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Work experience


VP M&A and Corporate Development

  • Strategy development
  • Led all aspects of acquisitions and divestitures

Reporting to the SVP of M&A, I was charged with all aspects of M&A, strategy development, existing business line review, and Greenfield analysis. 

I created and was project manager of two international, multi-divisional teams to review transformative acquisitions with valuations of $1B+ and $8B+. 

I led a 6 month review of a $300M global business covering finance, business plan, strengths and threats, revealing fundamental misunderstandings of costs and profits and redirecting management strategy savings hundreds of millions of dollars in shareholder value.


VP Corporate Development and Strategic Planning

  • Creation of multi-year strategic review
  • Developed new market strategies
  • Led all aspects of acquisitions and divestitures
  • Managed due diligence for $1.6B recapitalization

Reporting to the CFO, I was hired to professionalize the M&A and strategy practices.  I led five transactions with a cumulative value of over $200M and designed and led the first multi-year strategic review.  Working with the business lines, I developed an expansion strategy into markets offering $2B+ in additional revenue.

After the company suffered bankruptcy level sub-prime losses, I led the reformulation of the $6B asset portfolio and managed the due diligence process for the sale of the company to THLee and Goldman Sachs through a $1.6B recapitalization.   


VP Business Development

GE Consumer Finance
  • Led all aspects of acquisitions and divestitures
  • Supported development of strategic plan

I helped to develop the growth strategy for their consumer finance division with the goal of doubling assets from $25B to $50B.  I led the Central and South American process to execute the strategy through acquisitions in Brazil and Guatemala.



GE Capital
  • Sourcing, modeling, due diligence, and negotiation of mezzanine finace deals
  • 40+ deals in industries including:  aerospace, telecoms, oil patch services, and drug delivery

Senior Analyst

GE Capital - FGIC
  • Existing business line review and new product analysis
  • Annual strategy review

I reviewed business units to assess strategic rationale and analyzed Greenfield opportunities.  On my recommendation the company exited a $25M delinquent debt collection business.  My work also led to the creation of a Credit Default Swap trading desk with a $500M approved book.

I invented an internet based competitive intelligence tool (patent pending) used to track the relative strengths of competitors.  The tool led directly to pricing improvements of nearly $1M on the following bid.


Engagement Leader

  • In charge of all on-site activity during customer engagements

Partnering with client's management, we facilitated corporate wide strategic change.  Working with a semiconductor manufacturer, I led the effort to institutionalize steadier product development and product launch cycles.  For a telephony manufacturer, I led an effort to better utilize assets and re-allocate freed capital toward new development.


Manager Finance/Marketing

  • Raised $750K in research grants and equity investments
  • Developed and implemented extensive financial controls and reporting procedures




Cornell University


Yale University


As an experienced, senior executive, I have spent a career in large, multi-national organizations developing strategies, building target pipelines, and then driving the acquisition process from due diligence to close - all while managing the network of relationships, from corporate officers to line managers, necessary to execute deals.  The cumulative value of acquisitions and disposals I have managed is over $2B.


I am look ing for a senior role in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategy.  Although I would prefer staying in the north east, I am open to relocation both domestically and internationally.