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Customer-dedicated computer programmer with ten years of experience in advanced programming, software architecture, and business administration.Has cross-functional abilities in the analysis, development, programming, testing, trouble-shooting, and maintenance of large-scale, highly complex systems.

Work experience


Imperium Technologies, Inc.

·Contributed to the design and development of web pages for small companies

·Engaged in meetings with clients to determine their technical needs

·Upgraded database application for use by Imperium Technologies employees

Junior Programmer/Webmaster

Micro Anvika Limited

·Designed and developed websites using scripting languages such as HTML and JavaScript

·Designed templates and banners for the websites by utilizing flash and Photoshop

·Maintained and updated the websites regularly

·Made contact and met with new clients about their technical needs

·Provided technical support such as trouble-shooting

Senior Programmer

Questcon Technologies, Inc.

·Supervised junior programmers in software development

·Built relational database application to be used by U.S. Government

·Handled software development, database administration, system administration, future requirements planning, PC hardware/software support, user support, and daily operations

·Reduced client operating and maintenance costs by porting code from mainframe to code on microcomputer systems

·Provided technical support such as trouble-shooting and supplying programming advice




Computer Capability
 Operating Systems:  UNIX; Linux; Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Vista; DOS; Macintosh   Programming Languages:  C/C++, Pascal, Empress 4GL, Embedded SQL, FORTRAN, Perl, BASIC, Java, .NET, HTML, Prolog