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I am working with Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. last 4 yr and 9 months. I have been working with Service Engineering Group(SEG) a engineering solution group to the On Demand. I have been involved in  multiple type of projects. The kind of project I had already worked on are  as follows:

1). Development Projects

2). Automation projects (Automating the whole performance engineering efforts).

3). Testing (Load and Functional Testing).

Roles played in the teams worked :

1). Developer 

2). Performance and Testing Engineer

3). Maintenance


My interest include learning new and emerging technologies in programming. I am fond of playing TT(Table Tennis).  I took great interest in watching reality show on TV and also movies.

We won the TT doubles tournament twice in Oracle.


Projects Represented 

Ø  SEG Internal web portal: Worked on SEG Internal web portal using the Oracle’s Web development tool HTMLDB (Application Express). The project is ongoing. The technologies used were PL/SQL and HTML. 

Ø Team’s Web portal : Created the web portal for the team to help maintaining the project related knowledgebase Using Application Express.

Ø  Performance Evaluation of Emerging Technologies: I have been constantly involved in the evaluation of some of the emerging technologies that could bring revolution in the Data Center. The emerging technologies worked on are as follows:

a). STN 6000

It is a hardware device from Storewiz, which compresses and decompresses the data on the fly and help in the reduction of the size of the filer space and in turn less number of filer in the data center.

b).Virtualization Performance evaluation:

Performance evaluation of the Virtual Servers using Virtualizations  software’s (OVM (Oracle Virtual Machine Software) ). The virtualization performance is tested against Oracle Apps(11i).

Ø  Life Cycle Management(LCM) Development  : 

Contributed to the development of the LCM Portal. There are two components of the projects.  LCM  Studio and LCM Deployer. The development of the LCM Studio is completed and currently  LCM Deployer is going on. The testing framework integration is also in progress. The project is developed using the oracles xmldb API, ADF 11g, BPEL engine ect. technologies.

Ø  Performace Testing Framework :

 Developed Testing framework to automate the complete Testing life cycle which include installation,

 Configuration, pre test setup, running test, post run checks, preparing results and providing feedback. The   technology used in this projects are core java, spring, jms and .Net and Load Runner API.

Ø  PSR(Performance Scalability Testing) :

                         Currently busy with the performance scalability testing of the Orion Portal. The performance evaluation is  being conducted using the Load Runner and QTP. Currently the Load Runner and QTP Scripts are ready. 

Ø  OATS Integration with LCM :

The project involves integration of OATS(Oracle Application Testing Suite) with LCM. I have used Core Java, Shell , Expect script for the integrations.

 Ø  EBSO CC 2.2

The project involves release of bundled EBSO with Discoverer11g. The project needs sound knowledge of E-Business Suite, Weblogic and Discoverer 11g. Writing wrapper to customize the E-Business suite, Weblogic and Discoverer11g.

Sachin Srivastava

Place : Bangalore

Dated : 

Work experience

Member Technical Staff


I started my IT career with Oracle and from then I am working with Oracle for nearl 5 years




Currently persuing MBA from IGNOU. I have completed all the papers only Project is left.


Quality Assurance
Eclipse and Jdeveloper JavaIDE
Database Administration
Linux Admnistration
Developed group internal web site using Oracle APEX(Application Express). I had used PL/SQL extensively in this project. 
Perl Scripting
Shell Scripting
JSP,Servlets,JSF,ADF technologies
Developed web portals for the operations team.
Core Java
Worked on various development projects on Core Java.