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Work experience

Apr 2012Jul 2012

Field worker

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.

Summer field worker. Duties included counting seeds, filling seed packets, planting corn, counting corn plants per field, pollinating corn, weeding fields, and was 2nd in command of a group of workers during pollinating season.

Dec 2010May 2011

Teacher Assistant (TA)

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

After graduating from MIAD in May of 2010, I was asked by my previous professors if I was able and to come back and help them with their classes. So I would come in and help teach their animation courses. These courses were Photoshop and After Effects heavy, although I also helped with a traditional animation course. I even taught one class completely on my own while the teacher was out with an illness.


Teacher Assistant (TA)

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

During my sophomore and junior year of college, I was a teacher’s assistant for freshman "Visual Dynamics" classes during their computer lab sessions.  I aided in teaching a wide range of Adobe Photoshop techniques and assisted the teacher with the general running of classes.


Work hand

PIONEER Hi-Bred International, Inc., A DuPont Company

-Duties included planting corn, weeding fields, measuring corn growth, counting number of individual plants per field, pollinating corn, and de-tasseling corn.

-For the last three years, managed a work group (14 to 18 years of age) who served as part-time help during pollination.



Sculpture in clay, foam, cardboard, styrene, Legos, etc. I work in realism, but can be abstract as well. Also, assembling/finishing model kits and "kit bashing". I've also taken to "customizing" action figures since they are much cheaper than model kits.
Garage Band
Though not musically inclined, I do have basic knowledge of Garage Band interface and music creation.
Used for capturing and creating various stop motion animations.
Autodesk Maya.
Still learning. Beginner modeling/texturing. Much more proficient in animation.
Adobe Illustrator
Little use. Very basic knowledge.
Adobe After Effects
Used to create complex layer animations as well as video editing and compositing.
Adobe Photoshop (elements, CS2-4)
Used to create still images, creating/altering animation frames, and creating layered background and character files to be animated later in Adobe After Effects.  Photoshop image manipulation as well as photoshop "painting".
Altering and creating custom audio to be used in animation.
Final Cut Pro
Still learning the basics. Used for simple video editing.
Used for video editing and the creation of various animations.






Action Figure collecting


Model building



Video Games

Behind the scenes (movies, games, etc.)

Special Effects

Creating digital media


Practical movie effects/puppeteering


-Summer 2003 - Milton Public Library mural (Milton WI)

-Summer 2004 - St. Mary Church (Milton WI) mural

-Summer 2005 - Milton Public Library floor tile design, ceiling mural, front door mural (Milton WI)

-Summer 2005 - Acrylic painting for Northside School Library (Milton WI)

-Summer 2007 - Helped children with craft projects during Advent Adventure at St. Mary Church (Milton WI)

-March 2009 - Designed and painted set/scenery for St. Mary, Janesville WI, middle school spring musical

-March 7-8 2009 - Worked at homeless shelter at St. Mary Parish, Janesville WI (food service and overnight supervision)

-April 17-18, 2009 - Helped with overnight event at the Milwaukee Public Museum (set up, arts and crafts, snacks, take down, breakfast service)

-April 24-25, 2009 - Helped with overnight event at the Milwaukee Public Museum (set up, help desk, breakfast service)

- March 17, 2011 - Helped teach a Photoshop class to 7th and 8th graders at St. Mary School, Janesville WI

-September, 2012 - Helped teach a Photoshop class to 8th graders at St. Mary School, Janesville WI