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- I understand the importance of advertising: this is what drives a business to success I believe. - A successful person is someone who is hungry to advertise his business daily. - I know to succeed you have to be determined to succeed - I have great perseverance - I have a lot of determination(If i want something i will do my best to get it) - I am very focused - I love a challenge and to succeed - I am a WINNER - I have great general internet marketing knowledge - I know HOW to attract clients to a business - I do not give up easily - I am friendly and a very nice person in general - I can present a company well - I have patience - I know how to work within a dead line - I understand of what someone expects of me - I understand without effort there are no results - I understand that advertising is an absolute MUST for any business everyday   Excellant knowledge of using online marketing and social media as a sales platform.  
Internet Marketing
I have excellant knowledge of social media advertising.   I can easily:   - get your business on social media sites - get you an online presence and build you a powerful reputation - get you a professional website/blog and keep updating it daily for you - buy a domain - set up hosting - load files to the server - search for GOOD and QUALITY free or paid themes that will suit your niche best - do keyword search - get targeted traffic. (Any traffic is good, but targeted traffic is what counts the most) - choosing and setting up a autoresponder (any business needs an autoresponder) - set up a Facebook profile and a professional looking Facebook Page for your brand - get you NEW page likes on your Facebook page - set up a QUALITY Facebook cover for your Facebook page - post status updates daily (status updates that hook your audience) - open a Facebook group for you - create accounts on many different social media sites for you or your business - posting comments, like other comments - get you NEW followers on Twitter    


I believe I can be a great ASSET to any business venture.

Reasons why you should hire me includes:

I CAN work within a certain time frame and finish the task at hand as requested. (I believe this is very important)

I can:

- help you GROW your business

- get you NEW leads

- get a HIGHER visitor rate % to your website OR blog

- get a HIGHER RANKING on search engines through keyword research

- assist you with your website OR blog SEO (search engine optimization)

- try and help you save money $ on advertising strategies (make more money and spent less)

- set up a website OR blog with best suited theme (the colour is important, the layout, etc.)

- get you an autoresponder with follow-up messages to convert costumers into buyers

- help you turn MORE customers into buyers

- develop and maintain your website OR blog on a monthly basis

- give you more FREE time to do other tasks

- post daily status updates

- make comments

- update your website, blog, Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube, etc. daily for you and keep it active and also give it a boost and give you a BIGGER audience and more likes and more followers.


I am a very big sports fan. I absolutely LOVE sport - to play it as well as too watch it. Both are way cool.

I have been a sports person since I was small. I would say that great general sports knowledge.

Another big interest of mine is cooking. I just love to make food - i find it relaxing and it does me good on the inside. Most of the time I can just throw different things together and it comes out AWESOME.

I also like to eat  healthy food, it makes me feel better and I like to look after my health.

I love animals, especially dogs - they are my favourite. I grew up always having had my own dog. It is so true, dog are man's best friend indeed. They will always stick with you, no matter what. Always happy to see you and to be with you.

I love internet/social marketing. I love a challenge and to succeed. The internet is so powerful and if you have a business then you have to make use of this incredible opportunity to benefit from it. That is why i recommend my service especially to you.

Work experience

Sep 2006Present

Internet marketing


Internet marketer

Task includes :

- General business marketing

- Getting new leads using FREE advertising with different medias like Google, business directories, article  

marketing, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

- Setting up an autoresponder with follow-up messages

- Blogging in a specific niche market

- Writing articles

- Wordpress setup

- Domain name registration and setup

- Hosting setup

- Setting up a website or blog and maintaining it

- Set up a Facebook profile

- Set up Facebook pages

- Set up Twitter accounts

- Opening up Youtube account and uploading videos

- Using Pinterest

- Using Google Plus

- Getting target traffic

- Getting targeted keywords through good keyword research


Jan 1994Dec 1998

Duineveld High School

Highest educational attainment:

High School Graduate