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Receive Rave Reviews From Attendees at Your Next Event!

Gerry’s presentations are high-energy, content-rich, highly motivational and entertaining. Audiences quickly relate to his evangelistically, charismatic style, and fun sense of humor.

Gerry shares the SUPERBRANDING secrets used to create superbrands like Amazon, Google, Apple and others with his insightful, thought provoking process. His contagious enthusiasm inspires others to position their business so they become one of the leaders, if not the leader, in its category. Attendees of Gerry’s presentations take away invaluable small business branding strategies they can quickly and easily implement into their businesses to get the explosive results they seek.


If you could have a speaker with a unique style of delivery and a highly entertaining presentation, take passion a step further and deliver a message that inspires your audience to build SUPERBRANDS, what value would that bring?


  • Produce unconquerable advantages in the marketplace
  • Create lasting and unsurpassedperceptions in the minds of prospects
  • Magnetically attract the right customers for unrivaledgrowth
  • Generate unforgettable, core messages that reflect a brand’s unique value
  • Rake in profits and make a brand untouchable


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Most Speakers Want to Motivate an Audience.

Gerry Foster, The Brand Master ...


To Build Your Superbrand and 

Achieve Success That Cannot Be Destroyed!

the MAN - Gerry Foster

Discover Proven Invincible Branding StrategiesThat Deliver Unmatched Success!

From San Diego to Dubai, Gerry Foster – the Brand Master – has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals to transform their products, services, and talents into SUPERBRANDS that make a tremendous difference in the world. He is now one of the leading authorities on small business branding and is all about teaching audiences how to ignite, unleash, and magnify the greatness of their brands.

Gerry’s time-tested, proven 7-step system is in a class by itself! He addresses the keys to achieving “brand excellence” by sharing strategies that attract customers, grow businesses, and make MONEY. What’s more, Gerry has the unique ability to fire up any size audience, from small workshop groups to main stage keynotes.

Gerry is a member of the illustrious CEO Space Faculty (along with Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Alex Mandossian, and Mark Victor Hansen, just to name a few), and George Fraser’s esteemed PowerNetworking Faculty - which includes the top 30 African American speakers in the world (Lisa Nichols, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Les Brown, Dr. Myles Munroe, Stedman Graham, and others).

In 2008, Gerry was honored as the Father of Business by the City of Los Angeles for his tireless and faithful work with small businesses, particularly those that are women and minority-owned. Formerly employed in brand management with The Procter and Gamble Company, Gerry is also a graduate of the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, where he majored in marketing and received BS and MBA degrees cum laude.

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Superbranding:  Become a 'Brand of Steel!'

Would you like big brand results with small business resources?  Well, now you can by transforming your product, service, or even yourself into a SUPERBRAND a high-performance brand that stands out, is remembered, and gets people to buy it.  This enjoyable, insightful program combines effective superbranding strategies effective superbranding strategies with no-fluff motivation to drive sales in uncertain times.  Gerry refutes the idea that only big companies with big budgets can have super performing brands.

Dare 2B Different:Stand Out and “Bullet-Proof” Your Business! 

Success is more than being good at what you have to offer; it’s about the buzz you generate.  Gerry helps people to understand why brands – or those of their competitors – are chosen when they say something different.  People will not necessarily choose what’s best, or change their brand allegiance; they choose what’s “different and better” if the brand promises something completely different from what other brands promise.   We’ve all heard the importance of “differentiation” and “being relevant.”  So why aren’t more people successful? This program provides real-world examples of the most powerful ideas and effective methods in Invincible Branding and shows that there really is more to branding success than just a name or logo.

Wow Your Market:  Leap “Tall Competitors!” at a Single Bound

This program focuses on how to get people excited about your brand; and the most mileage out of your products and services, regardless of what you sell.  Participants learn how to:  Make a lasting impression others will remember you by, attract customers or opportunities like a magnet, gain clarity on what you can do better than anyone else, and how SUPERBRANDING can improve prospect-to-customer conversion rates.


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