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Work History


Software Engineer

Arcstone Pte Ltd, Singapore
MetalCool Operations(MetalCoolArcOps) WPF, Entity Framework 6, VB, User Controls About: The WPF application which helps to maintain the metal drilling works and sales to and from the company as well as scheduling the jobs for all the members and maintaining. Responsibilities: Feature which allows the users provide the details regarding the sales and add it to the database in XML format. Allow user copy the existing sales item for another customer if the requirements are same. Created the new User controls which are used for different drilling works. Ability for user to input the data regarding drilling parameters for the metal works in the system which is then saved to database in XML format. Created generic libraries for the various operations using user controls which then can be used in various future applications.

Application Programmer

VB.Net, JavaScript, JQuery, C#, MSSQL About: A Web Application for the Hospital Nurses to maintain the items in the store. Helping the Nurses to charge the patient according to the items used for treatment. And transfer charges finally to SAP. Responsibilities: Setting alert for items via Email when it goes below the par-level, charge the patients when the items are used for them and transfer data to SAP. Provide Excel reports for the items. Developed a module for the users to create package of the items with barcode that are frequently used for the particular surgeries which helps them to scan only one item. Prepared the reports for the items charged for the patient from the admission time. Prepared the reports for the wards with which, they can check for the charges made for the time period.

Software Developer

SIM University, Singapore
C#, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, IIS7, Crystal Report, JavaScript, MSSQL. About: The Web Application that allows the staff to prepare the budget for the upcoming year activities in each department and submit to the Finance Team. Responsibilities: Enhance the performance of the Web Application. Rectify the miscalculations happening when the budget planning. Prepared reports to the Management report on the monthly basis about the finance usage of each department.

Software Developer

Concentrix Technologies
Chennai, India System to allow Users to Post Jobs to CareerBuilder Server. C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Crystal Report, JavaScript. About: Internal application that allows the users to create a Job Template, post the Jobs to the career builder server for the clients requesting the post their opportunities. Responsibilities: Prepared a module for the user that allows them to use the text box where they can insert the tag in the Web Page for the Job. When the Job content is added to the Web Page, the tag will be replaced with the Job content. Likewise, added few more tags for location, salary, job title. Partially involved in the module where the Web Page can be created automatically with the images provided. All other required items will be added to the page automatically by the system. (GIRIDHARAN MURUGAN).



Post/Graduate in System Analysis

National University of Singapore

Bachelors in Engineering (Computer Science)

Anna University


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