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QuarkXpress 3.5 through current version 8 -- I've used and loved them all. When given a choice, my preference is Quark over InDesign, especially for book-length layouts.
Web layout
I've done some design on my own - strongly prefer GoLive to Dreamweaver! However, we all must change with technology.
Photoshop editing
As part of designing for the Adventist market, I've become very proficient in editing stock photos to remove jewelry from models without leaving a trace. 
Adobe Creative Suite
Includes Photoshop, InDesign (and predecessor, Pagemaker), Illustrator
Windows Platform
I'm computer bi-lingual. I can use machines running Windows as comfortably as machines running Mac OS. My technical support skills for Windows are fairly basic, but I can do a lot of level one troubleshooting without calling in technical support.
Mac OSX Platform
Not just a user -- I handled technical support for 4 networked Macs for most of the past decade, including OS upgrades, troubleshooting, and hardware replacement.

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Copper Kitty Design

Graphic Designer/Project Manager



I am an enthusiastic, motivated graphic designer with more than 15 years experience.  I enjoy working with clients to develop individual solutions to fit their needs, budget, and target audience. I am at ease managing multiple projects and deadlines. I also enjoy solving challenges, and helping friends and co-workers do the same. I enjoy overcoming challenges, and sharing what I've learned with others. My favorite questions are, "can we do this faster and more efficiently?" and "how can I help you finish?"

My projects can be divided into Advertising, Events, and Resource design. Find a sampling of my past work below showing book covers, advertising, and event planning parts.

This online representation of my projects is a work-in-progress. I frequently update this site with new items, as well as adding links to other online venues with samples of my work.

Lyndon Carriger CD Design

Event Planning

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Aug 1991May 1995


Continuing Education and Training

Conference for Adobe Photoshop Users - July 2009

Unlocking the Secrets to Photoshop - January 2008

Troubleshooting Macintosh Hardware & Software - Advanced Techniques - July 1999

Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Macintosh - July 1999

Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives & Deadlines - May 1997

How to Design Attention Grabbing Brochures, Catalogs, Ads, Newsletters and Reports, 1996