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  • An accomplished Software Engineer with 15 Years of experience in developing and maintaining large-scale applications development using object-oriented approaches.
  • Have been working on Big Data Technologies including Apache Spark, Spark SQL, Scala, Spark Machine Learning Libraries, Hive, Impala, Oozie, Airflow, CDH, HDP, Amazon EMR, Python , Elastic Search, Log Stash, Kibana over the last 5 years
  • Built Visualizations and dashboards using Kibana and Tableau Desktop v9
  • Worked on architecting and developing the Next Generation platform for understanding the customers, their perception about the products using Open Source Technologies on Big Data Platform.
  • Worked on building the In-house  Audience Data Management Platform using Elastic stack and Kibana integrating with Hadoop using Apache Spark.
  • Architect, design and built near time Real Time Visualizations using Apache Spark, Python based AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateways and Elastic Search
  • Helped build and develop Machine Learning Models using Apache Spark to identify the Product Quality Issues in the Vehicle as well as the Dealer Related Concerns raised by the customers in the Social Media Channels.
  • Helped architect, develop requirements on Search Track on eCommerce using Oracle Endeca Guided Search.
  • Have worked on  Oracle Analytics for 6 years. Acted as Lead Oracle Endeca Developer as well as Architect for multiple Oracle Endeca Information Discovery implementations on Product Quality, Part and Warranty Analytics, Customer 360.
  • Have 8+ years of experience working in Java, J2EE(Spring, Struts).
  • Capability to adapt to new environments and new technologies.
  • Ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to learn and a team facilitator and coordinate well, comprehensive problem solving abilities and good communication skills.
  • Provide technical leadership and hands-on implementation role in the areas of data access, integration, modeling, visualization, mining, design and implementation


Big Data Visualization

Kibana, Tableau Desktop V9

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery(OEID), Endeca Information Access Platform 6.1.4


Social Media, Text Analytics, Consumer Intelligence, Big Data and Custom J2EE Applications, Business Intelligence, Analytics Applications and eCommerce Applications

Big Data Analytics

Apache Spark, Spark SQL, Scala, Spark  Machine Learning Libraries, Hive, Impala, CDH, HDP, Amazon EMR, Python , Elastic Search , Log Stash, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, AWS KMS, AWS Security Manager, Airflow, Snowflakes


Endeca Information Access Platform 6.1.4,Oracle Endeca Guided Search

Work experience

JUN 2013Current

Data Engineering - Manager/ Architect

Accenture Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Project Name: Digital Analytics Start Date: 21/09/2015      End Date: Current 

Following core items were part of this project

Consumer Insights was developed to derive meaningful insights in understanding their Consumer Demographics(determining Gender, Ethnicity through open source libraries), Share of Voice in the Market, Sentiments prevailing around the titles being released(through open source libraries) and Campaign Effectiveness of the Studios through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. 

Audience Management Platform – A next generation platform to understand their audience based on the pixel logs, segment them and target them through appropriate Digital Marketing Campaigns


  • Architected , designed and developed a POC to derive
    • Smart insights in understanding their Consumer Demographics (determining Gender, Ethnicity through open source libraries), Share of Voice in the Market, Sentiments prevailing around the movie titles being released (through open source libraries) and Campaign Effectiveness of the Studios with help of data gathered through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube by developing dashboards using Tableau Desktop
    • Cohort Study for Psychographic Analysis based on the list of consumers who watched a specific movie’s trailers or videos on YouTube and were doing other activities in the web in parallel
  • Architected, designed and developed Phase 1 of Next Gen Audience Management Platform analyzing the pixel logs provided by Krux/BlueKai in order to understand the behavior of their customers, segment them using Apache Spark, Amazon EMR/Hortonworks, Elastic Search, Kibana and custom UI using elastic.js by correlating them with internally available information in enterprise warehouse in Amazon Redshift
  • Architected, designed and developed data feeds and REST End Points for Near Real Time Visualization for Ticket Sales, Campaign Effectiveness for Marketing using Apache Spark, Elastic Search, Python based AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateways


