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In the near future I am planning to complete my master’s degree and following that I am going to apply for a PhD. It is clear to me that I am going to pursue a scientific career. My interests lie in the field of Computational Biology and Genomics.


Sep 2011Jun 20014

Bacheor of Science

  • Relevant modules:

Human Genetics and Genomics (A), Genes and Bioinformatics (A), Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics (A), Heredity and Gene Action (A), Diversity of Life (A), Essential Skills for Biologists (A), Evolutionary Genetics (B), Basic Immunology (B), Research Methods and Communication (B), Transmission Genetics (B).

  • 3rd year project: 

Differential Gene Expression in Queen Fire Ants, use of R to analyse DNA Microarray data, being able to extract important biological information out of big datasets and show significant results.

Sep 1998Jul 2011

Matura (A-Levels)

Lauder Chabad Campus
  • Graduated in: Biology (A), Judaism (A), Chemistry (B), Mathematics (B), German (B), English (B).
  • Graduated with honours as the top of my class.
  • Took the role of school prefect twice and as the vice-president once. Connected my school to the school parliament of Austria, where I represented my school more than 3 times a year.
  • Introduced and took part in a tutoring scheme where older students prepared little classes for younger students to help them in subjects they had difficulties in.
  • During my Matura (Austrian equivalent of A-levels) I wrote a subject-specific piece of work on synthetic biology.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Project in Bioinformatics

Conrad Bessant Lab - Queen Mary University of London
  • Identify novel small Open Reading Frames (sORFs) within the human genome.
  • Use Python (programming language) to write a script that would help in the identification of sORFs.
  • Used some of the latest Proteomics tools for analysis and sORF identification.
  • Learned how to use Python in a biologically meaningful matter.
Dec 2013Jul 2014


Bethnal Green Academy
  • Volunteer at Bethnal Green Academy for the duration of 3 months.
  • Teaching Biology for Years 11, 12 and 13 in small groups.
  • Learned to work within the professional environment recognised by governmental standards.
Dec 2009Jul 2011

Programme Organiser

Hashomer Hatzair
  • Volunteer at a Jewish Youth Organisation for 2 years.
  • Planning programmes for kids of ages from 7-14.
  • Learning how to work in a team through planning of programmes with the group.
  • Able to lead a group by being the vice-president on many occasions, plus leading big programmes that involve making 50+ kids do what you planned.
  • Travelling to different countries including Israel, Bulgaria and Poland.
  • Surviving in the Israeli forests for a week through navigation of the group, search for food and combined team effort.


Alexander Ruban

Professor in Biophysics, Head of Cell and Molecular Biology Division, Personal undergraduate tutor, Queen Mary University of London.

Doctor Yannick Wurm

Lecturer in Bioinformatics, Queen Mary University of London.


During the summer of 2014 I started to use Python to solve problems in my analysis of genetic data.
Programming Language R
During my time at University I learned how to use the statistical programming language R and perfected it while doing my 3rd year project.
I speak 4 languages fluently (German, English, Russian, Hebrew) and I know basic French.
Communication Skills
Working with children and tutoring subjects helped me to acquire these Communication Skills.
Playing the drums
During my time in school I learned to play the drums.
During my time at Queen Mary I have trained it the Jiu-Jitsu club reaching the 4th belt in the order. On the committee as social secretary.