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Bogdan Ionut Ghica

Quality Business Analyst


Never leave anything to chance!

Work experience


Quality Business Analyst

Honeywell Romania

- Leveled up the team's IT hardware infrastructure to engineering laptops by pointing out clear and valid issues which could be set aside by simply upgrading to better processing units.(needed EMEA IT VP approval)
- I was the first employee in Honeywell Romania as far as I know to request and obtain two laptops due to the fact that in my team we needed both 32bit and 64bit Office apps.(interesting story actually here)
- Took me around 54 days to obtain clear and valid shipment data for a project that until it fell in my inbox had a large margin of error even though it impacted the production of an entire factory in the US.
- Took me around 12 days to have the same results on the returns.
- Recreated from 0 an entire process due to the fact that it became non usable because of the large number of false and incorrect data.(it was a Global Report from factories all around the world)
- Reduced the time to finalize two reports from 8 hours each to around 2 hours each.
- Finalized a Green Belt training and right now I'm working on my Green Belt project which is a Dashboard in Microsoft Visio that simplifies a whole month's volume of work into easy to use and view "sprints".
- Right now I'm working on "reinventing the wheel" on high impact high return projects, which, when finalized will reduce and semi automate the workflow by around 70%(monthly), giving our team the time to focus on other new projects.

Jan 2016Present

Project Management Professional


Tools used: 

- Alexa Pro Advanced               by Amazon

- Merch                                          by Amazon

- KDP                                              by Amazon

- Google Analytics                     by Google

- Google Adwords                     by Google

- Bing Webmaster                     by Microsoft

- Facebook Ads Manager        by Facebook

- Albacross                                   by Albacross

- Asana                                          by Asana

- GoDaddy                                    by GoDaddy

Aug 2014Dec 2015

Project Manager

Forex Rally

- Signed a contract for the company with an UK based FCA regulated payment services provider to help with a fast payment international solution.
- Signed a contract for the company with an Australian based AML solutions expert to help us protect ourselves against financial black market representatives.
- Thought of, and implemented different tools to help in automating the business process much more, respecting international laws in regards to confidential information.

Jul 2013Jul 2014

Senior Account Manager

X-Trade Brokers DM SA

- Created  the KPI tool with  Google Spreadsheet that provided  a transparency and  a live measurement of each of the team member productivity within the team and  in total
- Increased my client portfolio by around  41% and  the value of it by almost 53% while also doubling  the turnover.
- I have managed to integrate within  the KPI tool also an automated commission calculator that incentivised  the team to increase their productivity and also helped  the company to provide them by almost two weeks earlier than usual.
- Recruited new team members that overachieved themselves in the first month on all KPI levels

Dec 2010Jun 2013

Pricing Specialist


As side projects I also created different Excel Tools that helped my team achieve quarterly targets and reduced volume work by almost 50% and increased quality by almost 100%.
*TP(team performance)
*HelPeR (a tool that helped the team in their daily activities structuring all the compliance and audit details personalised for each Region in the EMEA) 




Google Analytics for Beginners


Digital Marketing


Inbound Marketing

Hubspot Academy

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

ESOL Certifications-British Council

Advanced English



Bachelor's Degree

University of Economics

International Economics


Travelling and photography