gillian rodricks

Center Manager, Toronto

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2015 - Present

Center Manager, Toronto

BLS International Services, Canada

Affiliate of the Consulate General of India

As the Center Manager for Toronto, my primary responsibilities entailed offering support to my team with processing visa, passport and OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) applications for the Indian Consulate, as well as maintaining excellent relations with the Consulate General of India and supervising all activities in the Branch.

 In the first quarter, I implemented significant changes to the process flow in the Center, thereby enhancing our customer experience, as well as, ensuring that the operations of the Center functioned smoothly, in a timely manner. Below is a summary of the changes implemented, as well as my other job responsibilities.

 1. Queue Management:

  • Changed the process of how tokens for walk-in customers were handed out, to ensure that customers were called to the Counters in a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. This reduced complaints and escalations, streaming from the long wait times in the Branch, resulting in a positive Customer service experience and this change was implemented in the Brampton Center as well after it was found to be successful in Toronto.

 2. Staff Management:

  • Initiated the ‘Staff Productivity Report’ in the Toronto center to monitor the productivity, staff errors and sales on a daily basis, thereby facilitating a new scorecard for the Employees, where they would be rated on a quarterly basis.
  • Conducted weekly coaching sessions for the employees to deliver performance evaluations and coaching plans.
  • Created a Roster for the staff, pertaining to their ‘Attendance’ and ‘Punctuality’ and submitted their attendance to the Payroll (HR) Department bi-weekly.

 3. Training:

  • Initiated a training process for new recruits and wrote 2 journals on ‘Customer Service’ and on the ‘Process flow’ that was handed out to new trainees and to other Centers.
  • Created a database, that could be accessible to all staff, listing the documents required for all types of applications, information on pricing and regular updates on any new changes, so that the staff would have all the information in one place, thereby enhancing their product knowledge and productivity.
  • Initiated a ‘Bulletin Board’ that was put up in the Center, which was updated on weekly basis that consisted of immediate changes that were announced by the Consulate General of India.

4. IT& system Management:

  • In the second quarter, I analyzed the software used by BLS, monitored reports from a year ago and reported technical discrepancies that I discovered, to the IT team and Global head of the Organization.
  • I worked closely with our IT Manager and Country Manager, to introduce better solutions and proposed ideas, which were used to implement changes in the software.
  • I also worked with the IT team at Fedex (our current courier company) to advance the integration between our software and theirs, to minimize system errors.

5. Sales:

  • Conducted training and side-by-side sessions to help the team achieve their sales targets.
  • Introduced pilot projects to add more value added services for our customers and to generate revenue for the business.

 6. Other job responsibilities:

  • Meet the Consulate General of India, on a regular basis, to maintain a positive relationship with our Organization.
  • Monitored cash flow on a daily basis, of all incoming and outgoing funds for the Toronto center.
  • Handled customer escalations via email and on the website as well as complaints from customers in the Branch.
  • Conducted weekly meetings with Managers from other Centers, to look for opportunities and feedback, to improvise the process.
  • Maintained Inventory of Office Supplies and liaised with the Supplier on a monthly basis to ensure that the Center was equipped with the required inventory to run the Operations smoothly.
Oct 2009 - Mar 2015

Customer Escalations Manager

Rogers Communications, Canada
  • Handled customer escalations and complaints transferred by Contact Center representatives, all across Canada.
  • Took accountability to resolve customer related issues from beginning to end.
  • Provided floor support for teams and assisted them on a daily basis with account questions and procedures.
  • Supported other Team Managers by completing their reports and monitored agent calls to provide feedback.

Customer Relations Officer

  • Analyzed customer needs by offering creative solutions and resolving their issues and retaining them.
  • Promoted Rogers products and services and provided accurate information.
  • Met productivity goals and targets set by the company.
  • Appointed as ‘Sales Prime’ for the team to help team members meet our Sales targets.
  • Created handouts of our Competitors to assist team members in overcoming objections raised by customers
Jan 2005 - Aug 2009

Service & Quality Officer

Dubai Bank, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Monitored calls handled by the agents at the Contact Centre and conducted Customer Satisfaction Surveys regularly.
  • Handled customer requests such as reversing charges on credit cards and bank accounts, cancelling credit cards and changing billing cycle dates.
  • Resolved customer complaints and conducted follow-ups on a daily basis.
  • Checked for discrepancies on Fund Transfer Applications before forwarding them to the Cash Management team.
  • Checked a sample of account and credit card statements for discrepancies before dispatching them to customers on a monthly basis.
  • Looked for opportunities to improvise the system for better customer satisfaction.

E-Banking Officer, Dubai Bank

  • Drafted Email templates to be used as generic responses to customer’s emails received on the Bank’s website.
  • Handled all inquiries and secure emails received from customers on the Bank’s Website.
  • Assisted customers facing technical errors (resetting passwords, browser errors, etc.).
  • Verified and updated customer contact information in the system using SAP - CMS.
  • Maintained records for all types of incoming customer correspondence received, to track trends of the type of customer inquiries and for audit purposes.
Oct 2003 - Aug 2004

Administrative Assistant

Hotel Dynamics
  • Confirmed hotel reservations and issued membership packages to customers.
  • Marketed and promoted offers for the Hilton Hotel, Dubai.
  • Spearheaded transition of manual filing system to computerized database, thereby increasing overall productivity and efficiency.
  • Data Entry of leads and sales generated on a daily basis.