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Birth: 17/11/1973, Siena,Italy 

17 years Software Architect, Data Infrastructure Engineer and Digital Manager focusing on IotBig Data, Cloud and Near Real Time Architecture. 5 years Data scientist working on hybrid data model, statistical model and human model.

Work experience

May 2017Current

Digital Technical Product Manager & Data Architect

Baker Hughes a GE Company

Developing IOT digital product in the field of Oil & Gas 

My main responsibility is to build BHGE Digital product. Activities:

  • Product's feature definition and validation
  • IT Architecture definition
  • Scrum Product Management
  • Big Data Analytics definition and proposal
  • Machine, Digital Twins and Physics Based analytics
  • Support the development of Value Proposition
  • UX Design validation and user's story  proposal
  • Project Management, Agile, Lean

I 'm currently work in 2 projects  and 2 products in the field of Oil & Gas as Technical Product Manager & Sw Architect.

Technologies: Docker, MeSOS, Kubernetes, AWS, DynamoDB, E2C, IOT, Google Big Table, Azure Data Lake, data Lake Analytics, AWS Lambda Predix, Microservices, Java 8/9, CF, Spring, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Python, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kibana, M2M, IOT, SCADA,  Kafka, RabbitMQ, Machine Learning , Polymer, Angular, Maven, Git, Github, JIRA, Rally, AHA!, Jenkins, CheckMarx, Puppet, Rest, SOAP, Solr, Hive, ORC, HYSYS, PetroSIM

Dec 2014May 2017

Engineer Technical Leader & Data Architect

General Electric Oil & Gas

Developing big data project and IOT infrastructure 

During this period I have developed 5 products in field of data acquisition and data processing; my major responsibility was developing architecture able to consume big amount of data (time series signals).


  • IT Architecture definition
  • Big Data Analytics development
  • Big Data Platform development 
  • Team coordination (SCRUM Master)


  • Data acquisition 1 GB/hour from edge device
  • 27.000 events processed every minute
  • 640 servers infrastructure
  • reliability 24x7

I worked in 5 International projects in the field of Oil & Gas as Team and Technical Leader and Senior Architect.

Technologies: OSGI, AWS, E2C, IOT, Predix, Microservice, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Java 7/8, CF, Spring, Python, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Historian TS, TSDB, Hadoop, Redis, M2M, IOT, SCADA, OpenTSDB, KairosDB, Solr, HiveQL, Parquet, ORC, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Machine Learning , Polymer, AngularJS, Splunk, Maven, Git, Github, JIRA, Rally, AHA!, Jenkins, Nagios, CheckMarx, Rest, SOAP, ETL, Nginx, Flink

Sep 2012Dec 2014

Team Leader & Software Architect

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA

Development of Automotive System

Analysis of Automotive system and Machine Tracking on Automotive projects. 

 My main responsibilities :

  • Near Realtime System development,
  • Component Analysis,
  • Development and Junior Developers Coordination,
  • Test group assessment,
  • Deploy Support
  • Tolling component functional analysis, SOA Integration (SAP-FI)

I worked in International projects in the field of Automotive as Team Leader and Senior Architect.

Technologies: Weblogic, JMS, EJB, Websphere, SpagoBI, Oraccle Spatial, GIS, JBOSS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL,  Java 6/7, Spring, PHP, Hadoop, C/C++, Android,JSF, AngularJS, Javascript, Maven, Git, Github, JIRA, Jenkins, Sonar, FindBugs, Rest, SOAP

Jan 2007Sep 2012

Chief Technology Officer & Software Architect

Etruria Innovazione SCpA

Director of MIUR Human Computer Interaction Laboratory

I coordinated major projects (over 1,700,000 € budget) in the field of Database and Business Intelligence for bank and public institution.  I was involved in eProcurement in public administration.  I learned to work with a focus in critical interdisciplinary computer-related legal aspects and logistics information that a government must observe. I promoted a continued focus on new emerging technologies such as WiMax, GPS, DTT, GPRS, Reliable Distributed Systems in Info-mobility and Health. I promoted the process of ISO: 9001 company and the accreditation of the laboratory to the MIUR of development that I direct.

  • Design and development of solutions in the field of ICT.
  • Preliminary design, feasibility and execution.
  • Management of the Technical Group (8 units + 1)
  • Definition of the software development life cycle (SDLC) using Agile methodology.

I worked in 14 European projects in the field of Business process, innovation and Knowledge management. I coordinated 2 european projects.

I worked in more than 30 Regional/national projects in the field of R&D.

Technologies: Weblogic, JMS, EJB, , Webshpere, JBOSS, Tomcat, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL,   Java 5/6/7, Spring, PHPC/C++, JSF,  Javascript, Maven, Git, SVN, C#, .NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET, ASP, SOAP, WPF, WCF

Jan 2006Dec 2006

Senior Developer & Product Manager

ION Trading srl

Research and Development of Finacial Products 

During this period I was part of the middleware research and development of key technologies of the platform ION Trading, with emphasis on the development of ION Java API and C / C + +. My business is mainly concentrated in the introduction of new technologies to increase performance and reduce latency data transmission and communication between processes. Then, I was involved in the development of solutions for managing security and access rights to the data by introducing new encryption technologies, policy management and licensing management.

