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 I enjoy anything adventurous and new because experiences makes up life and I choose to not let it (life) slip by. 


 To work for the opportunity to learn from producers, directors, and journalist in the hope of gaining invaluable experience by working closely with the production team at all stages of production and post production.


I have a deep interest in documentary filmmaking and journalism because it seems to be the closest medium of truth out there that has the capability of motivating people to act. Not only does it allow me to make a difference but it provides the chance to connect and learn form people with different backgrounds and cultures. It is the ultimate form of exploration complimented with capitative stories and real people.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present


U.S. Combat Sports

•Brazilian Ju Jitsu Instructional Video

 I collaborated with the sensei of Neutral Grounds (Milwaukee) Jon Friedland and put together a Brazilian Ju Jitsu instructional video. My responsibilities were camera operation and editing.

• Commercial

 I was given the task to create a trivia commercial that would be played for Mixed Martial Arts tournaments  through out Wisconsin. I was in charge of casting calls, camera work, green screen compositing, and editing.

•Documentary on the History of MMA in Wisconsin- (in production)

  For this project I was given the opportunity to be the Director/ Camera Operator/ Editor of the documentary.

Jul 2006Aug 2009


Italian Community Center

Banquet Server

Required me to work well under team environments and give quality service. 



Learning in progress.
Microsoft Office Suite
Extremely familiar with: Word Excel  Powepoint
Adobe After Effects
Relatively good understanding of the program. I have used this program to create a few short animations and special effects for a few school projects. 
Life Drawing
3 years of Observational drawing classes.
Have taken: Kinetic Drawing- Basic understanding towards Kinetics  Animation 1- Animation Basics Techniques Animation 2- Advanced Animation Techniques
Adobe Encore
I have used Encore primarily with I feel confident with my level of understanding while using it.
Adobe Premiere
Great understanding with basic techniques of editing with Premiere.
Adobe Soundbooth
At an experimental level.
Soundtrack Pro
I have a great understanding as to how to work this program. It has proven itself as useful for cleaning up unwanted interview noise as well as for sound FX and Foley work.
DVD Studio Pro
I feel that my knowledge with this program is satisfactory because I have used it many times to create final DVDs for class assignments, my internship at, and for scholarships.
Final Cut Pro
I have worked with Final Cut Pro for several years now and is comfortable with the entire program. One of the most challenging skills that I have learned on this program is green screen keying. This is an imperative skill to understand when making a convincing composite. 
Adobe Photoshop
General understanding and application towards work. I mainly use this program for its compatibility with After Effects and photo editing.