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Work experience

Nov 2014Jun 2015

Package Handler

Matheson Inc.

I worked as a Package Handler at Matheson. Matheson Inc. worked as a sort of intermediary of Fed-X and the US Postal Service. It was located at the airport and we would receive shipments of US Postal Service mail in Fed-X containers. My job was to unload unorganized mail and then sort it by its various locations Including Louisville, Lexington, Evansville, etc. I would then load the organized mail onto trucks to go to their destinations. I would also unload mail from trucks from local areas and then load them onto containers to be flown out to farther destinations.

Jul 2013Aug 2013



I worked in a fiberglass shop manufacturing and building air scrubbers and tanks. Air scrubbers help clean pollution produced by various industrial factories. Job responsibilities included fabrication and construction of air pollution control equipment, the safe use of power tools and various chemicals, as well as manual labor. I have experience in bonding, cutting, grinding, shaving, and drilling of fiberglass. I was often assigned solo projects where I was able to build a tank, hood, or scrubber from start to finish. Even more often, I was assigned in a team with up to three other people where we collaboratively worked on complex projects.

Jul 2012Sep 2012

Computer/ Tablet Specialist

Best Buy

At Best Buy, I specialized in computer and tablet sales. I would help the customer find the perfect product based on their individual needs, interests, and price range. While doing this, I became experienced in sales and customer relations;  I enjoyed developing relationships with customers who would often request my assistance on return trips to our store. I became extremely proficient and knowledgeable with various products which included desktop PCs, laptop PCs, Mac computers, other Apple products, tablets PCs, printers, as well as computer components and accessories. I would also help troubleshoot and fix various problems and answer questions about their products they already owned.   Skills I developed were knowledge of products, sales pitches, and most importantly communication and interaction with a diverse group of customers.

May 2007Aug 2010

Shift Lead, Doughboy, Cook

Papa John's

I worked at the Papa John's at Hoops until August 2009 as the lead cook and shift lead. I worked at Papa John's at Jeffersontown from May 2009 to August 2010 as a doughboy and cook.



My academic interests involve Science, especially the fields of Biology, Zoology, and Chemistry. I aspire to go to receive dual degrees in Computer Programming and Biology and eventually start my own company developing software for scientific and medical research. In my free time, I enjoy participating in sports and have been a member of various teams in high school, including football where our team won three straight state championships, wrestling, and various intra-murals. I am also interested in cooking as I was a pizza chef for 4 years at Papa John's. I have a passion for electronics and technology and consider myself very knowledgeable with computers, tablets, and smart phones. I pursued this interest through working in the computer section at Best Buy. Another interest of mine is interaction and helping other people, usually strangers. This has been something I have utilized in all my jobs. It is a necessity for me to have a job interacting with people and a career helping people with various problems or health issues.


Computer Knowledge
I am very proficient in PCs, both hardware and software. I have used this to do advanced procedures on computers throughout my lifetime. I have been the go-to person for computer help from all my friends and family. I developed even more knowledge during my time working in the computer section at Best Buy. I would often help learn how to do various tasks or fix their computers.
Computer Programming
In High School I took Basic and Advanced Programing. I learned Visual Basic and some HTML on my own where I would create websites in HTML and applications and programs for TI-83 and TI-84 calculators in my spare time. I enjoyed making these applications which would help in fields such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry and would often share them with other students who were interested.  In advanced programming, I learned c++ computer language as well as binary code. 
Spanish Speaking
The last class I took was SPA 203 which was Intermediate Spanish. As a senior in high school I took a 200 level Spanish class through the University of Louisville (equivalent to SPA 201). I am interested in pursuing a degree in Spanish in the future after I earn my degree in Biology. Being of Hispanic descent, I believe it is important that I am able to communicate in Spanish. I also believe that it is essential to learn Spanish with the increasing amount of Spanish speaking people in the United States. I can communicate in basic conversations in Spanish and am capable of reading and writing in Spanish. At previous jobs, especially Best Buy and Vanaire, I have been used to help communicate with customers or workers who could only speak Spanish.


Kimberly Seobald

Kimberly was the General Manager at Papa John's at Jeffersontown when I first worked there.

Philip Owens

Philip was the General Manger at Papa John's in Jeffersontown in 2009-2010 when I worked there.

Steven Cain

Steve was the General Manager at Papa John's at Hoops for the last year that I was employed there.

Melissa Roberts

Melissa is the General Manager at Papa John's In Jeffersontown.

Michael Budniak

Michael Budniak was my freshmen Biology teacher as well as my AP Biolgy teacher freshmen year.

Mike Ryhn

Mike Ryhn was my Supervisor when I was employed at Vanaire.