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Work experience


University of South Sonora in Obregon

This work was interchange work organized by IAESTE. During the four months in the university two projects was completed. The first project was about analysing the software development process in the university and planning testing procedures and documents.  Second project was about controlling greenhouse environment with PLC controllers over IP network. System captured serial communication of older controlling system and interpreted it's sensor data. Further data was analyzed by server which decided how greenhouse windows, curtains and fans should be adjusted. Server then send information to PLC controllers over wlan how to adjust greenhouse. System was implemented with Visual Studio .Net C#.

Sep 2007Present

Web developer

Gemilo Ltd

Mainly web development with Python, Pylons,  jQuery and JavaScript. Currently chief developer of

Apr 2007Dec 2009

Research assistant

Tampere University of Technology

Continued development of TCE processor design toolset. Main focus was developing and maintaining TCE target for llvm-gcc and LLVM compiler backend for TCE processor architecture.

Jun 2002Jun 2006

Research assistant

Tampere University of Technology

Work as a Research Assistant in Institute of Digital and Computer Systems in Tampere University of Technology. Work has consisted of software development, from module design to testing and maintenance. Most of the work has been done with C and C++ under Linux/Unix environment.

Main tasks were

Modifying MOVE GCC compiler to support new features. Consisted mostly cleaning up unneeded code patterns and expanding register set. Also added support for open-ended instruction set to assembler that allows user to compile programs that uses some user definable special instructions like FFT. Implemented various modules for TCE co-design environment (TCE is a toolset for creating custom processors for systems, which need high performance data processing with low power requirements) including master’s thesis on Assembly Compiler for Parallel Parameterizable Processor (TCE project homepage

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) Client software for iPaq with Linux. Client receives H.263 compressed video stream and also can ask for better quality snap shot from server. Task also included optimizing and maintenance of server software (for iPaq with Linux) that captures video from web camera and sends it to connected clients.



JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax
ARM, DSP, 68k, TTA