Project Name: Customer 360 Insights– Next Gen Platform Start Date: 10/06/2013      End Date: 18/09/2015

This application was initially built using Oracle Endeca Information Discovery to spot emerging issues/crisis and to identify rapid content opportunities by combining the in-house transactional and external social media data for complete, 360° view of customers and gaining an understanding the preferences  and needs of the customer by monitoring and analyzing social media sentiments and take proactive actions to  engage with customers and generate Potential Sales Leads and later Next Gen Platform was built using Big Data Technologies to accommodate growing data and requirements


  • Built next generation Customer 360 Insights Platform using Open Source Big Data technologies including Spark Core, Spark SQL, MLLib , Spark streaming and performing Text Analytics using NLP and Machine Learning on Social Media and internally available transactional data.
  • Helped build and develop Machine Learning Models to identify the Product Quality Issues in the Vehicle as well as the Dealer Related Concerns raised by the customers in the Social Media Channels
  • Helped building mini Data Lakes for customer as part of building Customer Return on Experience Platform by bringing in Customer, Surveys (Product Quality Surveys, Service Related Surveys, Durability Surveys), Repair Order related data
  • Responsible for defining overall architecture working with Client’s Architecture Group and designing and developing solution

MAY 2012MAY 2013

Specialist Platform-Manager

Sapient Consulting India Pvt Ltd

Project Name:  Multi-Channel e-commerce   Start Date: 28/05/2012      End Date: 31/05/2013


  • Playing the role of Technical Architect in Search Track within Multichannel retailing program,
    • Defined Technical Stack for new requirements and architecting solutions for Search using Endeca Platforms
    • Lead the team and provide directions to the team on effectively developing applications using Endeca Guided Search Product Suite and J2EE by preparing design
    • Architected and Developed Type Ahead application/Service using Endeca

    Defined the future state and develop POC’s for migrating version of Endeca to 6.3.0 along with Page Builder Extensions

    MAR 2008APR 2012


    Cognizant Technology Solutions

    Project Name: Customer 360 & Supercharger Dealer Leads   Start Date: 01/01/2012      End Date: 18/05/2012

     Application developed for Corporate Group at Head Quarters of the leading automobile manufacturer that will give them 360 degree view of their customers by correlating internally available information from Warranty,National Service History, Service Surveys and Customer Relations systems with data from Social Media Channels to analyze the customer’s experience with the vehicle using sentimental analysis. This application also helped in enhancing the leads for Potential Customers generated by Lead Management System.


    • Architecting the data load strategies using Latitude Data Integrator 2.2.2
    • Developing the solution using the Oracle Text Enrichment using Lexalytics to perform Sentimental Analysis
    • Developing Dashboards using Oracle Endeca Latitude Studio 2.2.2


    Project Name: Product Quality Analytics   Start Date: 19/03/2011      End Date:31/12/2011 

    This project was named as a semifinalist in the 2010 Gartner BI Excellence. Product Quality Analytics application was developed to provide the Product Engineers with the capability to perform analysis across ragged hierarchies of both structured and unstructured data from multiple internal and external systems in a common interface to assist in their analysis of potential quality defects. Analysis is enabled across more than 75 dimensions against more than 70 million records, allowing the engineers to quickly navigate from alerts to individual transactions correlated across input systems.


    • Designed, Developed and Maintained this application using Endeca Developer Studio and Endeca’s Discovery Framework
    • Defined future state by replacing the pipelines with Latitude Data Integrator and designing screens using Endeca’s Latitude Studio 2.2.2 and proposed technical stack
    • Customized standard built in components of Endeca’s Latitude Studio to meet the user’s requirements.

    Project Name: Global Commodity Hub   Start Date: 05/03/2008      End Date: 28/02/2011 

    Global Commodity Hub is a web-based platform that is built to incorporate virtually all enterprise commodity data which were available in variety of core transactional systems within the Organization and to provide an intuitive interface by reducing barriers to information people need to do their jobs by supporting better navigation and search using Endeca.


