface using Progress 4GL RDBMS Oracle SQL Plus & PL/SQL for Data Analysis Electronic Catalog Administration (QRS) Support EDI Translators: GENTRAN for UNIX and EDI*PC Reason for leaving: Better opportunity
Jan 2004 - Oct 2007

Sr. Developer

Responsible for developing and supporting finantial applications for Specialty Financing division of CIT.
2005 - 2007

Sr. Programer / Analyst - Progress

The CIT Group
Nov 2000 - Oct 2003

Database Administrator / Sr. Programmer

MCI - WorldCom
I came to WorldCom in Oct 2000 to attend Emergency Crash Recovery of Progress Financial Systems. After successful recovery and tuning of Financial Application (DBS), I became part of WorldCom's DBA team taking new responsibilities managing Progress and Oracle databases and applications. Some of these responsibilities Included Conversion to V9 (True64 & 2000), Automating Backups procedures using tape array Unix Scripting, fail over implementation using Cluster, Crash Recovery Procedures, Technical Support, implementing Oracle Data Servers , Multi-Volume Conversions, Dump & Loads of multiple 17G+ Dbases, Unix & Client/Server Development, Networking and (ODBC,msJetEngine,TCP/IP), Dbase Conversions (V6,v7,v8), Hardware / Networking Support, Unix scripting, Project development, research and full development life cycle Other Tools: Crystal Reports, Citrix, HTML, Excel Macros, PC Anywhere, Procom+ Environment: Enterprise class Servers: Compaq 4100, GS160's True64, IBM's and Windows based systems
1999 - 2002

Database Administrator

MCI WorldCom, Garden City, New York
Jan 1998 - Oct 2000

Progress DBA/SA Sr. Developer

Providing IT solutions to approximately 20 stores in the NYC area, with over 1000+ users running Retail, warehousing, HR and Financial Applications. Database Tuning, Backups / Unix Scripting, Fail over Implementation / Crash Recovery, Technical Support, Project Management, Full Database Development Life Cycle , Oracle Data Servers , Single to Multi-Volume Conversions, Dump & Loads of 25G+ Dbases, Lead / Implemented Y2K Conversion Strategy , Unix & Client/Server Development , Networking and (ODBC,msJetEngine,TCP/IP), Dbase Conversions (V6,v7,v8), Hardware / Networking Support, Unix scripting .; Environment: SCO & NT based Systems Reason for leaving: Better opportunity
Feb 1997 - Jan 1998

Leading Retail Developer

Dec 1994 - Dec 1996

DBA / Developer / Systems Administrator

Full Client/Server PROGRESS 4GL/RDBMS Development and Implementation Data Migrating (From Prime/Pick to SCO Unix) Management of the SCO Unix Server Full Development and Implementation of EDI software Writing Communication Scripts Local and Remote Sites User Support End-users Technical Training Writing User and Technical Documentation Researching / Purchasing / Installing Computer Equipment Wiring, Pinning, Installing , Configuring Network peripherals Implementation/Installation and Support of Network components: 56K Lines / Print and Fax Servers (VSI) TITAN P.O.S on HP9000 / PROGRESS 7.3D 4GL RDBMS - EDI Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Problems Reason for leaving: Company relocated
1995 - 1996


Bac-Tech Systems
Dec 1993 - Nov 1994


Customize MFG/Pro Programs for PEPSICO INTERNATIONAL (in a programming team) Development and Implementation of PROGRESS 4GL/RDBMS Databases Full Development of EDI Package for MYSTIC TRUCKING COMPANY / SHELL OIL Writing SQL Programs, WINDOWS, and other related software packages Writing Technical Documentation Providing Training Unidata/Unisql programming - RS6000 - Unix Scripting Reason for leaving: Project ended
Feb 1992 - Nov 1993


OS: UNIX (True64 - SCO - HP - SUN - AIX) Windows (XP, 2000 - NT4 - 98 - 95 - 3.11) Novel, PICK - PRIME - UNIVERSE - PLEXUS NETWORKS: UNIX PPP - TCP/IP / WIN95 / WIN98 / CLIENTS TCP/IP / NOVELL / xceed / NetManage
1990 - 1993

Data Processing Manager

Technical Careers Institues


1987 - Present

Computer Science; Graduated

2008 - 2010


Kean University
1985 - 1987


Technical Careers Institutes - TCI
1980 - 1983


Universidad Nueva San Salvador