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Experienced with procedures concerning experiments in electronics, physics and cleanroom laboratories. Determinant contribution in projects with affinity to measurements, testing and characterization of materials, components, and devices. Specialised in ferromagnetism, electronic instrumentation, electrical characterization of materials, microfluidics, impedance spectroscopy, cleanroom procedures.

Researched complex fluids and soft matter with the emphasis in electrical characterization of multiphase fluids and liquid suspensions. Technical expertise involves analysis, with electrical impedance techniques, of magnetic materials, nanoparticle ferrofluids, and electrolytic fluids. Contribution in researching methodologies associated with microfluidics, electrical impedance sensing, microelectrode integration, cytometry and nanoparticle detection. Engineering applications involved microfluidic device fabrication and optimization, with a direct application the electrical actuation and impedimetric assessment of fluids. Resolved insulation and hydrophobisation problems in microfluidics and evaluated coated interfaces by means of electrical impedance, contact angle goniometry and ellipsometry. Other research contributions involve the determination of microscopic parameters of magnetic nanoparticles, such as size distribution, relaxation time, magnetic anisotropy and gyromagnetic ratio, which measured with broadband impedance spectroscopy. These measurements explained magnetic relaxation and resonance phenomena in ferrofluids. Inclusive specialization in topics relating to electromagnetism, including radio wave propagation, antennas, waveguides, transmission lines, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Work experience

Oct 2016present

Development and Production Engineer

Mimetas BV, Netherlands

Mimetas is a microfluidics and biosensorics company which focuses on high-throughput cellularcultures for predictive pharmaceutical testing, efficacy screening and personalized therapy.Products primarily include sampling fixtures for cellular microscopy.

Jul 2014Jun 2016

Experiments analyst

Leiden university (LU), Netherlands

Faculty of Science
Optimization of the flowcell of a commercial benchtop calorimeter instrument. This industry joined project targets the improvement of the performance of the reagents mixing inside the flowcell of the calorimeter, also the enhancement of the heat transfer to the thermopile array, as well as the overall optimization of the sensitivity of the calorimeter, in order to improve the accuracy of the measurements of the thermochemical heat produced by enzymatic catalysed reactions inside the flowcell. This project involves complete redesign of the mixing flowcell as well as devises a new methodology for the calibration of the thermopile array.
Techniques: heat measurements, flowcell calorimetry, microfabrication, cleanroom, contact photolithography, micromilling, plastics bonding, contact angle measurements, atomic force microscopy, syringe pumping.

Jun 2012Jun 2014

Laboratory Technician

Leiden University (LU), Netherlands

Faculty of Science.

Modification of wellplates to microfluidic plates, which are devoted for cell culturing and drug studies. Microfabrication of microfluidic and nanofluidic channels by means of glass etching. Casting elastomeric microvalves for liquid control. Microfabrication of masters, appropriate for hot embossing and injection moulding, for replicating plastic microfluidic devices. Techniques: microfluidics, microfabrication, contact photolithography, cleanroom, micromachining, plasma etching, mould casting.

Sep 2009Jun 2012

Postdoctoral researcher

Technical University Tallinn (TUT), Estonia

Department of Electronics.

Research: Design and development of a microfluidic lab-on-chip device for impedimetric nanoparticle detection and cytometry. Sponsored by a European Commission Marie Curie European Reintegration Grant and an Estonian Science Foundation Mobilitas Grant.Teaching: Controls in electronics.

Nov 2006Mar 2007

Technical support analyst

Thomson Prometric, Netherlands

Provided technical, operational and procedural support to Thomson-Prometric test centers by solving technical issues about computers, servers, networks and software.

Nov 2004Aug 2005

Soldier, military service

Greek Army, Greece

Served in an amphibious raider squadron and in a mobile infantry division.

Oct 1999Sep 2004

Postgraduate researcher

University of Dublin - Trinity College (TCD), Ireland

Department of Electrical-Electronic Engineering.

Research: Dynamic properties of magnetic nanoparticle suspensions, implemented by means of wideband  impedance spectroscopy. Sponsored by the European Space Agency microgravity application program that focuses on Thermal Transports in Magnetic Fluids. Results apply in controlling flow of magnetic fluids for using them as thermal agent.

Teaching: analog and digital telecommunications.

Jun 1995Sep 1996

Seasonal Electrician

Freelancer, Greece

Electrical installations


Sep 2017present

MSc Cosmology:

Leiden University (LU), Netherlands


Employment certificates available on request.

Scientific Publications



  • Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) spring symposium, 24 May 2016, Leiden, Netherlands.
  • Biotechnology based Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Industrial Consortium (BE-Basic) symposium, 31 March-1 April 2015, Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands.
  • Biotechnology based Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Industrial Consortium (Be-Basic) Foundation Annual Meeting Flagship 1, 20 November 2014, Wagenigen, Netherlands.
  • 15th International Conference of Electronics, 17-19 May 2011, Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • 1st European Conference on Microfluidics, 10-12 December 2008, Bologna, Italy.
  • Comsol Conference, 4-6 November 2008, Hannover, Germany.
  • 22ndEurosensors Conference, 7-10 September 2008, Dresden, Germany.
  • 14th Colloquium Heiligenstadt on Technical Systems for Life Sciences, 22-24 September 2008, Heilbad-Heiligenstadt, Germany.
  • 4th International Workshop on Chemical and Biological Micro Laboratory Technology, 26-28 February 2008, Ilmenau, Germany.
  • 9th International Conference on Magnetic Fluids, 23-27 July 2001, Bremen, Germany.
  • 3rd International Conference on Materials for Microelectronics, 16-17 October 2000, Dublin, Ireland.