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Hello! I am Giustino de Sanctis, founder and CEO of Vectis.  

I always had an interest for innovation and technology, but my passion for Intellectual Property started when, while studying law at the University of Perugia, I attended the IP classes taught by Prof. Menesini, a most brilliant IP scholar and my mentor, to whom I will be forever grateful.

After graduating with a doctoral thesis on Artificial Intelligence and Patent Law, I pursued my passion for innovation by working for leading IP Law Firms, first in Milan and later in Washington DC.  During those very intense but formative years, I created and ran patent licensing programs for a number of clients and developed valuable experience in starting and running new ventures.

I immersed myself fully in licensing when, in 2004, I joined a growing patent licensing entity, as the Director of Licensing. I left, 10 years later, as a Group CEO of a fully grown company that had become one of the more prominent licensing players in the industry with over 100 employees in 7 locations around the world.  Over the years there, I led the creation, launch, and management of several patent pools and joint licensing programs for key technologies in digital audio compression, broadcasting, and wireless. 

I founded Vectis in 2015 with the belief that innovation represents a core value within our society and that the related ecosystem can thrive and be fully enjoyed by the community at large only if the benefits and costs of innovation are efficiently and fairly shared. Our work at Vectis is directed at connecting patent owners with product makers, building long-lasting, mutually beneficial collaborations, and bringing added value to every party involved in the process. This is what distinguishes us from traditional IP based licensing models, which focus primarily on the monetisation of IP. 

At Vectis we believe in the power of this new approach and are convinced that the message it spreads is greatly needed by today’s marketplace. I am extremely proud of the team of professionals that have joined me at Vectis and together we very much look forward to working with many innovators and implementers. Our common goal is to create a sustainable IP ecosystem which can feed years of innovation to come. 

When I am not busy planning new ways to promote innovation, travelling to meet yet another interesting colleague or inventor, or supporting promising new businesses, you might find me skiing or trekking, tinkering with the engine of an old car, living adventures with my wife, trying to catch up with the energy of my children, or more simply getting a taste of the ever surprising world in which we live.

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