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As professional software engineer since 2001, I have acquired a high proficiency in the entire software development life cycle while growing an expert in a wide variety of Java, Scala, and related technologies and development methodologies, mainly SOA, Microservices and EAI in Agile SCRUM setting.

Currently, I am working to deepen my Functional Programming skills, and open to suitable opportunities.

Work experience

Jun 2017current

Senior Scala / Kotlin / PL-SQL Developer, REST API, Microservices, EAI

Finnova Bankware AG, Lenzburg, Switzerland

As a senior developer in various Microservice and EAI projects for a banking solution, I have driven the API and EAI development while working with Scala 2.12 and Kotlin using Swagger, Apache Camel, Oracle DB with PL/SQL, MSSQL, and AWS, conceptualised and implemented various Proofs of Concept of Cloud Computing capabilities with Openshift using Vert.x, Spring Boot,Akka/HTTP, Keycloak,  Docker and Kubernetes/Openshift, and automated E2E API tests via Bamboo and AWS EC2.

To increase productivity, I developed an IntelliJ Plugin that generates Scala sources out of Swagger files. 

Jan 2017Mar 2017

Scala Developer

Abandon - open source project

Contributing to the open source project Abandon, a text based, double-entry accounting system written in Scala.

Dec 2016Jun 2017

Senior Java/Scala Developer, ETL

bbv Software Services AG, Luzern, Switzerland

Senior Developer role in an ETL (data migration) project for Swiss social security companies (ETL with Java 8, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, WebSphere Liberty, DB2 & Oracle, Scala, Spark, Spark/Hadoop Streaming)

Nov 2015Nov 2016

Senior Java Developer, REST API

Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich, Switzerland

Senior Developer role in the ZKB Paymit project working in serverside und desktop development using Java EE 7 and Java 8, Spring Framework 4, Oracle DB 12, and Java Swing. Contributed to the major business logic and REST API development, migration of the code base to Java 8 and Spring Framework 4, and increased productivity by developing a set of IntelliJ IDEA plugins that generated boiler plate code reducing a day’s work to 10 minutes or less.

Aug 2013Jun 2015

Lead Java Developer, EAI

Informatica el Corte Ingles S.A., Alicante, Spain

Lead developer role in the EUIPO (former OHIM) Corporate Website project working in two major website modules for online filing of trademark and design registration applications. Defining of architecture and design, leading in the implementation of the modules. Defining and implementing of a high number of application integrations via Mule ESB.

Jan 2012Jul 2013

Senior/Lead Java Developer, EAI

Informatica el Corte Ingles S.A., Alicante, Spain
Lead developer role in a project in the context of the System Simplification initiative working at the system for trademark examiners, designing and implementing a high number of application integrations, and an information import module of the said system.
Oct 2011Dec 2011

Senior Java Developer

Expedia Inc., London, UK

Senior Java developer in, Debug and Refactoring of existing functionality

Feb 2011Aug 2011

Senior Java Developer, REST API

Aimia Inc. (former Loyalty Management Group), London, UK

Design and implementation of RESTful web service suite to integrate mobile applications with backend systems and databases; implementation and automated testing of a number of Android application features; coordinating and distribution of requirements among, and definition of Web Service interfaces for iPhone/Android Application developers; configuration of continuous integration and automated testing environments for Android applications.

Oct 2007Jan 2011

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Intrasoft International, Alicante, Spain
Architecture, design and implementation of a Liferay portal solution for online filing of oppositions to trademark and design registration applications with a complex set of business rules and a high number of integration interfaces with internal and external systems, and a fast search solution in more than 1 million XML files containing the aforementioned applications based on Apache Solr.
Jul 2006Sep 2007

Senior Java Developer

BearingPoint Infonova GmbH, Graz, Austria
Development of a Financial Management System for a Telco company; development of the application core (Accounts Receivable and Payment Management), and comprehensive concepts and solutions, e.g. improved messaging architecture, process scheduling component, query filter component, JBoss server adaptation, JBoss server specific services etc.
May 2002Jun 2006

Java Developer

IMG mbH, Hanover, Germany
Design and implementation of an innovative tool based on Eclipse RCP that allowed rapid transformation of Lotus Notes applications into Java web applications 
May 2001May 2002

Java Programmer

CIS AG, Hanover, Germany

Parttime Java Application Programmer