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Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Editor (Freelance Assignments)

Charity Channel

Prepare, rewrite and edit copy to improve readability. Review content to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Allocate print space for story text, photos, and illustrations according to space parameters and copy significance, using knowledge of layout principles. Plan the contents of publications according to the publication's style, editorial policy, and publishing requirements. Software Used: MS-Office

May 2015Present

Documentation Specialist

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Responsible for routing and maintaining electronic records in accordance with rigorous FDA and ISO compliance standards. Duties include monitoring the processing and release of all Donor Screening and Immunohematology product labeling, such as electronic Instructions For Use (eIFU), Package Inserts (PI) and Direction Circulars (DC), editing the information and working with graphics designers to ensure all artwork is current and accurate. Software Used: MS-Office

Sep 2014May 2015

Technical Writer (Contract Employee)

Anaren Microwave

Developed end user guides, installation manuals, quick start guides, brochures and information sheets for new product launch of a food security monitoring system. Software used: MS-Office

Sep 2013Jun 2014

Communications Writer (Contract Employee)

Harris Corporation

Assisted in the creation of a maintenance manual for a military communication device. This document is used in classroom training of personnel for the state of the art equipment. Using software requirements specifications, developed a high frequency wireless message terminal software user guide. On an ongoing basis, developed Product Service Bulletins (PSB) and Parts Replacement Instruction (PRI) sheets used worldwide by Harris service centers in working with external customers.

Software used: FrameMaker 11.0, Agile, Corel 6.0

Jan 2005Dec 2013

Grant Writer (Provisional)

Grants Office, LLC

Developed grant applications for municipalities seeking Federal funding for community projects. This work includes creating narratives, needs analyses, use of funding and budget preparation. Software used: MS-Office

Apr 2013Sep 2013

Technical Writer (Contract Employee)


Responsible for development of all documentation (switching orders, operating procedures, quick reference guides, checklists) for the commissioning of turbines, generators and peripheral equipment in startup of utility powerhouses. Also work closely with Hydro Engineering personnel to draft guidelines for work in compliance with FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) requirements

Software used: Excel, MS-Office, Paint

Aug 2012Mar 2013

Quality Assurance Documentation Analyst (Contract Employee)


Responsible for creation and maintenance of all Quality Assurance training documentation according to Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) standards. FSSC is the food manufacturing equivalent of ISO. Compliance with FSSC requires incorporating Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) methodology. Documentation includes food defense training material outlining safeguards against bioterrorism, standard operating procedures, safety specifications and microbial air sampling guidelines.

Software used: PowerPoint, Excel, SAP, MS-Office

Feb 2012Aug 2012

Process Documentation Analyst (Contract Employee)

Baldwin-Richardson Foods

Project leader for standardizing documentation such as cook cards used in the manufacturing of products for the fast-food industry (Mc Donald's dessert toppings, Kentucky Fried Chicken condiments), process flow sheets, all in accordance with HACCP and SSOP guidelines. Designed operator checklists and glossary for use in training new hires. Software used: Excel, MS-Office

Feb 2010Sep 2011

Test Procedure Writer (Direct Employee)

  • INFIMED, Pittsford, NY, 2008 – 2011 (Contract to Direct Position)

    Medical Information Writer/Test Plan Developer

    ·         Created documentation for a new digital medical acquisition system using an innovative "lean approach" format. This achieved a top corporate goal for simplified end-user information.

    ·         Developed functional specifications and requirements for integration testing of medical products.

    ·         Designed quick start guides, installation procedures, training presentations.

    Software used: MS-Office, FrameMaker 9.0, Share Point, PowerPoint, Visio, Paint

Feb 2008Feb 2010

Engineering Document Support Specialist (Contract)

  • Used an innovative writing style to create and develop a variety of instructional material for a new digital medical acquisition system. The systems are used in X-ray departments, hospital imaging centers, cath labs, and trauma centers worldwide. The documents were completed ahead of schedule with minimal supervision. Both Alpha testers and Beta customers responded very favorably to the new look documentation with its easy to use format.
  • Edited design documentation used for guiding the architecture of future software products. The material is required to coordinate the entire team under a single vision.

