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Mixed Arts
Since I was in high school I have been taking art classes that go over a wide range of art styles. The ones I am most proficient at are pencil/charcoal, acrylic painting, and clay sculpture. These three focus areas are where I dedicated the majority of my time. I know very well how to blend and shade areas to provide good effects and in hopes of making a realistic feel. When it comes to clay I know what to do to make it look as close to my original vision as my skill allows. I am an amateur screen printer but I understand how it is done and how to do it. I am in no way an expert. Also hold some skill in linoleum printing. other areas of exploration are, water colors, pastels, wood sculpture, and photography.


        Career oriented, right now those are probably some of the best words to describe me. I have been working towards one goal my whole life and that was get to college. Now that I am here my next goal you would expect to be is graduation, but it is not. The only goal that I think of now is getting out there with you, the employer, and getting my life going in the career I have spent all my life to achieve. Once I get into the workplace I will be a great asset with my creativity and quick thinking. I will do all I can to better my skills and better the lives of the people around me.

Educational Philosophy

Every teacher has basic guidelines in which they lead their lives, and transfer into their own personal teaching philosophy. It all starts with a good moral standard, is followed up by teaching methods, and ends with experience.

When I start my teaching career I will go in with a personal set of rules that Ibelieve will be unyielding, and will serve the students as best as I possibly can. I have developed these rules through years of hard work in school and at home. Growing up with a teacher as my mom helped me to develop a good sense of doing my best in school and listening. So normally when I think of a basis of what to do in a situation it comes down to my morals. My morals start with a good work ethic. I will provide all that I can to my students to help them succeed in my class. Also I will work hard on lesson plans to try and keep my kids engaged in the topic. I will always show great professionalism in all my work. If I lead students to believe I am not indeed a professional it will become much more than I can handle. Another one of my morals, also reflective of a core value, is my acceptance of all cultures and backgrounds within the classroom. Growing up with friends and relatives from all walks of life and learning about other cultures has made me aware that I cannot expect any student to learn the same way due to their diverse cultures and backgrounds. I will do my best to accommodate the differences in my students while still pushing them to do better and become more successful as students and as citizens. Due to my moral beliefs I shall never judge a student by his race, sex, economic status or background. The only way a student could lose my respect will be by their actions within my classroom or rooms of my colleagues. My moral beliefs however will not be enough to get me through my career as a teacher.

I intend to meet with my colleagues and collaborate on what we can do as a team. For no one person can do the same thing as a team of people trying for the same goal can. Using the insight of my colleagues and the influence of my role models I will become what I consider to be a great teacher. I will do this by inviting colleagues into my classroom and discussing what I can do better, and what I can keep the same. I will also need a good method in which to teach those subjects which I may develop by collaboration with fellow teachers.

In my years as a student, I have noticed that certain teaching methods are better at provoking learning than others. I also noticed on the faces of other students around me that they did not particularly like methods that don’t require interaction of some sort, such as lectures. In noticing these things I will strive to find, in my remaining years as a student and observer, a good amount of more effective teaching methods. With my current knowledge I know to try and minimize lecture. Lecture is just students mindlessly memorizing what I say and applying it to test rather than learn the processes themselves. Since I want to be a high school science teacher, I will try and find ways to engage students in the subject; rather than have them just do the project without asking why, or learning how it is important. In doing this I hope they will have a better understanding of the subject and will not rely solely on me. I shall also do my best to make sure to keep them guessing as to what will happen from class to class. Everyone knows that you cannot do the same thing over and over and expect it to have the same effect. I will do my best to keep my methods of teaching original and also will learn from my mistakes.

I know nothing can fully prepare me for what I am going to experience as a teacher. Therefore I will go into teaching with an open mind, and constantly be ready to have new experiences and influences into how I teach. I know that the best way to become great at something is to just get as much experience as I possibly can and learn from it. As I progress I will be open to constructive criticism and things that may make me completely rethink how I teach and how kids will receive my information.

I will try to be the best teacher I can possibly be, by my own moral standard. I will go into teaching with the knowledge I need to become a great teacher. I will hold all my students to the same standard. I will keep learning even after I have become a teacher. I will collaborate with fellow teachers and I will always do my best to serve my students as best I can.



Aug 2011Present

University of New Mexcio

               Currently attending in hopes of getting my Bachelors and eventually Masters in Elementary Education with a science focus.

Aug 2009May 2011

Central New Mexico Community College

               Went to CNM to save money, and better prepare me for the University of New Mexico. Learned very much there and given the choice to go there first or going straight to UNM I would make the same choice.

Aug 2006May 2009


Rio Rancho High School

            Attended this fine institution for to finish my pre college studies. At the time had a engineering focus. Finished with a 2.9 GPA and was in DECA and the Native American Student Union.

Work experience

May 2008May 2009

Courtesy Clerk

Smith's Food and Drug

Bagged groceries, brought in karts, cleaned the store, and provided excellent customer service.