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I have a great number of goals to life.A New York Yankees manager. and apple ceo, A Korean bank president. etc....

It is a goal  to work in the Wall Street.There are a great number of elites to the Wall Street which is the center to international finance. I will compete with elites of the Wall Street.. but I want to become a chief in the New York Wall Street.

 A great number of companies of the Wall Street collapsed in this economic crises,

Therefore, i wants to become the person whom  forecast these risks, and  act quickly, and save a great number of companies.


I like playing football with friends. the body is healthy if I play football with friends, and  I can learn from teamwork and leadership in football game. I am interested really in a football too as can feel power and speed.

My hobby is to breed a plant or an animal.

It needs a lot of effort to breed an animal or a plant, Therefore, there are a lot of hard sections.

However, I will mature through these elements, And I am had toward a mind to consider more valuably a life

also These things give responsibility to me. There are a lot of these senses of responsibility for life is helpful.


hi.  i'm gyere lee.

i live in korea. i 'm studying management and accounting.

i want to work in finance company.

i have interest in analysis and forecast.

l like apple company, because apple company produce many interests to customers and it have unique ideas at that time.

and i respect steven jobs and warren buffett

A hopeful having had a huge drea

Work experience

Feb 2009Apr 2009

part time job

Feb 2009Apr 2009

partime job- product packing


this company do product packing. many living supplies are packed  to ubikorea

also i did product packing. i perform  product stocks management just a day.

i did clean work place. and learned stock management methood and

efficient product packing methood.

i learned time management


Mar 2009Present

an undergraduate

chungang university

I like an academic free atmosphere.

I am studying business administration, I am getting a great number of information and interests through

business administration.

I get most a lot of interests in marketing fields among business administration.

i like analysis and trying new thihgs, so Marketing has that kind of charm elements all.

Besides I can study freely history, philosophy, economy in colleges, and I interest more.

Thing is good too that I was able to study freely in colleges



frm(finance risk management)
in fact, I am not having this certificate of qualifications yet. However, I will pick it off while studying in the futu   In brief.  Frm is a certificate of qualifications managing dangerous factor related to activity of a company.   As I want to work  in the company risk management departments in the future.   In fact, frm is what I can easily pick everybody off if who major in business administration.   As if a basic basis is equipped, any work to be difficult can solve it, I just think that I shall pick it off.