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Recipient of the honored Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator's Award

Member of the NYPD Honor Legion

Member American Academy for Professional Law Enforcement

Member International Narcotics Investigators Association

Elected Trustee, Goshen Public Library and Historical Society

Coach, Intramural Sports, Orange County New York


During my career with the City of New York Police Department, I was a senior member of two federal task forces with members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration. I was personally charged with leading long term, complex investigations. The case work led to successful prosecutions in the federal and state court systems. I personally second seated five trials with prosecutors from the United States Attorney's Office, including a death penalty RICO case in the Eastern District of New York.

I have an extensive network of contacts throughout the United States, Europe and the Americas. I conducted joint investigations with a multitude of  federal law enforcement agencies, as well as members of local law enforcement in major cities throughout the United States. I actively participate in law enforcement and security industry related organizations. My colleagues are currently stationed in the New York City metropolitan area, major cities throughout the United States and abroad.  

I currently work as a consultant in the entertainment industry. I assist in the production of historical crime documentaries and provide support to writers working on scripted crime dramas. I am currently seeking employment in a field where I can better utilize my talent and experience.

Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Film and Television Consultant

Bill Courtney Consulting

Independent consultant for various television productions including Law and Order, C.S.I. New York and NUM3ERS. Under contract with Fox Network for the development of  a scripted police drama series. I have appeared on the American Gangster series as well as the Discovery Channel production Flipped. I have worked on numerous programs currently in pre-production.

Jul 1983Aug 2007

Detective First Grade


I was assigned to several elite units in the NYPD as well as two federal task forces. The following are notable assignments during my career:

Manhattan District Attorney's Squad: Provided investigative support to assistant District Attorneys. Initiated investigations upon reviewing intelligence provided by witnesses and informants. Pursued unapprehended co-defendants and encouraged witness cooperation for successful prosecutions.    

Drug Enforcement Administration: Assigned to DEA group tasked with dismantling multi-kilo Colombian narcotics traffickers. Utilized audio, video and mobile surveillance techniques, court authorized wire taps and use of high level informants; to investigate and prosecute the largest drug organizations in the United States and abroad. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation: Assigned to group C-34, a unit designed to provide support throughout the Bureau's New York Office. Worked on an wide array of investigations including medical fraud, organized crime and the post 9/11 attack.

Intelligence Division: Assigned to the elite Priority Targeting Section tasked with protecting visiting foreign dignitaries, investigating domestic and foreign terrorists identifying and ending emerging organized crime trends.

The following is a partial list of criminal activity I investigated during my career:

Organized Crime

Securities Fraud

Organized Medical Fraud

Bank Fraud

Money Laundering

Narcotics Trafficking

Domestic and Foreign Terrorism

Public Corruption


Sep 2008Dec 2008


SUNY Orange

Took several classes relating to law enforcement administration as a refresher course.

Jun 1995Jul 1995

Advanced Narcotics Investigator

Drug Enforcement Administration School

Attended Drug Enforcment Adminstration Investigators school at C.W. Post University. A month long intensive course that covered all areas of multi-kilo narcotics investigations.

Jul 1983Jan 1984

Police Science

City of New York Police Academy

Attended City of New York Police Academy. Appointed to the rank of Police Officer upon graduation.  

Sep 1981Jun 1983


Pace University

Liberal Arts student. Left university after being accepted to NYPD Police Academy.


Operated as an independent consultant for various television productions including Law and Order, C.S.I. New York and NUM3ERS. I have appeared on the American Gangster series as well as the Discovery Channel production Flipped. I have worked on numerous programs currently in pre production.   
Expert Testimony
Will provide expert testimony and opinion in criminal and civil proceedings for a variety of organized criminal activities.  
Conducted investigations of various criminal organizations involved in narcotics trafficking, violation of RICO statutes, organized medical fraud and public corruption. I second seated several trials with the United States Attorney's Office in the Southern and Eastern District of New York including a death penalty RICO case.  
Interview and Interrogation
Expert in obtaining information, cooperation and oral admissions from reluctant witnesses and subjects of investigation. Over twenty-two years experience in criminal interrogations. Information used in the successful prosecution of hundreds of subjects.  
Expert in stationary and mobile surveillance. Received specialized training from federal and state law enforcement agencies in all aspects of surveillance. Utilized these skills during long term investigations of narcotics traffickers, domestic terrorism suspects and members of organized crime.
Familiar with the use of various photographic equipment including digital, black and white, and color cameras; film; video equipment and night vision devices.
Computer Literacy
Proficient in Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, PowePoint, Access, Outlook etc. Adept in the use of investigative applications such as Lexis Nexis, AutoTrak, Westlaw, Choicepoint and other commercial databases.  

Top Secret/SCI

Federal Bureau of Investigation