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Qualified restaurant general manager with more than fifteen years in front and back of the house operations. Demonstrated team leader with excellent staff management skills. Extensive background in customer-oriented service operations and business development, including sales, marketing, promotions and cost control. Winning attitude and desire to deliver exceptional dining experience. Focused on setting high expectations and raising service standards.

Work experience

2018 - 022018 - 11

Restaurant General Manager

Black Sheep Restaurants Group, Carbone Restaurant, Hong Kong
  • Ensure high standards of Food & Beverage Service
  • Build analysis of Sales, Menu engineering and Finance reports
  • Reviewing P&L report, create strategy to meet monthly target
  • Monitoring Reservations & Events' team, ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Sevenrooms Software Knowledge and development
  • Supervision of Inventory and Stock availability, ensuring low flash cost %
  • Created Food & Beverage Training calendar and program
  • Collaboration with BOH team to ensure smooth service and operation
  • Collaborate with guest relation team for follow up and guests feedback
  • Empower team-members with smart task and individual's project
  • Create Family oriented teamwork, ensuring positive energy during operation
  • Responsable for HR related application and payroll.
2016 - 9 2018-01

Restaurant General Manager

BULLDOZER Group, Novikov  Asian Restaurant & Lounge , Dubai
  • Implementing the manpower structure reducing cost of payroll.
  • Reviewing the Profit&Lost sheet monthly and create new target for upcoming month
  • Organizing Private functions with over 200 guests.
  • Creating weekly events in the lounge to engage new clientele. 
  • Ensure high standard of F&B service. 
  • Ensure high level hygiene standards HACCP.
  • Responsible for health and safety P.I.C. certificate.
  • Updating Menu, wine list and drinks list layout.
  • Reviewing Menu engineering with chef, bar manager and Sommelier.
  • Coordinate with the kitchen staff to ensure efficient food service.
  • Training of the Staff about wine and spirits. 
  • Resolve guest complaints and ensure satisfaction.
  • Oversee guest bookings & reservations. Sevenrooms software knowledge. 
  • Reviewing duty roster for the FOH staff. 
  • Supervision of Inventory and Stock availability.
2014 -112016 - 9

Restaurant Manager

BULLDOZER Group, Cipriani, Dubai
  • Pre-opening Organization of duty and responsibility.
  • Pre-opening configuration of MICROS and FMC software.
  • Coordination of FOH layout and service system.
  • Recruiting, training & developing restaurant staff. 
  • Coordinating with IT team on any electronic issue.
  • Ensure high standard of F&B service. 
  • Ensure high level hygiene standards HACCP.
  • Responsible for health and safety PIC.
  • Having in-depth knowledge of menu and dishes availability. 
  • Configuration of food Menu, wine list and drinks list layout.. 
  • Coordinate with the kitchen staff to ensure efficient food service. 
  • Assisting guest on wine selection.
  • Training of food, wine and spirits. 
  • Resolve guest complaints and ensure satisfaction.
  • Oversee guest bookings & event reservations. Open Table software knowledge. 
  • Organize duty roster for the FOH staff. 
  • Prepare reports (Cashing Up, End of Day) and share with all Partners and Managers.

Restaurant Manager

Gattopardo Restaurant, New York City, USA
  • Established the best guest relationship and the perfect costumers service experience.
  • Planned off-premises events ensuring highest quality of service.
  • Wine director and Sommelier, selecting the highest quality wines and perfectly paired with the food.
  • Beverage director, working back to back with sommelier and bartenders to minimize the wastage and increase the sales.
  • Conducted daily pre-shift and weekly departmental meetings to ensure organizational efficiency.
  • Scheduled and directed staff in daily work assignments to maximize productivity.
  • Efficiently resolved problems or concerns to the satisfaction of all involved parties.
  • Continually monitored restaurant and took appropriate action to ensure food quality and service standards were consistently met.
  • Minimized loss and misuse of equipment through proper restaurant supervision and staff training.
  • Exhibited thorough knowledge of foods, beverages, supervisory duties, service techniques, and guest interactions.
  • Consistently maintained high levels of cleanliness, organization, storage, and sanitation of food and beverage products to ensure quality.

Ass. Restaurant Manager, Ass. Bar Manager, Bartender

Sant' Ambroeus Group, New York City, USA
  • Assisting the Restaurant Manager on a daily basis operation.
  • Monitored Bar & pastry counter and took appropriated action to ensure food quality of service standards were met.
  • Espresso Machine and Cafeteria Expert.
  • Customer Service & Relation. Assure quality control, and minimize waste.
  • Consistently obtained highest rating from the county health department.

Head Bartender

Caffe Zanarini, Bologna, Italy
  • Barista Cafeteria and Espresso machine expert.
  • Costumers service and relationship. Assure quality control and minimize waste

Hotel Bartender

Hotel Nautico* L, Riccione, Italy
  • Organizing the Room service.
  • Scheduling and training all the staff.
  • Costumers service Responsible of handling cash and revenue report.
  • Budgeting and cost control.
  • Training barista and bartender, Waiter & Ass Sommelier

Barista & Waiter

Hotel Altafiumara Group*, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Working at the pool bar, beach bar and main dining room Fallowing the assistant manager bar. Catering serviceLearningdaily task from all the head management. Costumers service, Room service.


Italian (Mother Tongue)

Italian language speaking and writing as mother tongue


Spanish speaking and reading Intermedie level

English Speaking & Writing

diploma of professional English speaker TOEFL




Sommelier  School

Two level of sommelier course


ALCC American Language College Center 

English School

Two year of english school to improve knowledge of the language


Association International Barman and Supporter

AIBES, Italy

6 months of Bartender and mixologist course


Association International Sommelier

AIS, Italy

Three level of Sommelier course


Diploma Istituto Alberghiero (Hospitality Business School)

IPSSAR Villa San Giovanni (RC)

Completed the Full graduation of Hospitality High school with 94/100 point.

Participating on many master and courses about alimentation and hospitality business.


All the reference letter and personal contact of previous employer are available upon request