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Work experience

Nov 2008Present



As a Barista at Starbucks, I have the privilage of working with customers on a daily basis.  I enjoy making customers' beverages as well as helping them decide the drink that best suits their style.  The shift I work is from 5:00AM to 9:00AM Monday through Friday.  Because of the regular schedule, I have come to know many of the customers, and their drinks, by name. 

Some of my responsibilities include: assisting customers in the drive thru, preparing beverages, offering pastries, handling cash, cleaning and obviously customer service. 

Starbucks is an excellent company that I hope to continue working for on a part time status.   

Oct 2008May 2009

Production Assistant


While at KCPO, I have gained the experience necessary to continue on with my career in TV and video production.  I wore many hats as the Production Assistant.  Some of my favorite responsibilities included: producing & editing commercials for local business, website design, creating promotional materials (ex. flyers) and producing an in house show weekly. 

In the TV field, I am most interested in post production.  I began editing video for a broadcasting class in high school and it just stuck.  KCPO has provided an excellent creative outlet and has allowed me to hone my skills.   

Aug 2007May 2008

Deli Associate

Cub Foods

While at Cub Foods, I had the opportunity to be a Deli Associate.  Some of my responsibilities included:

serving customers a variety of meats, cheeses and prepared salads. I assisted in bringing down the

number "markouts" nightly (what the deli had to throw away) by effectively planning the amount of

food prepared during the closing shift.  I was in charge of preparing large batches of chicken, hot dishes

and salads almost nightly. Taking inventory was another responsibility of a Deli Associate.  I had to

inventory an extensive selection of meat, cheese and prepared salads to make sure we were meeting

sales goals.  My favorite part of working in the deli was assisting customers in meal planning and

prepartion.  For example, there were many customers that came in who wanted to throw a party and

needed help figuring out how much food they would need to order.  It was gratifying to know that with my

help the customer would be able to throw a great party and feed all their friends awesome food.

Working at Cub Foods really opened my eyes to the value of hard work and customer service.  It was the

perfect college job and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work there.

Aug 2004May 2008

Office Assistant

As an Office Asssistant in the Music Department of Bethel University, I learned a lot about how a university

office functions.  After working in the office, I knew I wanted to work as an Admissions Counselor one day.  The 

reason I say this is because I had a lot of indirect contact with prospective music students and decided that one 

day it would be great to help students with the admissions process. 

Some of my responsibilities were to maintain a database for hundreds of potential music students, mail 

scholarship award letters and information to prospectives and I did filing for over 250 copies of choral

and instrumental music. 

My favorite experience as an Office Asssistant was that I got to be a representative for the Music Department at

one of Bethel's department fairs.  I stood in our department's booth and got to visit with students about why I 

loved the Music Department and what it had to offer.  


Aug 2004May 2008


Bethel University


Qualifications Profile
§  Results-proven professional with over two years of combined retail sales and customer service experience. §  Exposure to marketing, strategic planning, and client retention strategies. §  Proven success in promoting, advertising and marketing new and current clients. §  Ability to quickly learn new skills and hone present capabilities. §  Exceptional communication skills.


Cindy Reents

She was my manager when I worked in the music office at Bethel Univerisity.

David Schulte

He was my supervisor for my 2008 TV internship with CTV in Roseville, MN.

Tim Lillethorup

He was my boss during my 2006 summer internship with Lillethorup Productions.


Serving others in a way that is beneficial to them while surpassing sales goals and providing exceptional customer service.



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SD Notary Public

SD Secretary of State