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Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Translator and Interpreter

Several translation agencies

Translating and interpreting from / into German, Spanish in Dublin:

  • Translating and interpreting for several translation agencies in Dublin; Languages: German, English and Spanish.
  • Technical documents.
  • Legal texts. 
  • Interpreting at hospitals and in prisons as well as at court meetings.
Aug 2012May 2014

Technical Support Agent


Technical support to customers of Towers Watson in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Mar 2012Jul 2012

iOS Advisor


Technical support to users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Upselling APP's (Apple Care Protection Plan).

Nov 2010Sep 2011

Customer Support Agent

Stream Global Solutions
  • Technical support from Microsoft over the phone; average customer satisfaction: 83% excellent.
  • E-Mails regarding Windows Phone Marketplace: Refunds, technical issues, XBox issues.
  • Moderator of the Windows Phone 7 Forum: Technical assistance, managing and directing the Windows Phone 7 community.
Jan 2008Jun 2011

German teacher

Several language schools
  • Grinds to pupils: Grammar and conversation
  • Leaving Certificate preparation
  • General German conversation (beginners and advanced)
  • Evaluating the level of German
  • Experience in teaching both individuals and to small groups
  • Oral Exam preparation
  • Crashcourse for participating in a language programme in Germany
Mar 2005Aug 2010



I created some webpages totally on my own by using HTML code and some Java scripting as well as special design tools. Some webpages have been enhanced.

  • Creating the business webpage of db open in Friedrichshafen by using Typo3 and XPage.
  • Enhancing and creating webpages: advertising page for a holiday flat in Croatia, a school project in Friedrichshafen / Germany (association called “Jugend und Natur e.V.”).
May 2006Dec 2009

Customer Support Agent


Technical support via phone and E-Mail; Support to customers of KONE, Ericsson and Total:

  • General PC issues, Outlook issues, MS Office issues, Password resets, creating user accounts,
  • Lotus Notes, support for company specific application issues, password resets.
  • Escalating difficult technical issues to the responsible teams.
Oct 2004Feb 2006

English Teacher / Tutor

private / "Studienkreis", vhs

English to students of different age groups and of a different level of English; Private lessons at home as well as at private schools like Studienkreis and vhs (Volkshochschule).

  • Grinds to individuals as well as a small group of students.
  • Preparation courses and crash courses for the Leaving Certificate in Germany.
  • Conversation to adults who want to refresh or improve their English.
  • Business English.
Nov 2001Jul 2002

Tutor in English and Mathematics

Gerd Schwager Agentur

Grinds in English and Mathematics.

Sep 1999Apr 2001


Several associations
May 1999Aug 1999


EL Gazette

Research for the annual book "ELT Guide", edition 2000:

* Gathering information on visa and work requirements in order to teach English in a non-English speaking country. 

Oct 1997Apr 1999

English and Spanish Teacher


* Business and commercial English.

* English for special purposes.

* Spanish for beginners. 

Oct 1996Mar 1997


Maquinas ANDREA, S.A.

Translating and interpreting:

* Translating manuals of special tools (electric riveting machines).

* Translating correspondence abroad (from Spanish into English, German and French and vice-versus).

* Interpreting on the DIY’Tec Fair in Cologne in 1997 and 1998. 


Sep 2002Jul 2004

Level 4

Oct 1991Sep 1994

Level 4



* Foreign languages – listening and reading in English, Spanish and Italian.

* Cycling across Ireland – Several cycling trips across different regions of Ireland.

* Digital photography – Taking pictures of landscapes and publishing them.

* Listening to radio stations all over the World – I am a member of the “ADDX” which is the German association that deals with listening to shortwave radio stations all over the World. I wrote several articles for their monthly published magazine “Kurier Weltweit Hören” and produced several CD’s about radio history.

* Translating – I am a member of the ITIA (Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association). 

* Exploring cities and regions I’ve never seen before as well as sharing my knowledge about these places with other people – I like to see places that I’ve never seen before and that are well known worldwide.


E. van Brug


Language specialist who speaks 5 languages: German: native, English, French, Spanish and Italian (basic), Polish (beginner).

I have several years experience in teaching and some qualifications in teaching German. I have some experience in translating and interpreting. Furthermore I was working for several years in Customer support in Ireland regarding PC issues. I was working in 4 different countries: Ireland, Spain, England and Germany. Apart from my language skills, I was working as a webdesigner.


Goal 1: Work in at least 3 of the following 6 areas: Research, Tour guiding, Sales, Writing articles, Translating, Teaching.

Goal 1a: Work full-time in either of the following areas: Research, Tourism, Sales, Writing articles, Translating, Teaching.

