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I plan on going to grad school in several years. Right now, I am looking for a full time job that will allow me to save up money for grad school and to gain experience.

My career goal is to work with people afflicted with addictions and anxiety disorders to help them learn how to help themselves and learn how to live full, happy lives.

My life goal is to help individuals in any way I can and to put everything I have into making the world a better, brighter place, one person at a time.

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Volunteer - Rape Crisis Victim Advocate

Women's Center of Tarrant County

Training included a 40 hour certification program that included information on sexual assault and sexual harassment – including the legal processes, psychological effects, and hospital procedures that survivors must deal with.

As a certified Rape Crisis Victim Advocate, I am on call 3 times a month. I go to hospitals and support survivors throughout their stay at the hospital, including thetime during forensic exams and while talking to the police. I explain to survivors the processes that will go on during their hospital stay and during legal proceedings, give survivors clean clothes and personal hygiene products, and provide resources to survivors such as phone numbers for legal counsel and psychological counseling. I also answer calls for the Woman's Center 24-hour hotline.

Feb 2008Jun 2008

Data Entry

Evaluation, Research & Development Unit of the University of Arizona

In a small office setting, I entered smoking cessation survey data into computer based forms, ran quality checks on survey data and the data entered into the computer systems, and organized a filing system to store the thousands of paper surveys.

Oct 2007May 2008

Research Assistant

Lab for Neural Computation and Cognition at the University of Arizona

I was part of a small group to collect usable research data to help strengthen a computational model of inhibition response. My job was to explain the tasks to the study participants, run the computer based experiments, debrief the participants, and then enter the data into Excel spreadsheets.

May 2007Aug 2007

Customer Service Representative

Blockbuster, Inc

I greeted guests as they entered the store, helped customers in any way I could, and ran the cash register. I also kept the store clean and organized and maintained the inventory.



Bachelor's of Science

University of Arizona

I graduated magna cum laude with a 3.7 overall GPA and a 4.0 in all my psychology courses. I minored in Sociology and I was an active member of Psi Chi.


Attitude and Drive
Every day, I strive to do better than I did yesterday. Whenever I am assigned a task, I do it swiftly and completely, and whenever I am not assigned a task, I'm on the search for something to do.   I am very reliable and dependable. If you ask me to do something, it will get done. And you can always rely on me to show up on time - in my previous jobs, I never missed a day nor showed up more than a minute late.   I am a very positive and optimistic person. I always come in to work with a smile on my face. I am very easy going and bring no drama to the table.
Customer Service
I love exceeding customers' expectations. My goal when dealing with customers has always been to see them walk out the door with a smile on their face and saying to themselves, "Wow, I've really got to go back there soon."
Data Entry
  WPH: 85 KPH: 10,000   My previous work doing data entry has taught me the importance of speed AND accuracy while entering data into the computer.  
I work with Windows operating systems nearly every day. I am extremely fluent in Microsoft Office, including Power Point, Word and Excel. I am also extreamly fluent in internet browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.   I am also comfortable working with Mac systems.


Rape Victim Advocate

Tarrant County District Attorney
Sep 2009Sep 2011


Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission