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A cross-functional engineering professional with more than 18 years in the Automotive Electronics a Consumer Electronics Industry with diversified experience in electronics manufacturing, quality control, process control, project developing and implementation, Lines installations start up trough Start of Production and team supervision. Significant strengths in data organization, supplier and customer interaction. A self-motivated leader focuses in customer service, oriented to the quantifiable results in a cost conscious environment.

Work experience

Apr 2006Present

Manufacturing Engineering Manager


·Company dedicated to the Stack Memory assemblies and DIMM Memory Fabrication

·Coordinator of manufacturing engineering activities for new product and process introduction for all the plant

·Design/implement any tooling needed for continuous improvement and/or new product introduction

·Generate, review and authorize manufacturing process spec. and Assembly instructions.

·Develop plans in order to increase MTBF and reduce MTTR of the SMT (Surface Mount Equipment).

·Develop plans in order to reduce lost times and change over times in order to run the lines more efficient.

·Develop plan to increase de Quality yields thought the entire business unit

·Develop plan and implement PFMEA and Quality Improvements (through Six Sigma Projects) for the entire business unit

·Makes budgetary recommendation on capital expenditures and direct/indirect labor.

·Move Equipment & Process from Southland Micro System California Plant to Staktek Reynosa.

·Develop and administer budgets.

·Develop Business Case, Statement of Work and Buy Off for equipment acquisitions

·Establish job responsibilities to continuously challenge employees and improve work performance

·Supervise and create Training plans for :

·Manufacturing Engineering Department (3 Senior Engineer & 5 Mfg. Engineers)

·Repair Maintenance Department (1 superintendent, 3 Engineers and 16 technicians)

·Facilities Department (1 Superintendent)

·Main Equipments: 7 SMT Lines {(Solder Paste Printers Ekra & MPM, Adhesive dispensers (Asymtek), SMT Equip (Juki, I-Pulse AmiStar & Panasonic ), Reflow Ovens (Electrovert & Vitronics)}, Solder Ball Placements (Shibuya), Inspections Systems (SPI GSI Lumonics & Cyber Optics, AOI Yestech), X-Ray Inspection systems (5DX Agilent), Electrical Tester Equipment (Agilent 8300 & Triad), Wave Solder (Corfin), De-Panelization (Cencorp), Handlers (Epson, Nortek) , Laser Marking (Markem), Memories Inspection & Reeling-DeReeling (Ismeca), Customized Robots (ADEPT - ATS), BGA Rework equipments

·Assembly Process : Leaded and Lead FreeDouble Side Reflow, Wave Soldering, BGA Ball Attach, Device Reeling Packaging, BGA Rework

Aug 2004Dec 2005

Process Core Engineering Manager

Jul 2003Jul 2004

SMT New Product Introduction Leader (Manufacturing Engineering Manager)

Nov 1995Jun 2003

SMT Continuous Improvement Leader (Manufacturing Engineering Manager)

May 1991Nov 1995

SMT X-Ray Inspection System Specialized Engineer





Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz


Software Skills
·          Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Visio, Project, Autocad ·      Fundamental of UNIX Systems (AT & Training Center), System Administration of SunOS UNIX Systems (AT & Training Center), System Administration of HP-UX 10.0 (HP Training Center), Fundamentals of OS-9 Systems (Microware Sys. Corp. Training Center). ·          Mfg Eng Lead Engineer for SAP Implementation Leader  (DELNOSA Jun 2003 – Jan 2004) ·      Coordinate Mfg Eng activities (Product, SMT, and Process) for SAP implementation, Lead BOM Cleansing activities. Lead Change Management activities for all necessary changes that need to apply to prints, EBOM’s, MBOM’, Lead the Chemical Materials code assignation and its multiples with Process and SMT as result of the cleansing activities. ·      SOW for SMT Full Traceability System. Develop the concept of traceability system for Panasonic SMT lines.
·          Human relationship, Positive Leadership, First Line Supervisor, empowerment ·      Move Equipment & Process from Southland Micro System California Plant to Staktek Reynosa ·      To develop plan & implement installation with validation run for 13 Full SMT Lines ·      Deptarment Integration (Maintenance to Engineering, Operation to Engineering, Facilities to Engineering) Honda, Toyota BMW, Land Rover Costumer Visits (new costumers acceptation)
Lean Manufacturing Skills
·          Lean Principles, Cycle Time Reduction, SMED ·      Lean Manufacturing Workshops for Ops 6&7 (De-coupling Process) (Reynosa, May 2004). ·      Manufacturing Synchronous Workshop for Module 2 - Plant 2 (Reynosa, Tam Jun ’94). Cells Lean Manufacturing workshops.
Six Sigma Skills
·          Crosby Problem Solving Techniques, , Statistical Techniques for Problems Solving (Shainin Techniques), Process Failure Mode Engineering Analysis,  Error Proofing “Poke-Yoke“. Green Belt. Reliability Engineering ·      Minimize/Eliminate solder Balls in Reflow solder side of the circuit boards. ·      Eliminate Moisture absorption in SMT adhesives in order to reduce solder shorts in Wave solder machine. ·      Poke Yoke devices in X-Ray inspection in order to avoid repair wrong devices. ·      Improve the effectiveness and cycle time to calibrate Camera vision system in X-Ray Inspection. ·      Line Side Review Regional Lead Auditor for Repair process, Audits in all Delnosa plants as well as Delphi-Deltronicos (May 2004 - Dec 2005). ·      SMT Potential Mode and Effect Analysis Workshop  (Kokomo, In. Jun ‘97).
Quality Systems Skills
·      QS-9000 Process Control  Step Team Member  (DELNOSA Jan 1998 – Oct 1998) ·      To Participate creating procedures that meet Process Control QS-9000 standard and solve Five Phase Corrective Action for Non-Conformance as result of the DNV audits, addressing all this issues in plant 1&2. ·          QS-9000 Inspection and Test  Step Team Chairman (DELNOSA Jun 1996 – May 1998) ·      To lead the members of the 6 plants in Delnosa in order to create procedures that meet Inspection and Test QS-9000 standard and solve Five Phase Corrective Action for Non-Conformance as result of the DNV audits.