    • Mentoring the team members on Endeca IAP 6.1.3, Application Developer Framework and managing the deliverables end to end
    • Designing and developing application using Endeca pipeline for ITL and Endeca’s Application Developer Framework on UI
    • Defining future state of pipelines by using Partials, Delta pipelines and using multiple pipelines
    • Participating in discussions around the migration of UI Framework into Endeca’s Discovery Framework
    APR 2005JAN 2008

    Senior Analyst

    Verizon Data Service India Private Ltd

    Project Name: AccOrd Start Date: 11/04/2005      End Date: 18/01/2008

     Access ordering System is developed for Verizon Wholesale portfolio. Access Service provisioning Requests (ASRs) are orders received by Accord from the long distance customers via XML (Unified Order Modeling), batch mode (Mechanized file format) or via mail or Fax (in which case they are entered into the Accord system using the manual Order Entry process). The business objective of the Project was to re-engineer a mainframe-based application into client server based Access Provisioning System. Open Billing Forum (OBF), which is the governing body for all the Access Service Providers and Carriers, introduced a new standard for communication between the carriers and the providers with respect to the processing of Access Service provisioning. This meant that all the Ordering applications need to recognize and confer to this standard in order to send / receive information between them. Accord is an IT initiative within Verizon to collapse all the redundant Wholesale ordering applications and to put in place a centralized ordering System. This system is developed on Java based platform and emulates the Business process model of an existing application.


    • Coordinated business requirements gathering across several key business contacts by participating in Joint Access Development (JAD) sessions.
    • Responsible for end to end solution architecture definition and deployment encompassing development
    • Participated in Peer Code and Design Reviews
    • Coordinated all of the teams activities
    • Managed the client relationship, provide quality reviews for the team, and delivered on my own tactical initiatives
    • Studying the existing system and identify the requirements and use cases.
    • Validating the use cases developed against the existing system analyzing the complete business processes, designing and developing new workflows for end-to- end flow for Access Ordering System using Weblogic Integration
    SEP 2003APR 2005

    Assistant Systems Engineer

    Tata Consultancy Services

     Project Name: [email protected] (Core Banking Solution for SBI) Start Date: 09/09/2003      End Date: 07/04/2015

    SBI Core Banking Project is to setup a centralized banking system for State Bank of India and their associate banks (popularly known as SBI Group). This project makes use of Multithreaded Unix Environment that aims at bringing 14000 branches of State Bank of India and their group on a Centralized Banking Environment with the help of Unix High End Server & Super Dome and other technologies like Oracle9i, Dot Net, Java and C.


    • Developing new functionalities like Branch Clearing, Safe Deposit Locker Facility, Safe Custody, Service Branch Functionality using MicroFocus Cobol and Pro Cobol
    • Customizing Clearing, Collection, Remittance Modules and Changing the application as per the Business Process Reengineering



    B.E in Information Technology

    Shanmugha College of Engineering, Bharathidasan University

    Now SASTRA


    • AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate
    • Applied Data Science with Python - Coursera

    Honors & Awards

    1. Accenture Celebrates Excellence Individual Award by Accenture (2014)
    2. Above and Beyond Award from Cognizant (2011)
    3. Certificate of Recognition by Ford Motor Company
    4. Associate of the Year Nomination in Cognizant
    5. Telecom Leaders Circle Award appreciating the outstanding achievements and significant contribution in Verizon
    6. Extraordinary IT Effort Winner in Verizon Partner Solution Portfolio
    7. Spot Award, December 2007 for efforts on Creating reusable design
    8. Above and Beyond Award 2006 as a token of appreciation for the outstanding performance in the Year 2006
    9. Spot Award, December 2005 for appreciating my cross module performances within Organization
    10. Best Outgoing Student in the Department of Information Technology in SASTRA
    11. Secured First Rank in the Department of Information Technology in SASTRA

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