           Software used: MS-Office, Frame Maker 9.0, Share Point, PowerPoint, Visio, Paint

Jan 2008Feb 2008

Documentation Specialist

Impact Technologies
  •         Developed training documentation for maintenance of Chinook helicopter engines on an extremely tight deadline.
  •         Interviewed subject matter experts, took screen captures and wrote the instructional text.
  •         Initiated the creation of an index, acronym list and appendices of error codes to simplify use.
  •         Wrote an additional four-page guide to facilitate software installation.

          Software used: MS-Office

Jan 2007Jan 2008

Web Content Manager (Contract)

ITT, Space Systems Division, SpE
  •         Created an ITT Intranet website from scratch, which expedited information sharing for Specialty Engineering.
  •         Wrote test procedures for the space systems laboratories using Kaizen (Lean Six Sigma) practices, resulting in a 58% decrease in process cycle time.
  •         Re-wrote source control documents and manufacturing process procedures to  make certain the correct requirements, quality assurance tests, acceptance criteria, and military specifications were used and processed in time. This eliminated costly re-writes and missed deadlines.
  •         Member of the ITT Document Release Team, which reviewed all new documentation before delivery to clients.

Software used: MS-Office, Windchill PDMLink, HyperSnap-DX5, Lotus Notes,MS-Publisher, Visio

Jan 1999Jan 2006

Senior Writer/Editor (Contract)

Xerox Corporation

Business Operations and Software Solutions Services

Created and updated software documentation in a scrum environment, a united goal or consensus building philosophy for managing software projects and product/application development. Supervised the production of a video script for a software application (Centreware Web) demanding a fast turnaround time.

Solutions and Services Technology Center/Coherence Program Office (SSTC/CPO)

Maintained an electronic bulletin board as a member of the SSTC Web Champions team. As the department's principal communicator, promoted SSTC activities and updated web content stored on the SSTC web site.

Software used: MS-Office

Jun 1996Jan 1999

Medical Technical Writer (Contract)

Eastman Kodak Compnay

Clinical Products Department/Health Sciences Division.

Developed training manuals for classroom instruction of field engineers for using and maintaining medical equipment, especially the Kodak Ektachem DT60 blood analyzer unit. Also wrote service bulletins for field engineers globally using KISL (Kodak International Service Language). All work was done using CAPS, a Kodak SGML package.

Mar 1984Jun 1996

Technical Writer/Editor (Direct Employee)

Xerox Corporation

Published monthly newsletters, created software user guides, brochures and reference material. Also, conducted orientation sessions for new hires of Xerox. Software used: MS-Office

Gerry's Portfolio


USDA E-Authentication

Level 1


Post-grad work

Rochester Institute of Technology

Master’s Degree courses completed: Instructional Module Development, Criterion Referenced Instruction.

New Horizons Learning Center

Internet Administration

Associates Applied Science

Monroe Community College

Bachelor of Science

St. John Fisher College


Professional References

Paul Zacks

Rochester Branch Manager/Project Lead


(585) 383-1711

[email protected]

Jeffrey Hoffman

Project Manager

Impact Technologies, LLC

(585) 424-1990 ext 129

[email protected]

Ann Cullinan

Supervisor, Parts, Materials, and Processes Engineering

Specialty Engineering/ Space Systems Division

ITT Corporation

601 Lee Road

Rochester, NY 14606

(585) 269-6816

[email protected]

Dan Casion

Manager of Grants Development and Administration

Grants Offices,LLC

Phone: (585) 473-1430 ext 113

69 Cascade Drive, Suite 102

Rochester, NY 14614

[email protected]

Marjorie Baum

Xerox Lean Six Sigma Deployment Technology /

Document Management

Xerox Corporation

855 Publisher's Parkway 0855-01A

Webster, New York 14580

(585) 347-9273

[email protected]

Filomena U

723 La Prenda Road

Los Altos, CA 94024

(650) 917-1029

Xerox Corporation

Mgr. Strategy & Communications

Member of Senior Staff,

Solutions & Services Technology Center/

Xerox Research & Technology (retired)

[email protected]


  • Simplified documentation for a medical software design firm helping to transform the company into a user-friendly leader in medical technology.
  • Project leader of a 28-member team for the successful submittal of a $21.8 million Federal grant request for the city of Philadelphia's digital broadband initiative.
  • Saved a customer account and a corporate reputation by developing a 35-page user manual and four-page installation guide within two weeks. This task involved translating complex information into introductory-level training material.
  •       Supervised the production of a video script for a software application (Centreware Web) demanding a fast turnaround time and requiring the cooperation of subject matter experts with conflicting objectives. Established a consensus and produced a script ahead of deadline and under budget, part of the scrum philosophy of the software development team..
  •       Participated in public relations/fundraising events as a Loaned Executive for a United Way campaign that raised over $800,000, a 5% increase over goal.

