Gary Hethcoat

Gary Hethcoat


Customer Relations / Technical Marketing Professional


  • Superb at presenting, selling ideas to diverse audiences.

  • Skilled at teaching, making complicated ideas easy to understand.

  • Global experience with EMEA and APAC including a 4 month assignment in Germany to build sales. Division sales increased by $10M.

  • Skilled liaison who can translate ideas across diverse technical & non-technical groups.

  • Especially noted for a high level of integrity and being straight with people.

Key Accomplishments

  • Created a new market, the Java network computer (NC). This was done by meeting with customers, understanding their needs and seeking hardware and software solutions to meet them.

  • Maintained an approval rating in the top 5% as a Customer Training Instructor.

Work experience

Work experience

Technician, Actor

Myth Merchant Films

Appearing in National Geographic documentary Hitler's Stealth Fighter, airing in June/July 2009. Film is about the Horten Ho 229, a German flying wing from WWII. Built large scale flying model and full size cockpit mock-up for the film. Played the role of Erwin Ziller, the pilot.  The film is scheduled to air on June 28, 2009 on the National Geographic Channel.

Software Developer

General Electric Company, Space Systems Division

Designed and implemented subsystems for 2 large simulation applications in C on UNIX. The first was an aircraft route simulation package with a graphical user interface. The second was a real time simulation package consisting of 12 processes sharing a large in memory database. Maintained and enhanced software for satellite data acquisition and management. Performed data analysis in operational support of satellites in orbit.

Software Engineer, Desktop Systems Software

Developed a bidirectional parallel port device driver for a new printer card. Ported a floppy disk driver to a new operating system. Developed a device driver interface compliance verification tool.

Software Localization Engineering

Led the European Software Localization team. Functions included translation, editing & testing. Led the development of Sun's first Localization Kit, resulting in a patent.

Software Engineering Manager

Delivered boot firmware for four major families of SPARC platforms including UltraSPARC T1 and T2 based servers. Managed a group of 7-12 firmware engineers. Developed an entirely new firmware stack for the T1 servers in a record 10 months.

Built the NC Systems I/O group from scratch. This group consisted of 6 software engineers. The group developed device drivers for the JavaStation on JavaOS. Developed 4 new device drivers within 8 months.

Customer Training Instructor

Delighted customers by training them to use products more effectively. Taught software classes both at the home office and in the field. Classes included programming and operating system concepts. Developed a course on Shell Programming.

Sep 2010 - Present


Hethcoat & Associates

Providing training and technical services to clients in the technology industries.

Jan 2009 - Aug 2010

Principal, Cofounder


SunTactics was founded to manufacture portable solar power products.SunTactics makes specialized solar panels for portable applications.  The first product is the SunTactics PC5, a 6W USB solar smart phone charger.

1997 - 1999

Technical Evangelist, Java Systems Group

Promoted Java Computing with key customers & software vendors. Built excitement across the USA, Europe and Asia, resulting in 3 major customer commitments to Java and JavaStation products.

1994 - 1997

Market Development Engineer

Created excitement in the computing community by staging benchmarks and customer demonstrations. Enlisted customers and partners to create effective solutions together. This position included a four month assignment at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. Convinced SAP to develop a Java GUI for SAP ERP software.