  1. Find companies that are searching for people in the areas mentioned above.
  2. Find out who from my networks is employed in those companies or performs the same or a similar job to the areas mentioned above.
  3. Find out the person who has the power to hire me.
  4. Apply to the person in the company who has the power to hire me.

Goal 1b: Find at least 2 freelance jobs in either of the following areas: Teaching, Tourism, Translating, Research, Writing, Sales, except for my full-time task.

  1. Find companies / institutions that are searching for people in the areas mentioned above.
  2. Find out who from my networks is employed in those companies or performs the same or a similar job to the areas mentioned above.
  3. Find out the person who can give me a job.
  4. Apply to the person who can give me a job.
  5. Take training / online courses if necessary to enhance my skills in any of the areas mentioned above.


Goal 2: Work in either of the following branches: Tourism, newspapers / magazines, radio stations, social institutions, international institutions like Amnesty International, IT companies.

  1. Create a list of companies for each area mentioned above.
  2. Check what jobs they are searching for.
  3. If they are searching for a job in either Research, Tour guiding, Sales, Writing articles, Translating or Teaching, find people from my networks that are employed in those companies.
  4. Find out the person who has the power to hire me.
  5. Apply to the person who has the power to hire me.


Writing reports, articles
I like to express myself in writing. I like to create reviews over events in my life, for example I write a review of the year everytime around mid-December and then send it to my friends. I also write them in every language. I like to analyse, find a "thread" in events and report thread by thread. I also did such reviews on other occasions. Example: <!--[if gte mso 10]> <style> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";} </style> <![endif]-->First part of my trip to Scotland in 2009. I also created several audio CD's for the shortwave listeners' association in Germany called ADDX: Audio CD's der ADDX.
Learning foreign languages
I speak 5 foreign languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish:   My level of English is excellent after living in Ireland for 5 years.   My level of Spanish is advanced: I was living and working in Spain for 6 months. During this time I considerably improved my knowledge of the language. I was almost fluent at the time when I left Spain. I learnt Spanish by living, talking and working as if I was in my home country in Germany. I learnt how to love the language, love the culture, the country Spain, the way people live and behave. I also learnt to dream in Spanish; as my Spanish teacher in Madrid said: "You have to live in Spanish, love and dream in Spanish!"   I learnt French at school, got an in-depth knowledge of the grammar and sometimes have an opportunity to talk in French to my colleagues at my workplace who are from France. I also like listening to French radio stations.   I started learning Italian with a book and a CD (from Berlitz). Later on I attended 2 evening courses- one for beginners in Italian and another one for intermediate learners. 1 year later I spent 8 days in different places in Italy. The main purpose was to practise the language in the country itself, but also to learn about the Italian culture, people and their habits and behaviour.   Polish is my 5th foreign language: I have basic knowledge so far and know standard sentences that I normally use when travelling to the country.   I like comparing languages: I see the differences and similarities in the words and like to analyse them. I have discovered that the similarities of words in several languages also depend on the region. For example "bottle" is "bouteille" in French, "botella" in Spanish, "bottiglia" and "butelka" in Polish. Although English is a Germanic language, French, Spanish and Italian all Romanic languages and Polish a Slavic language, the words is very similar because of the same region these languages are spoken. However, in German "bottle" means "Flasche" and in other Germanic languages they use a very similar word as well. So here we are in another region where a different word has developped. I am interested in finding the characteristics of a language: Spanish has almost no words with double consonants, for the exeption of r / rr, l / ll which both change the pronounciation (rr is stronger than r, ll is pronounced like the Italian gl). Furthermore Spanish has the English th (written as z), very often the vocals "ue" in a row which are both clearly pronounced. All words starting with sc, sp, st start with an e first: Scotland -> Escocia, Italian "sperare" (to hope) -> esperar, station -> estación. Italian has clear and easy rules regarding spelling / pronounciation and there's no exception. However, there are often double consonants. There are often vocals like "uo" in a row which are both clearly pronounced. The i is the mostly used letter in Italian, follow by the e. Some combinations of letters do not exist, like "cua" or "cha". There are no letters like j, k, w, x, y; j and y become i instead (except in foreign words), k becomes ch (kilo -> chilo), w is substituted by v instead and all the words that contain an x become s or ss instead, for example -> per essempio.   As a German teacher in Ireland, I also have the ability to compare German to English or other languages and make it as easy to understand for a non-German native speaker. I analyse the grammar and the differences in spelling and pronounciation.


Aug 2010Sep 2010

Teaching Grammar

Goethe Institute
May 2010Jul 2010

Preparation of German Lessons

Goethe Institute