Technologies: Java, C/C++, Bloomberg, MarketView, .NET, C#


Chief Technology Officer & Product Manager

Etruria Innovazione SCpA

Research and Development of Multimedia and Knowledge Systems

I promoted new IT  technolgy and product.

Main activities:

  • Design and development of solutions in the field of ICT.
  • Preliminary design, feasibility and execution.
  • Management of the Technical Group (5 units + 1)
  • Definition of the software development life cycle (SDLC) using Agile methodology.

I was involved in 7 Regional/national projects in the field of PA.

Technologies: Weblogic,  JMS, EJB, , JBOSS, Tomcat, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL,  Java 5/6, Spring, PHP, C/C++, JSF,  Javascript, ANT, SVN, C#, .NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET, ASP

Jan 2001Dec 2004

President & Team Leader

Metaresearch srl

Research and Development new products

I worked on the development and design of the solution and / or products in the field of Content and Knowledge Management with attention on all aspects of natural language analysis. I collaborated with the University of Siena for the development of intelligent systems based on genetic algorithms and text mining, and with the CNR of Pisa Department of Computational Linguistics.

Technologies: Webspehere, JMS, EJB, , JBOSS, Tomcat, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL,  Java 5/6, Spring, PHP, C/C++, JSF,  Javascript, ANT, SVN, C#, .NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET, ASP, Visual C++


Consultant Engineer

University of Siena

Research and Development of Multimedia and Knowledge Systems

Development of navigation software for multimedia, high-resolution images of large (> 3GB). Development of Electrophoretic Software analysis

Technologies: Tomcat, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL,  Java , C/C++, JSF, ANT, SVN, SQL Server, ASP, Visual C++


  1. We are inventors - Dec 2018 by BHGE
  2. Customers determine our success - Sep 2016 by GE Oil & Gas
  3. Predix Builder Influencer - Jul 2016  by GE Digital
  4. Empower and inspire each other  - Jan 2016  by GE Corporate
  5. Learn and adapt to win - Nov 2015  by GE Oil &Gas
  6. European Network - Feb 2010  by European Community
  7. Dire & Fare - Feb 2008  by Regione Toscana



Doctorate - PhD

Università degli Studi di Siena

Bioinformatic and Neuroscience

Thesis : Feature-based information processing of selective attention


Engineer Master's Degree - MSc

Università degli Studi di Siena

Telecommunication Engineer

Thesis: Image Processing



Oracle certified 1Z0-803 – OC1280222

Oracle University

Java 7 Certified


Green Belt Certified

Six Sigma

Lean Project Management and Quality Certification


Scrum Fundamentals Certified


SCRUM and Agile


Predix Developer Certified

General Electric

Predix Cloud certification, Cloud Foundry, Microservices, Spring Boot


Product Managment

Value Proposition, Market Validation, Technical Product Management, UX Definition

Agile Develoment

SCRUM, Lean Development, XP, Kanban

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Foundry, AWS,, AWS EC2, AWS ECS Predix Cloud,Docker, Kubernetes

Software Architect

Spring, Quartz, OSGI, Karaf, AngularJS, JEE, JPA, JNA, Oracle Weblogic, WebSphere, JBOSS, Tomcat, Oracle DB, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Spatial, Oracle PL/SQL, RichFaces4, Angular, AngularJS, EJB, SOAP, JMS, JAAS, UML 2.0, .NET, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Visual C++, Android, Maven, Gradle, MVC,  Apache, Ngnix, ETL, Talend, Play, Bower, NodeJS, Grunt, Gulp, Bootstrap, SASS, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Pattern Programming

Software Developer

Java, C/C++, Javascript, Typescript, C#, Scala, Python, Matlab, Bash, GO, Kotlin, Secure Development, TDD, Unit Test, Functional Test, Integration Test, Agile development, Pair Programming, Design Pattern, SOA, Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, GIT, SVN

Big Data Engineer

CassandraSpark, HBase, Hadoop, Sqoop, Microservices, RabbitMQ, Redis,  Docker, Mesos, GE Historian, ElasticSearch, OpenTSDB, KairosDB, Solr, HiveQL, Parquet, ORC, Kafka

Data Scientist

Statistic, Bayesian Model, Monte Carlo Model, NLP, Neural Network, Regression Analysis, Matlab, Python, SPSS, R

  • English : fluent
  • French : scholar
  • Italian : mother tongue


Number of project  or Number prublications+award / technology


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National Publications

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Research Activities

  1. Referee for IEEE / ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  2. Collaboration with University of Siena School of Medicine in the field of Neurology and Biomedical Systems and School of Engineering 
  3. Knowldge Management, Semantic Web & Data geographic
  4. GA (Genetic Algorithms)
  5. Adaptive Multimedia Systems
  6. Collaboration with National Research Center - ILC:
  7. Natural Language and Text Mining
  8. Machine Learning (Bioinformatic)


  • FS/VC.-PCT27844 – “Dispositivo di analisi del sistema nervoso centrale attraverso l’applicazione di stimoli di diversa natura combinati tra loro e lo studio delle corrispondenti reazioni" (Domanda di Brevetto Internazionale PCT/IT2010/000300)

Military Service

Required Military Service fullfilled. Mar 2001- Dec 2001