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Sep 2008Present

Masters of Education

James Madison Univeristy

The Master of Education Degree (M. Ed.) with a concentration in Educational Technology serves students who work in, or who intend to pursue careers in, K12, higher education, business and industry, and consulting. The program provides candidates with opportunities to explore and research emerging technologies for learning. Candidates in the program will discover effective way to integrate these technologies in their chosen professional settings.Graduates will possess a broad and deep understanding of the practice of educational design and technology.

Anticpated Graduation - December 2011


Windows OS
Windows XP and Windows Vista
People Soft
FInancal, Human Resources, Student Administration
Adobe eLearning Suite
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Captivate
Microsoft Office 2007
Able to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint  to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets effectively.


Dr. Karen Kellison

Dr. Jane Thall


Personal Adventures


Background Information


My Educational Technology Passion

My ultimate career goal is to work as an instructional designer and trainer focusing on "mature" citizens. There are so many elements of our day to day lives that are being converted to the web, for instance Personal Medical Records, Health Care Insurance information, and correspondence in general. The "Silent Generation", or the generation previous to the Baby Boomers, did not grow up with computers, much less the modern technology we have today, but that should not exclude them from exploring the world of opportunities available via the internet. As the economy struggles, so do retirees. Many do not have the savings to retire and have to return to work and are forced to deal with computers at one point or another. It is my desire to work with seniors and introduce them to the internet, even if it is just to access email and see pictures of their grandbabies! One organization with a mission similar to mine is SeniorNet, based in Herndon, VA. Their mission is:

... to provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Various corportations, such as AT&T, Microsoft and Adobe, grant SeniorNet free software for their learning centers. There are over 130 volunteer run centers throughout the United States, Sweden, Malaysia and Japan.

Working in this type of environment would be an excellent way to share my knowledge of adult learning and edcuational technology with those that I am passionate about helping.

Current Employment


Harrisonburg VA

July 2009 - Training and Development Coordinator – IT Training

·Train faculty and staff on Microsoft Office 2007 and JMU supported software.

·Update manuals, create new training sessions.

·Assist with training for University migration from Webmail to Outlook Exchange.

·Create specific function tutorials for Outlook Exchange/OWA.

·Researching best practice for converting Instructor Lead Training to Computer Based Training.

·Manage and update Department webpage.

·Individual and departmental training as requested.

March 2007 -Administrative Assistant – Speech, Writing and English Language Learner Services

·Direct support for the Associate Director for Learning Resource Centers.

·Provided full office support to faculty and staff within the program area.

·Responsible for Learning Resource Center’s payroll.

·Responsible for Learning Resource Center’s travel arrangements/reimbursements.

·Administrator for the online scheduling system.

·Supervision of 8 Writing Center Student Employees and 1 Federal Work Study student.


Current Projects - Spring 2010 Educational Technology Masters Degree

AHRD 620: Consulting.

    Preceptor Project with Rockingham Memorial Hospital 

            Team Project: Evaluate and revise the Preceptor training program both for the workshops and online HealthStream videos. We will be using interactive PowerPoint slideshows.

AHRD 650: Instructional Design for e-Learning 

    Pediatric Aids Project with Management Sciences for Health

        Team Project: Devise a CD-ROM for pediatricians, case managers and other health care workers that need access to indepth information but presented in a convenient, memorable format. We will be using interactive Power Point slideshows.

LTLE 580: Developing and Critiquing Visual Literacy 


          Visual Resume, Logo, Poster, Brochure, Picture Book, Class Blog

Recent Projects Completed for Educational Technology Masters Degree

Accessibility Instructional Support Document - Word Document saved as PDF

Share your Google Docs - MP3 File 

Interactive PowerPoint Training - PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show

Professional Website - Created with Dreamweaver