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Motivated by advertising's competitive nature, the necessity to be innovative, and the opportunity to bring to life and show value in things that may otherwise be overlooked.

Seeking employment in an advertising agency's creative, interactive, or account management department.

Skilled in thinking creatively and logically and communicating ideas to others. 

Experienced in working with groups throughout the creative process.


The Brief:

Think of a company needing an advertising presence. Create a campaign for that company consisting of three print ads and 30 second TV and radio spots.

Cory's Direction:

Target Audience: Males looking to start a home improvement project on their own.

                                    - Men who have an idea of something they want to build, and want to see it come to life.

                                    - Men aspiring to build something by themselves for self-rewarding purposes.

Strategy: DeWalt makes it easy for you to build the image you have in your head in real life.

Key Message: Conception of an idea is difficult enough, but at least there's an easy way to implement it.

Tagline: Think hard. Build Easy.


The Brief:

The Kindle is an electronic reading device made by online shopping outlet Amazon. Create a campaign for the Kindle consisting of three print ads, TV and radio spots, an Web banner, an outdoor ad, and a written report explaining it all.

Demographic: Women thirty years and older.

Psychographic: Women who are avid readers.

Cory and Group's Direction:

Unique Selling Point: A Kindle can give you what you need whenever you want it. It connects what you think in your mind with what you feel in your heart.

Strategy: The Kindle represents you and your choices in life. It binds your desires together just as they are bound within you.

Tagline: Simply bound.

Group won the pitch portion of the project at semester's end.


With the exception of the two Doritos commercials, the following ads were created as school projects and were not submitted to any companies they reference.

In this section and subsequent sections, the "BRIEF" refers to the guidelines given by the professor. Complimented with this briefing statement for each project, these ads are meant to illustrate how Cory attacks a problem and comes up with an idea.

Uggs: The Brief - Pick a product and make a print ad that highlights a benefit of that product.

Bring Back Pluto: The Brief- In 2008, Pluto's position as our solar system's ninth planet was officially revoked. Create a print ad for an organization called "Bring Back Pluto" that conveys their stance against this decision and calls viewers to a website.

Alaska: The Brief- Pick a company and make a campaign consisting of three print ads.

Knights of the Black Flag: The Brief - The NC Museum of History's new "Knights of the Black Flag" exhibit needs a radio promotion. Record a 30 second spot that drives visitors to the exhibit. The Brief - Create two different concepts of Flash banners for, a charity that helps raise awareness and serves people living with a deficiency in water. The banners should empower people to take action and donate.

Pledge: The Brief - Write a 30 second TV spot for Pledge's pet hair remover.

Toyota: The Brief - Create a print ad showing the greener side of Toyota: the Prius.

Special Olympics: The Brief - Create a print ad to encourage people to volunteer for the Special Olympics.

New York Times: The Brief - Create a print ad to boost college student readership of The New York Times.

Carlsberg: The Brief - Find a print ad you don't like and make it better.