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As a progressive and innovative designer, I have a diverse background of technical skills including web design, sound design, graphic design and image manipulation. I build visual metaphors, digital packaging, logo and icon design.  I specialize in media solutions, connectivity and branding. I have worked for over a decade in the creative community both in Toronto and Vancouver. I am currently attending Ryerson University to expand on my skills in Action Script 3 and PHP development.

Work experience



Apple Inc

A key member in the training and development of new hires throughout Canada. I facilitated in-store workshops for the public demonstrating a wide variety of Apple products. I then went on to establish personal shopping in Apple retail stores in the greater Toronto area. As a part of the lead team, our store exceeded expectations and in 2007 I received the Greater Lakes Region Sales award.


Creative Director

Euphonic Sound

I joined James Pew (owner and operator) helping him to establish Euphonic Sound Studio. Working both as a recording studio and production house, I developed both the company brand and the initial website and worked as creative director.

Clients included the Chicken Farmers Association of Canada. I helped to create “web-isodes” to inform the public about safe handling methods as well as to promote chicken during the bird flu scare. 


Creative Director


A dynamic media solutions group that focused on web and graphic design. I developed effective strategies for clients in the music industry and established on-line streaming solutions, logo design and web-interfaces.

Clients included Capitol Records, Network Records, Monkman Media, Strut Entertainment, Paradise Alley Productions, EMI Records and Inside Home Recordings. 


Jan 2009Present

Certificate in Design with Specialization in New Media - Ryerson University, 2010



Simon Fraser University

My Porffolio


Final Cut
I am a capable FCP user and have edited and enhanced a wide range of content over the years and use Final Cut Pro assist and media encoding on any project.   I am currently running Final Cut Pro 7  
Adobe After Effects
Primarily I used this to create simple post effects, alpha channel masking or removal and some composting.   I am currently running Adobe After Effects CS4  
Interface Builder OS X
I specialize in creating buttons, tabs and other GUI related elements for use in the Interface Builder application part of Apple's SDK for both OS X and the iPhone/ iTouch and iPad.   I am currently running Interface Builder 3.1  
Media Encoding
I have a wide variety of experience encoding content from multiple sources for the web for cross platform application.  
Adobe Illustrator
I am comfortable with Illustrator and use it to create vectors for icon and logo design, as well as for use in Flash animation, film and print.   I am currently running Adobe Illustrator CS4  
Web Design
I have enjoyed building and creating fun and unique on-line experiences throughout my career. I focus on simple but effective metaphors. I like to work with Flash as it allows me to create a richer experience, but I am very comfortable working in any environment.    I have included samples in my portfolio.  
Sound Design/ Production
Highly skilled at create sound libraries, canvases and effects for web, film and televisions based application.     
Freeway Pro
I build highly compatible HTML CSS content using elements created in Photoshop and Illustrator. With this application I focus on design vs code and still achieve results that comply with the most update standards.   I am Currently running Freeway Pro 5  
Logic Audio
Combined with years of experience in both live and recorded music, I use Logic Audio for sound design and creation for applications including special effects, audio enhancement, audio recording and mixing.   I am currently running Logic Pro 8  
With Aperture I can batch manage image enhancements and apply CMS tools for use in web, film, and print application. I am adept at creating a consistent tone to the image quality throughout a project.   I a currently running Aperture 2.1    
Vector Design
I am comfortable using vector based designs to create custom shapes, logos and icons.     
Interface Design
I am passionate about interface design. I have created countless OS X themes from the ground up with hand crafted layers.    Feel free to see samples in my porfoltio    
Icon & Logo Design
I create highly usable icons and logos that can resize and stay visually consistent. I love creating touchable objects for web and program application.    Check out my portfolio for more.  
I have worked in a variety of small to medium creative OS X environments. I am skilled at data recovery, system maintenance and have worked through a wide variety of problems on many generations of Apple products.  
Adobe Dreamweaver
I have worked with Dreamweaver for many years. I am comfortable working HTMl and CSS. I am currently attending Ryerson University to expand on my PHP skills.   I am currently running Adobe Dreamweaver CS4    
Adobe Flash
With Flash I build vibrant visual metaphors specializing in rich mix-media environments. I work primarily with AS2 and I have spent the past year expanding AS3 coding skills at Ryerson University.    I am currently running Adobe Flash CS4  
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is my primary design tool. I create detailed mock-ups that can be directly exported to Flash or other related environments, such as web, film and print. I am comfortable with colour correction, image manipulation and vector applications.   I am currently running Adobe Photoshop CS4  
Os X Operating System
I have worked closely with the OS X Platform since 10.0. I have extensive experience work with Apple software and applications including iLife and iWork applications suites.   I am currently running OS X.6