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Excellent knowledge and understanding of the software development process (SDLC, ALM).

Great conference presentation skills and demonstration ability for software solutions covering the software development lifecycle.

Skilled in large scale software and process management implementation and consulting.


Tradeshow Speaker“Effective Change Management Techniques” at 16 October 2005, Stuttgart Germany.

Tradeshow Speaker“Better Concurrent Development Though Branching” as 23 October 2006,Stuttgart Germany.

Tradeshow Speaker“Building a Quality-Ready Development Orginization” at 10 April 2008, London UK.

Tradeshow Speaker“Building a Quality-Ready Development Orginization” at 24 September 2008, Manchester UK.


  • Business Development
  • Pre-Sales, Consulting and Implementation
  • .NET Based Software Development
  • ALM, SDLC and Agile processes experience
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Content Management system design and implementation


Kevin Potter

Gerhard Kruger has been employed by our company from January 2004 though to November 2004 and held the position of Technical Development Engineer. In this role, he had responsibility for consulting, training and implementation of ContinuumRG software with our large national clients. During this period Gerhard was also responsible for the internal IT infrastructure. I had close direct interaction with Gerhard as this was a new product geing introduced and on these three vectors we access staff(being technical skills, attitude/internal motivation and client assessment) he rated excellent on all of these. He was seen as a rapidly rising key resource and we were extremely saddened when he left us.

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Jan 2000Dec 2000

Pc Engineering

Varsity Collage
  • Software Development
  • IT Business Practice
  • Object-Oriented Analysis/Design
  • Object-Oriented Programming(oop)
  • Hardware diagnostics and support
  • MS Office Suite

Work experience

Nov 2004Present


Seapine Software
  • Pre-sales technical consulting on Configuration management, defect management, Test Case management and automated testing.
  • Custom SOAP development for data conversion and integrations using .Net
  • 3rd level technical support on the following products, SurroundSCM/TestTrack Pro/TCM and QAWizard.
  • 3rd level technical support includes diagnostics for clients on the following platforms and database backend; Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, MS SQL 2000 and 2005, MySQL and Oracle 10g.
  • Data migration for customers from native to RDBMS database systems such as MSSQL,MySQL, Postgres and Oracle.
  • Onsite implementation of software for clients.
  • Onsite and internet training for clients on all software products developed by Seapine Software.
  • Onsite problem solving and support for clients.
Jan 2004Nov 2004

Technical Development Engineer

Sandbox Technologies
  • Looking after Company infrastructure (Windows 2003 server, IIS6, SQL 2000)
  • Technical implementation, support for Company’s software (ContinuumRG) win32 and web based
  • Building/Compiling of software for public release (Installshield 4.0)
  • Client support (ContinuumRG, IIS 5 / 6, SQL 2000, Windows 2000,2003 servers)
  • SQL DBA and developing of DB upgrade scripts
  • Co-development of an ASP/SQL Hosted Application.
  • Implementation of software at client’s site and presentation of training for clients.
  • Development of online knowledgebase and online help center, written in ASP and usingSQL as Database server.
  • Wireless infrastructure setup and security framework
Jun 2003Jan 2004

System Engineer

Paracon Holdings
  • Managing oracle 8 database server, backups and importing data checking server stability daily, Oracle DB Table space Extent.
  • MS SQL 2000 Database administration.
  • Writing web based application MSIS (managed services information system) for local intranet to manage company assets and daily routines of all engineers and enhancing of customers interaction, software written in ASP using MS SQL 2000 Database.
  • Managing Trend Anti-virus suite for servers and client pc.
  • Managing Windows 2000 active directory and Microsoft exchange 2000 server.
  • Managing Microsoft Internet information servers (iis5).
  • Currently training on Linux red hat 9.0 to use samba server and apache web server and MySql 4.0 database.


Internet Information Services - IIS
Web server configuration for hosting and other web applications. Worked with IIS 5/6/7
Microsoft SQL
Database management, SQL script development using MSSQL 2000, 2005 and 2008. Database design and maintenance for Web and windows applications. Database administration including backup and recovery plans.
Web Development
I have a wide range of web development skills in ASP.NET(VB.Net) and Classic ASP, I also have strong SEO skills to optimize websites for search engines and web analytics. I have been involved with large and small websites starting from scratch and developming the User interface and backend system includes SEO and other technologies needed. Having worked with companies to increase google ranking and listing i have succesfully increased website ranking and listing and helped companies keep existing Rankings.
Software Quality Assurance
Integrating quality assurance into the software development lifecycle is critical to ensuring successful product development. To stay competitive, organizations need to implement software quality assurance tools and processes earlier in the development lifecycle to help identify problems during development.
Software Configuration Management
Effectively managing application changes from design through release and maintenance is critical to delivering quality software products on time.