K. Irvan

K. Irvan

Key Highlights


Twelve years of engineering experience

Software utilized: AutoCAD, ProE, SolidWorks, Ideas, Ansys, Abaqus, Exodus Code, Cosmos, SolidWorks Motion, Inventor, Inventor Simulation

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on safety cap to Needleless Injector

FEA on LIGA Spring for global satellite

FEA of weldments on pressure vessels exceeding 3000 psi

Drafting & Design

Eight years of computer aided drafting and design experience

Two years of supervisory experience

Software utilized: AutoCAD, ProE, SolidWorks & Generic CAD

Created and designed a test box that resulted in improved testing by 4 fold, enhanced testing reliability, and also enabling adjustment of seals during testing.

Constructed blade designs for stack dampers significantly improving flow characteristics

Developed lisp routines that automated top drawing views and sheet metal layouts i.e. rolled tees, rolled hoods & squared to round transitions.

Work History

Work History
Feb 2013 - Present

Mechanical Engineer

Extreme Engineering (Snorkel International)

Software Utilized

  • SolidWorks & SolidWorks Simulation

Design Projects

  • XR5919 Telehandler: Designed the booms, adapter, and carriage
  • FEA analysis on XR5919 complete unit
  • Designed and analyzed rotating carriage, powered adjustable fork carriage, and pipe retainer  
Feb 2010 - Oct 2012

Project Engineer

Progress Rail Services

Software Utilized

  • Inventor, Inventor Simulation & AutoCAD

Design Projects

  • Mobile Web Grinder - Designed an oscillating grinder to polish both sides of web concurrently, ensuring good electrical contact.
  • Iraqi Weld Car - Designed rotating weld car, utilizing existing crane
  • Initial analysis / optimization of 250 ton weld head
  • Review designs for structural integrity and optimization
Nov 2008 - Feb 2010

Project & Design Engineer

Reardon Machine Company

Software Utilized

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Ansys

Job Functions

  • Design industrial automation equipment and conveyor lines
  • Optimization and structural analysis of existing customer products
  • Communicated with customers and vendors to prepare quotes
Jun 2006 - Nov 2008

Design/Testing Engineer

Snorkel International

Software utilized

  • Cosmos
  • SolidWorks Motion
  • SolidWorks
  • ProE

Job Functions

  • Failure Analysis on Warranty Claims
  • Initial Analysis / Optimization of new products
  • Verification using Strain Gages
  • Physical Testing - Load tests, Cycle tests, Stability tests

Design Projects

  • AB85 - An 85 foot articulated boom - completed full structural analysis, strain gauging and field testing.
  • TB126 - Telescoping 126 foot boom - designed extendable axle with ackerman steering.
Jan 2001 - Jun 2006

FEA Simulation Engineer

Honeywell FM&T

Software Utilized

  • Abaqus & Exodus Codes
  • Ideas
  • ProE
  • SolidWorks

Finite Element Analysis Jobs

  • Heat affected zone for weldments
  • Thermo cycles
  • Natural frequencies
  • Shock loading
  • Dynamic and Static
  • Optimization

Range of Projects

  • Safety of overhead lifts and hoists
  • LIGA assemblies
  • Animation for work instructions
  • Potting of circuit boards
  • Rigidity of fixtures and jigs
  • Cyclic loading of springs and assemblies
Mar 1998 - May 2000

CAD Designer

Altec Industries

Software Utilized

  • ProE
  • SolidWorks

Job Functions

  • FPA Hydraulic Mobile Mechanic certified
  • Prepared schematics with AutoCAD
  • Generated Solid Models, Assemblies and Drawings
Apr 1993 - Feb 1998

Engineering Designer / CAD Supervisor

Precision Engineered Products

Job Functions

  • Designed various styles of dampers including:  Tee-diverters, y-diverters, louvers, vortex, rounds, knife gates and stack dampers.
  • Generated ideas to assist in production and the cost efficiency of the dampers.
  • Prepared drawings for electrical, control and piping schematics.
  • Created customized menus including AutoLisp routines, which increased production and increased the accuracy of the fabricated parts.


Aug 1998 - May 2001

Bachelor of Science

University of Kansas

Graduate Teachers Assistant - Pro E Software



Basic Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance Certified

Honeywell - Kansas City, MO

Six Sigma

Honeywell - Kansas City, MO