Key Skills

TRAINING MATERIALS- Training documentation, video scripts, instructional material, on-line tutorials

TECHNICAL WRITING - Operator manuals, end-user guides, installation guides

WEB CONTENT - Electronic bulletin board announcements, newsletters, abstracts, feature articles, web site administration, database maintenance

PROPOSAL WRITING- Sales proposals, business plans, grant writing

MARKETING LITERATURE- Promotional pieces, product information sheets, sell sheets

OTHER COMPETENCIES - Document research, requirements planning, data analysis, metrics development, stringer for local and regional newspapers

Computer Skills

Microsoft Suite: MS Office (including MS Publisher), Windows XP, Visio, Silverlight, Paint Shop Pro, SnagIt/32, Visual SourceSafe, SharePoint, FrontPage

Adobe Suite: Acrobat 7.0 Pro: Modifying PDF Documents, Adobe Acrobat, FrameMaker 5.5.6, FrameMaker 7.0 (structured), Photoshop 5.0, InDesign CS

Miscellaneous:SGML, HTML, DocuShare, Micro Station PowerScope, Grab-It, Windchill PDMLink, HyperSnap-DX5, Lotus Notes, Agile

Recommendations from Colleagues

ITT Corporation

Subject: SPS drawings


As we close in on the release of the 3 SPS related 400 drawings I want to take a minute to thank you for the work you have done with these drawings. I really appreciate your efforts to sort

through all details, get them organized into the 3 new drawings. I have been very impressed with the way you approached this task.

You have also been a great teacher for me. There is no doubt in my mind that had I been left on my own with this the drawings would not yet be done.

From my point of view,


Thank You

Dick Hill

Specialty Engineering

ITT Space Systems Division

phone (585) 269-6134


  “Gerry arrived in the middle of a new and technically complex project. Not only did he come up to speed very quickly, but was also able to contribute outside the original scope of what we brought him on for. His eagerness to help allowed the developers to return to doing what we do best: writing code rather than documentation and specifications.

 Gerry was able to produce high quality documentation without a lot of hand-holding, but wasn't afraid to ask questions when needed. In short, he rescued our documentation efforts. I highly endorse Gerry for any technical writing tasks.”

Paul Gates, Software Engineer II , Wegmans. Worked directly with Gerry at InfiMed


Established writer/editor with extensive, full process experience in training materials, technical writing, web content, proposal writing, marketing literature, research, and electronic newsletters. Adept at using graphics packages. Knowledgeable of Kaizen/Lean Six Sigma principles. Problem solver. Self directed. Adaptable to differing cultural and business environments. Solid track record for effectively meeting short deadlines and delivering results under budget and ahead of schedule.

Management Letter of Recommendation

From: "Paul Zacks" [email protected]

Gerry Kataskas worked on my software development team for a six month contract in 2008. I am

happy to give a personal reference to any employer searching for help with technical


Gerry is capable of producing high quality user manuals, technical manuals,

software design documents, training materials, and various other forms of documentation.

His area of greatest strength is in identifying the needs of the reader and tailoring document

content to meet those needs. For example, if he produced a user manual for a software

component, I would expect the content to be much different than a software design document for

that same software. Gerry adjusts his writing style to suit the audience, and it makes his work very easy to read and understand.

Gerry requires almost no supervision and he is easy to work with. I work at a company that provides software and hardware for medical applications, and we have a diverse workforce in

multiple locations. The entire team liked Gerry personally, respected his contributions, and was sorry to see him move on. I sincerely hope that I get a chance to work with him again in the future.

Paul Zacks

Volunteer Work

FOODLINK Marketing Committee, Rochester, NY, 2005-2007. Created promotional literature and coordinated strategy to publicize and enhance the image of the food bank serving clients in Western and Central New York.