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The Tuesday at Giovanni's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Winter Park, Florida was like any other Tuesday. Authentic pasta and pizza smells filled the restaurant, the kitchen staff prepared dishes for their few mid-day diners, and Alex Nikolloj, the manager and co-owner, was in his office. No one expected to be caught in the middle of a bank robbery on this Tuesday, but of the five locations spread throughout Florida, the Giovanni's in Winter Park was not only going to be involved in one, they were going to keep succeeding.Giovanni’s shares a shopping complex with Bank of America, and Quinton Walker had just left with $1800 that was not his. With red smoke from an exploding dye pack billowing from his pants pockets, Walker walked through Giovanni's looking for an escape route, trying to escape through the backdoor only to be met by a deliver man blocking his exit. Walker then tried to dart back out of the front, but Walker, along with the staff and customers at Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, had begun to cough as smoke filled the restaurant. The staff admitted that, unaware of the nearby bank robbery, their first thought was that it was a terrorist attack.Nikolloj took action, following the man into the parking lot. After a short chase, Nikolloj tackled Walker in the shopping center’s complex and held the bank robber until the police arrived and took him into custody. Although it was perhaps a more interesting Tuesday than usual for the employees of Giovanni's, Nikolloj expressed hopes that they would be able to continue on simply tossing dough rather than keeping it from being stolen.

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Giovanni's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

At Giovanni's, we are proud to serve you only the finest Italian foods. Every item, including our delicious pizza dough, is prepared fresh, daily, in our kitchen. Our chefs use only the finest tomatoes and the best herbs and spices when preparing our sauces.

Our pasta, imported from Italy, is of only the highest quality.


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