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My biggest passion is LIFE. I believe my purpose to inspire others about their life and create awareness about how to dedicate themselves to it. This role has manifested in many ways, whether it has been as an entrepreneur, entertainer, traveler, teacher, educational consultant, Life Coach and parent.

The focal point of this passion has been youth, I have spent 19 years working with youth in various different fields and spaces. Over the last 5 years my focus has been on creating spaces and programs that teach youth leadership, team building, problem solving and an array of important life skills through experiential based learning, using the outdoors, gaming and adventure as the medium to do so.

The world is constantly evolving and in order to adapt we continuously  need to grow.We cannot tell what the world will be like in 5 years, many jobs available today did not exist 10 years ago. So how do we equip our youth with skill sets for a world we do not know what it will look like?

By engaging our children, giving them wholesome real life experiences, with the right education and guidance our children will experience school and when they leave they will be ready and passionate about their Lives.

As I grow in knowledge and years I always look forward to new ideas and concepts to continue with my passion called LIFE


We get one life and its ours, the best that we can do with our lives IS TO LIVE IT. Through all my various projects and businesses there is one common theme BECOME INTER ACTIVE WITH YOUR LIFE. We let other people tell us who we are what to do how to do it. Our lives do not belong to them, there are many people that we will allow into our space and hearts however in the end it is our existence and ours alone. 

My main objective is to teach Kids/teens/adults that they have the most incredible talents, abilities and G-D given gifts that are unique to them, make your Life your greatest asset 

Work experience

Feb 2016Present

Magen David Adom Teen Ambassador

Magen David Adom partnership with TeenBuilding and Diller

Create a Platform for Teens to become Magen David Adom Ambassadors in South Africa. Creating an administration team of 20 young teens(partnership with Diller Teen Fellows), teaching them how to set up a platform to get teens to become members of Magen David Adom. The teens will learn how to set up a governing board, implementation of programs into schools, to teach youth about life saving, Israel, volunteering and Tzeddakah.The teens are taught how to manage the group and the program, run the program and fund raise for Magen David Adom. Gilad Spitalnik will create the platform for the teens to work on, mentoring, coaching and educating them as they implement the program into the schools.

Oct 2014Present


Diller Teen Fellows

Diller Teen Fellows is the premier international Jewish teen leadership program. It has been running for 19 years between Israel and North America. In 2014 we launched Diller Teen Fellow program for the first time outside of North America and Israel and Johannesburg was the first community to get this honour. 

The program is a leadership program which runs for 20 Grade 11 (16,17 year one teens) over a 15 month period. We meet every 2 weeks for a 4 hour experiential based workshop, we run 3 weekend retreats throughout the year, a 10 day program where our partnership community in Israel come to visit for 10 days in Johannesburg, 3 weeks in Israel with 7 day seminar on Leadership with 400 teens from around the world. and then launching of an impact project to uplift the community in Johannesburg. 

The program is 1 of its kind in the world.

Setting up of this International program to be run for the first time outside of the United States into the Johannesburg community.

Creating the educational content

Running of 4 hour workshops every 2 weeks

Creating content for local retreats

Logistics for all programming, 3 local weekend retreats

Creating programming for 10 day International visit of 20 teens to Johannesburg, all logistics involved in the program and running of Educational content for the program

Creating Educational programs and travel experience for 20 Johannesburg teens in Israel

Training of Youth Counsellors for the program

Application for Grants for the year program from Diller International

Oct 2000Present

Facilitator, Coordinator and Founder

Interivity trading as TeenBuilding

TeensBuilding is a youth based program that teaches  leadership, team building, problem solving and an array of important life skills through experiential based learning, using the outdoors, gaming and adventure as the medium to do so.

 When a person is balanced they have health in all areas. Today our children are spending to much time behind technology have the enormous pressures in the academics and not enough on their childhood. Teenbuilding takes the fun, excitement, adventure and education back into the hands of the youth. 

Programs we run and have launched

  • Magen scouts (First and only Jewish scouting program in Johannesburg)
  • Out and about adventures
  • Out and About in school
  • Parent and teachers workshop and courses
  • Teen Workshops
  • Certification courses
  • ADHD education

We have run leadership and team building courses  in the following schools

  • Johannesburg Cheder
  • King David Linksfield primary
  • Hirsch Lyonns
  • Torah Academy
  • Maharsha School

Current schools running our progams

  • Hirsch Lyons Grades 7-10
  • Maharsha Grade 7,8
  • Johannesburg Cheder Grade 3-5

Feb 2013Present

Founder Cub pack Leader, Coordinator

Magen Scouts

For over 100 years Scouts have been running world wide as well as in South africa. Over 30 000000 children have gone through this wonderful program, learning such vital life skills and having such awesome life experiences. For the first time in Scouts South African history we started Magen Scouts the first Jewish scouting program.

