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Work experience

Communication System Lab. Assistant

Department of Communication Engineering
Yr.. Yr. Communication System Lab. Assistant NCTU, Professor Wen-Rung Wu

Lab. Assistant

General System
Yr.. Yr. Lab. Assistant NCTU, Department of Communication Engineering Professor Ming-Sheng Kao 2 2009 6 2009 Guide the students to learn basic concepts of communication systems. By doing experiments, students can see the changes of actual signals. In addition, I introduced the basic concept of the electronic circuit design, and guide students to design a simple communication system that allows them to learn how to construct a communication system.
Sep 2009Feb 2010

U.S. patent litigation Practice

U.S. patent litigation Practice
胡亦台 89 Intellectual Property Contract and authorize 林鴻達 2010/2~ Project Practice Project: Planar Dipole Antenna near the 1-D EBG Ground Plane for 900MHz Antenna Project: Printed UWB Monopole Antenna
Sep 2008Feb 2009


Course Title Lecturer Result Date Patent Practice 劉尚志、 洪瑞 76