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Work experience

sales specialist | Vodafone/ ziggo

2contact direct sales
december 2017Present

2Contact is a professional contact center that has been established in Haarlem since 1998 and has also been based in Den Bosch since 2007. From the start, 2Contact has specialized in commercial customer contacts, inbound and outbound.


starrdutch b.v.
feb 2017dec 2017

STARRDUTCH optimizes the connection between 'demand' and 'supply' and believes in the people who support this and is interested in collaborations.


weerom b.v.
jan 2017dec 2017

WeeRom sees in every unique, smart and driven business concept a potential, also commercial opportunity. We start where conservative banks drop out. This is possible because, unlike conventional investors, we do not merely translate a start-up into figures and prognoses, but can really believe in its success and that success also wants to strengthen that; not only with financial means, but with support in every field.

Accountmanager | New business

RDW Vastgoed
Aug 2016Sept 2016

The team behind RDW Vastgoed has built a more than respectable reputation over the years in the field of land positions. Our experience in the market is our quality and transparency of the central product , this is also reflected in the excellent prospects of our land position . Our customers will recognize from the past that our land positions often are classified as profitable.

sales representative | tv/audio/portable

mar 2015mar 2016

Responsible for the realization of the stipulated quantitative (turnover, margin, purchasing stock) and qualitative (concept conversion, shop performance e.d.)

Executive Team Leader

Jan 2014Heden

As an independent business owner at ACN you have the freedom to realize your own team to compose himself and your goals.

ACN offers the possibility of a long-term fixed income functions;

  • Build a team (recruitment )
  • Helping your team to expand their team
  • Coaching and follow op your team to be present at training and presentations


  • Internet / TV / Telephone (KPN)
  • Mobile subscriptions (Phone House)
  • Energy and Gas (
  • Security (Securitas)
  • BeneVita and Aluminé(Weight Loss and cosmetics)

Sales Agent | KPN/TELFORT

Jan 2014Mar 2015

2Contact is a professional contact center housed since 1998 in Haarlem.

From the inception 2Contact specializes in commercial customer contacts , inbound and outbound.

In one year I have specialized in outbound sales in the following directions :

  • Business to Consumer
  • Acquisition
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Outbound
  • Inbound

2Contact enables the employee-centered and focuses on development. In this past year I have had countless product and sales training. I know how many sales techniques and dare to say that I possess excellent sales abilities .

Sales agent | hellofresh

Jan 2013Jan 2014

Pepperminds is a professional telemarketing/door2door sales company.

In the period that I was working I gained experience at Pepperminds in the following:

  • Mirror
  • Cold selling
  • Show understanding
  • Obtain Empathy

I was able to gain knowledge from various projects and start-ups that we were selling for.


Masterclass: Bezwaren Weerleggen


Refuting objections and appeals is essentially the core of the sales. Arguments against skepticism and concerns of the customers are the existence of the seller. Because if the customer would agree with us in one conversation, we were not a seller but order collector.


Dedicated Contact Manager 2Contact: "Amy Brouwer "

" Giuseppe Murgioni came in at 2Contact as a motivated, inquisitive agent. Besides that he always and every shift put his best foot forward , he had a great sense of sales and selling himself. I would describe Giuseppe as motivated, studious, result-oriented and competitive . "