Since our inception in March of 2013 we have broken scout records in South Africa.

  • Fastest growing scout group in South Africa
  • We have begun scouts as an after school carriculum
  • We have begun running scout themed birthday parties

Coach and Mentor for Teens and Families


Youth Life coach and Mentor, empowering youth by using experiences and their interests to teach hem self confidence, leadership, self esteem, self presence and an array of life skills.

For Several years my focus was youth with ADHD, ADD and different learning Difficulties. I worked with the youth, parents and schools teaching skill sets, tools and understanding of the different elements of the child and how to have the child succeed in school, home and socially. 




After working with teenagers in various cities in Israel, Interivity developed ADHDiversity, bringing more awareness about ADHD to both children, parents and schools. This is done using techniques such as private coaching, workshops, seminars, talks and consultations to schools.

ADHDiversity was incorporated into Interivity ( TeenBuilding in 2013 as part of the program and course options)

1. Private Consultations: 

  • Coaching, educating and supporting families and schools.
  • Specifically designing the program to suite the family's needs.
  • Teaching both parents and children educational tools and techniques to cultivate the child's god given abilities, strengths talents.

2. Talks and workshops

  • Understanding you and your child's ADHD
  • C.O.B.I   method 
  • Motivation misunderstood
  • The Parents ADHD handbook
  • Education in 2012
  • Entrepreneurialism and education
  • Life Orientation (several modules)

3. Workshops:

  • Understanding you and your child's ADHD
  • C.O.B.I Method
  • Parents ADHD handbook
  • Life Orientation for teachers, parents, coaches
  • The Future of business and the effects on education.
  • Right Brain Vs. Left Brain


Gilad Spitalnik Photography

Always having a passion for photography i apprenticed myself to several of the top Israeli photographers. Using photography i found it a great medium to connecting with people and brought it in to my coaching practice when working with children.


  • Life celebrations: Weddings, Bar/Bat mitzvah's.
  • Portraits.
  • Life Coaching tool.

Mentor, big brother


Betar Illit Israel

  • Working with youth that where not part of the community and falling through the "cracks".
  • Setting up a safe place to meet on a daily basis.
  • Using  the medium of music, sports, entertainment, and theatre sports to express themselves.
  • On Calls 24 hours as a support line.


Sep 2014Nov 2014


Seed Engine

Understanding what it takes to be entrepreneur, Marketing, Public Relations, Presentations, Pitching and How to present one self

Jun 2012Mar 2013

Facilitation of FreshBiz


Coaching in Entrepreneurial thinking and Multi Dimensional thinking. Using the FreshBiz Platform as a tool for soft skills.

Sep 2010Nov 2011

Advanced Coaching

Jerusalem Coaching Institute

Advances life coaching, more in depth look at associative coaching. 

Jan 2007Nov 2007

Neurolinguistic Programming

Paradigm Shift Institute/ Jerusalem Coaching Institute

First level of Neurolinguistic programming. Human repatterining, Language, body language.

Jun 2007Aug 2007

Certification Level 1 introduction to Coaching

Jerusalem Coaching Institute

Introduction to basic techniques of Life Coaching and tools.

May 2002May 2004

Jewish Religious Studies

Or Yakar Yeshivah

Life is always involves growth and challenges. I went to Or Yakar a Hebrew speaking yeshivah with very little Hebrew background. I spent 2 years studying in depth and when i left i was fluent in Hebrew, able to learn Gemarah, Halachah, Chumash in Hebrew. 


PsychoNuero immunology

Integrity Clinic

Using NLP as an additional aid to healing psychological issues.



King David High School


TED Talks

Cutting Edge Education

Children and Teenagers

Photography (wild life)


Horse back riding

Cultural diversity




SCUBA Diving

Public Speaking








Different Entrepreneurial based workshops i have been on:

Paul Smiths Mini MBA program: 2013

15 week workshop to teach entrepreneurship from Idea to business. The course was run by Ort Jet South Africa. We had to take an idea for a business whether currently running or just in the Idea phase and over the 15 weeks we where taught the skills where by within the 15 weeks we would have a running business.

Seed Engines Think, Be, Do: 2013 and again 2014

16 week course on how to take a current business and grow it to a sustainable business. The course covered, presentations, marketing, social media, expansion etc. the course was practical based, as we learnt a concept we would then need to implement it and then give feedback per session.

Ort Jet Eureka Business Plan Competition: 2014

The competition ran over a 5 month period, we had to take a business and create a business plan to submit, the plan was a 3 year comprehensive plan outlining the business, market research, gap and need for the business and all the financial projections. My business plan made it into the top 10. We then had 18 hours worth of workshops to learn how to present the program to a pitching panel. we were taught how to pitch, what to pitch, marketing, getting investments, venture capitalism, online exposure etc.
I then had to pitch the product to a board at liberty life.