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Work experience


2contact direct sales
juli 2018heden

Since the end of July I have started my next step as a Floormanager within 2Contact and I am responsible for:

* Leading the shift in the right direction

* Guiding and giving feedback to Commercial Customer Advisors (CCAs) during the shift

* Guiding and giving feedback to CCAs outside the shift ( commissioned by OM or experienced C (A) M) - (Co-) responsibility for achieved (shift) results on the campaigns you supervise

* Giving sales/product training to new or experienced CCA's

* Sending internal transfers to colleagues within the business unit

* Identifying and analyzing market movements regarding telecommunications

* Creating and writing incentives for various campaigns


2contact direct sales
dec 2017juli 2018

2Contact is a professional contact center that has been based in Haarlem since 1998 and has been based in Den Bosch since 2007. From the start, 2Contact has specialized in business customer contacts, both incoming and outgoing.


starrdutch b.v.
feb 2017dec 2017

STARRDUTCH is an organization that lends a helping hand with a team that does not want to earn from your hard earned money. On the contrary, STARRDUTCH optimizes the connection between "demand" and "supply" and believes in the people behind this and is after collaborations. Holding a mirror in front of you to wake up (again) and to (re) grab the enthusiasm is rather a method that you can expect from us. In other words, never give up and know when to stop!

* Responsible for project acquisition

* Keeping our CRM system up to date

* Cross and upselling of different projects and products

* Consulting between investors and start/scale-ups

* Gathering new potential investors trough cold calls

* Purchasing and gathering leads trough KVK and Kadaster

* Writing financeable business cases

* Partnering up with several Crowdfunding organisations 


Succesfully funded AWA Export B.V. within 30 days (130K worth of equity sold trough our network)

* Succesfully created an customer base for Mr Parker B.V. and Mr Driver B.V. trough cold calling in Amsterdam.


weerom b.v.
jan 2017dec 2017

WeeRom sees a potential, also commercial, opportunity in every unique, smart and driven business concept. We start where conservative banks drop out. This is possible because, unlike conventional investors, we not only translate a start-up into figures and forecasts, but we can really believe in its success and that success also wants to strengthen that; not only with financial resources, but with support in every area. WeeRom is no less than a "powerhouse" for startups. With the combined strengths of successful entrepreneurs and shareholders with years of experience and expertise in many fields, opportunities are optimally utilized.

* Responsible for the notary trajectory of new investors/shareholders

* Managing the relationships between shareholders and WeeRom and the shareholders with the start/scale-ups

* Gathering new potential investors trough cold calls and already excisting relationships (Symbid, KNAB, etc.)

* Interviewing start-ups and business-plans or cases and mapping the needs to grow the companies on certain levels

* Responsible for organizing shareholder meetings each quarter


Succesfully connected 15 experienced entrepreneurs and business owners to WeeRom and gathering 1,5m funds for the start-ups with 4 full timers.

Accountmanager | New business

RDW Vastgoed
Aug 2016Sept 2016

The team behind RDW Vastgoed has built up a more than respectable reputation in the field of land positions over the years. Our experience in the market is our quality and transparency of the central product, this is also reflected in the excellent prospects of our land position. Our customers will recognize from the past that our land positions are often classified as profitable.


mar 2015mar 2016

Responsible for the realization of the set quantitative (turnover, margin, purchasing stock) and qualitative (concept conversion, store performance etc.) targets.

I have gained sufficient knowledge in:

* Upselling

* Mirroring

* Identifying customer needs

* Excellent service

* Service-oriented attitude

* Insight

* Purchasing / sales (margins)

* Broad product knowledge of the electronics market

Executive Team Leader

Jan 2014Heden

As an independent business owner at ACN you have the freedom to create your own sales team and set (sales) goals to achieve them with your team.

ACN offers the possibility of a long-term fixed income trough their platform.


* Assemble team (recruitment and selection)

* Help expand team

* Coach and follow up your team

* Present training and presentations

* Internet / TV / Telephone (KPN)
* Gsm subscriptions (Phonehouse)
* Energy and gas ( 
* Security (Securitas)
* Benevita and Peter Lamas (Slimming and cosmetics)

Sales advisor

Jan 2014Mar 2015

2Contact is a professional contact center that has been based in Haarlem since 1998 and has been based in Den Bosch since 2007.

From its start, 2Contact has specialized itself commercial customer contacts, inbound and outbound.

In 1 year I have specialized in outbound sales in the following directions:

* Business to Consumer
* Acquisition
* Upselling & cross-selling
* Customer loyalty
* Outbound
* Inbound

2Contact focuses on the employee and focuses on development. In the past year I have had numerous product and sales training courses. I manage several sales techniques and dare to say that I have excellent sales qualities.

Sales agent

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Pepperminds is a professional telemarketing/door2door sales company.

In the period that I was working I gained experience at Pepperminds in the following:

  • Mirror
  • Cold selling
  • Show understanding
  • Obtain Empathy

I was able to gain knowledge from various projects and start-ups that we were selling for.



Dedicated Contact Manager 2Contact: "Amy Brouwer "

"Giuseppe Murgioni entered 2Contact as a motivated, inquisitive agent. Besides that he always put his best foot forward on every shift, he had a great sense of sales and selling. I would describe Giuseppe as motivated, inquisitive, result-oriented and competitive "