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How to consult, hire & pay? acct number looks like an email address: [email protected]  Send retainers of whatever amount you'd like. Minimum: $100. Recommended: $1,000 to $10,000.


Family, Families, Empathy, Forgiveness, Love (age- & gender-appropriate), Music (guitar, keyboards & voice)


"Now is not the time for modesty!" --high school musical coach, David Urness, at Karl's 1971 drama/music performance of "Tony" in West Side Story at the Turkish-American Assoc. Theatre in Izmir (ancient, biblical Smyrna).Karl is a PROVEN Consultative Sales via Service Expert; Gifted, multi-talented, near-death experienced (NDE), well-rounded, 3-decade internat'l Ancestral Euro-Germanic Genealogist, Family History Mystery case Cracker & Solver since '79! Researcher for celebrities & pig farmers!Clients deemed Karl: "Angel; Genie; Guru; the Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods of German Genealogy; Magic Man; The Man; The Michael Jordan of German Genealogy; Miracle Worker; Finder; Phenomenon; Renaissance Man; Santa Claus; Time Traveler; Wizard..." Karl has grown WEARY of people just reading articles, attending conferences & lectures, buying books,  ABOUT genealogy & NOT SOLVING their ancestral research! HIRE US! SAVE EFFORTS, FRUSTRATION, MONEY & TIME!Karl's digitized data, documents & images are legion, found in several online/offline file cabinets.Privately & professionally & while working for internat'l subscribers of,,,, MyFamily, et al., Karl was able to serve THOUSANDS of global clients (from Australia to Austria), relatives, patrons, subscribers & himself. Found data that clients had been seeking for DECADES!INTERESTING PROJECTS: 1990 & 2000 Census Bureau Crew Leader; Advance Lister; Enumerator; Quality Control. Awarded Crew Leader cash bonus for accuracy & timeliness! Hand-picked to help complete Denver & Las Vegas area operations.MILITARY: USAF Reserve Intelligence Operations Specialist & Officer. As a Staff Sergeant (E-5), Karl earned a Deserving Airman Commission & was trained at Officer Training School at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas.FINANCIAL CONSULTING: Former Retirement Specialist, Fidelity Investments & Dean Witter. Customer Service & Sales training @ former World Trade Center, NYC.161+ ENDEARING ENDORSEMENTS. Since 1979, Karl has Hundreds of private WRITTEN endorsements & recommendations from colleagues, clients, coaches, managers & patrons from various industries!

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

International German Genealogist
Jan 1979Present

Owner; USA & Euro-Germanic Ancestral Genealogist

Jan 1979Present

Owner, Chief Intelligence Officer

Ancestral Intelligence Agency
Dec 2013Present

Inbound Sales (Several Infomercials)

Triton Technologies

As of 22 June 2014: #2 Consultative Salesperson for the main product (Discount Clubs/Magazines). Above average, very high sales close ratios for numerous other products advertised on Infomercials. Pills & Potions:  men's sexual health (Androzene (performance & stamina), Androphase (testosterone booster, i.e. NOT testosterone itself), Arthri-D (joint pain), Complexin (vitamins & minerals), book, newsletter), ladies' air brush stylus/wand & make-up & Gel Nails (Haute Polish), Yard Tools (WORX) & Notions. No, these are not lay-down, slam-dunk orders & sales! Must negotiate agreements to auto-ship, conduct classy consultation, conclude with clear counseling, enter emotional empathy, start with stunning service, secondarily set substantial sales, target tantalizing & timely tact, too & much more are mandatory to seal these sales satisfactorily & are usually up-sold. 

Apr 2009Apr 2010


Arizona Deseret Choir (former Arizona Mormon Choir)
Jun 2009Mar 2010

Fund-Raiser (Tele-Service Agent 2; highest level)

Political Call Center
Aug 2008Jun 2009

Communications Specialist III (Highest-level Fund-Raiser for numerous non-profit corp's)

MDS Communications Corporation

Founder & Finder

Izmir, Turkey Alumni Association
Jun 2008Jul 2008

TimeShare Appointment Setter for Marriott's Grand Chateau

Marriott Vacation Club International
Apr 2008Jun 2008

Manager in-Training for

Commercial & Residential Security, Ltd

Project Implementation Manager, EVPN, AT&T Project


International Research Consultant ( &

The Generations Network

Paid Expert Ancestry Genealogist, Researcher

1st Tenor

Santa Rosa Honor Choir

Crew Leader, Advance Lister, Enumerator, Quality Controller

US Census Bureau

1st Tenor

Utah Symphony Chorus
May 1984Dec 1995

GERMAN GENEALOGIST (Ancestry & Family History Research for Germany & Prussia)

Accredited Genealogist (German)

Consultative Sales & Service Consultant

Utah Taxpayers Association

Financial Consultant

Newcastle Financial Group
Jan 1976Dec 1977

Missionary, District Leader

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The German Genealogist (Europe c

Endorsements & Commendations




University of Phoenix

took several MBA classes


commissioned as a Lieutenant (Intelligence Officer)

US Air Force Officer Training School
Jan 1978Aug 1981

International Relations & Professional Genealogy

Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah)

married; sired 2 dandy daughters while a student.  After graduation, I also sired 2 stunning sons! I am proud to announce that each are in families that now out-earn me.



Izmir American (Dept of Defense Overseas School)

Sang Tenor in Choir (Solo: Oh, Shenandoah!); while only a sophomore, I served as The Number One Man on the trampoline on the Gymnastics Team. Also, while yet a sophomore, I placed 9th at the Regional Gymnastics Meet in Columbus, Ohio. Father was transferred to Izmir, Türkiye (ancient, biblical Smyrna). Considered living with the family of the #2 man on the trampoline, but opted instead to stay with my family, which yet had a younger brother & sister! It was a tough decision, but with hindsight, I am so glad I did.


seeking diploma

Stebbins High School (Dayton, Ohio)


coaching, mentoring, training
Coached hundreds of others in sales, service & principles of general & specific European research! John Traynor of Mesa, AZ personally paid me for several sessions to teach him how to sell & fund-raise.  Got him into the Top Ten of 100 agents at Political Call Center (PCC)! I am not only, but also serve as a stunning Admin on the FamilySearch Facebook page for Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community. Since 1979, I have now granted $100,000+ of pro bono European ancestry, genealogy & family history research!
German Genealogy Research
161+ endorsements on  How many do you need to view in order to realize that this guy is a Rockstar?{:>) I am not only, but also serve as a stunning Admin on the FamilySearch Facebook page for Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community. Since 1979, I have now granted $100,000+ of pro bono European ancestry, genealogy & family history research!
old German handwriting
I am not only, but also serve as a stunning Admin on the FamilySearch Facebook page for Germany/Prussia Genealogy Research Community. Since 1979, I have now granted $100,000+ of pro bono European ancestry, genealogy & family history research!


Apr 1984Nov 1995

former Accredited Genealogist (Germany)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Library