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  • Reading, photography and new tech
  • Travelled widely in Europe and USA
  • Sport, football in particular


Social skills and competences

  • Young graduate
  • Adaptable
  • Open to other cultures
  • Pro-active
  • Team spirit
  • Fluent English
  • Great passion for technology 

Organisational skills and competences

  • Strong self-management and coordination skills;
  • Good communicator;
  • Innovative and flexible
  • Enjoys new challenges and likes to learn;
  • Capable of multi-tasking;
  • Strong skills of project management (base courses during university and master on PMI methods; in the last 2 years, courses, meetings, books reading and working on Agile methods, in particular XP)

Work experience

Oct 2004Present

Analyst and Software Developer

Allianz Insurance Company Of Italy

During the last three years I’ve grow up gradually, starting as junior developer and now becoming a senior software engineer able to coordinate the work of the team and to contribute effectively with higher level of SW analysis and design.Going to details, two years ago, I’ve worked as technical leader, driving about five persons in the development of a BI complex web application, integrated with a SAS datewarehousing system.After this beautiful experience, last year I’ve worked in the SW Architectural Area for expanding the actual development J2EE internal platform, combining open frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts and JSF and building other mechanisms in way to cover some specific requirements.Now I’m working on .NET framework, in way to migrate an existing application and to follow the new internal strategies.For passion, I'm learning PHP and CMS based on this, focusing on e-commerce site, and the technics of web marketing.

Mar 2004Jul 2004



During the 2nd level master at the CEFRIEL, I've worked as stagist in H3G. During these months, I've developed a platform in way to help users in creating ergonomic and accesible web site.

I've used Java as language of the platform, HTML and XML as technologies to render the web site, database and trigger to simulate the environment dynamic behavior.

May 2002Jul 2003



During my degree thesy I've worked as sofware analyst & developer. Assisted by CESI researchers, at the end of this experience I've presented a work of modelling and simulation of a MOLTEN CARBONATE FUEL CELL.

I've realized a program written in C, on a Simulink - MatLab platform.


Sep 2003Jul 2004

University 2nd level Master Degree


Co-founder of...


change & configuration management
Refactoring technics Build Automation frameworks like ANT, NANT, Maven Source Control frameworks like PVCS, CVS, Subersion Continuous Integration frameworks like Cruise Control 
JUnit & other testacase frameworks for JAVA, on the web world as HttpUnit, Canoo, TPTP etc. NUnit and other testacase frameworks  for .NET 
database & datawarehouse
DDL, DML and more advanced constructs (SQL, PL/SQL – Oracle & MySql), theoretical concepts of analysis, conceptual & logic projecting, normalization, OLAP cube and MDX  
Sofware engineering concepts, languages & tools experienced
  project management (PIM & Agile Methods, in particular XP) requirements analysis (UML & ER diagram, ...),   design (UML, design patterns, architectural patterns ...), development: - procedural languages & methodologies (PASCAL, C), - object oriented languages & paradigms (JAVA, C#), - script languages and other technologies (Javascript, XML, XSLT, XSD) - open source platform for web development (Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JSF, Velocity, ...) - enterprise architectures (J2EE), - web technologies (HTML, CSS, JSP)  - web & application server (WebSphere, Apache Tomcat) - open source community tools & IDE (Eclipse & other) - JSF frameworks (MyFaces, RichFaces, Ajax4JSF) on JBOSS AS, - Spring and JSF together, - test frameworks for JSF (Shale, HtmlUnit, Canoo)   Now I'm working on... .NET framework for web development    (C#, ASP.NET, LINQ on SQL Server), J2EE and .NET interoperability    (bridges, MQ and other technologies over the world of SOA)    


Italian Engineering qualification state exam

Italian State

Test of English as a Foreign Language