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Commercial position that requires challenging business strategy and business development efforts.


Commercial Professional with solid technical background in the (petro) chemical industry, broad experience in procurement and B2B sales of products, projects and supporting services.

Focus on results and bias towards action. Strong problem solving skills, hands-on mentality, excellent team player and people leader who inspires enthusiasm and excellence in sales teams by an entrepreneurial, pro-active and creative approach. 


Good understanding of interaction between procurement, sales and manufacturing. Experienced in business development, benefit selling, private label business, key account management, product portfolio optimization, customer base rationalization, project selling.

Work experience


Business Manager Koppers Specialty Chemicals

Koppers International BV

Responsible for managing all sales, purchasing and logistics operations for Koppers Speciality Chemicals (KSC) and to identify proposals for the development of the KSC business worldwide. The business has 100 commercial accounts and a total staff of 6 people.

Apr 2011Present

Commercial Procurement Manager

Koppers International BV

Koppers is a leading integrated producer of carbon compounds and treated wood products for the aluminum, steel, chemical, rubber, railroad and utilities industry. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Koppers has multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, The Netherlands, Australia and China. As a leading distiller of coal tar, a by-product of the transformation of coal into coke, Koppers produces carbon pitch, refined tar, creosote, carbon black feedstock and chemical oils.

Responsible for managing purchase and coordination of supply of raw materials and petrochemical feedstocks to all European facilities. Initialy reporting to VP European operations but after restructere reporting to Manager Commercial and Logistics.

Main achievements

  • Agreed a long-term contract with a strategic supplier. The contract was about increased supply (+100%), rebalancing along the supply sources to minimize landed cost and restructure of the pricing procedure.
  • Increased the supplier base (+40%) to reduce supply risk and reduce overall landed cost.
  • Improved supplies from Russia and Ukraine by improving contracts and payment terms, improving railcar logistics and extending the supplier base.
  • Improved the landed cost (-5%) in a tightening raw materials market by extensive negotiations and rebalancing the supplier base.
  • Improved contract administration to meet required controls.
  • Team leader for the commercial team responsible for the retention of customers and suppliers in the restructured Koppers European Operation. The restructure included the closure of 1 facility and the continued operation of 2 remaining facilities. This project was done according plan and in time.
  • Part of negotiation team regarding the agreement with a key-supplier. Part of the agreement is the closure of facilities in the UK. This project is still in execution.
Aug 2010Mar 2011

Sr. International Account Manager

Demaco Holland bv

Demaco is specialized in the area of cryogenics. The work typically involves the development and manufacture of equipment and systems that are usually not available as standard. Demaco has built up an experience among its clients as "the solver of complex problems". The business is highly international - no less than 70% of the turnover comes from export.

Responsible for sales in Scandinavia and Austria and for specific accounts in the Helium & Hydrogen cryogenic segment. Reporting to the Manager Sales & Marketing, in a team of 4 Account Managers.

Main achievements 

  • Revitalized Scandinavian sales area.
  • Contributed well on target (30% of total Turnover and Margin).
  • Leading Sales role in gaining DESY XFEL tender (25% Turnover of total 2011 Budget Plan).
  • Created business plan for Liquid Nitrogen supply systems for MBE machines.
  • Initiated business plan for Helium & Hydrogen business segment.
  • Created several references which where published on the company website.
Nov 2007May 2010

Sales Manager

AXEL Christiernsson

AXEL Christiernsson is a Swedish enterprise and market leader in Europe in development, manufacturing and international sales of advanced lubricating greases for industrial purposes (automotive, industry, marine and food). Hallmarks are private label and independence. Customers are (major) oil companies, lubricant suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and wholesalers.

Overall sales responsible for 21mio€ turn over in 2010. Leading the sales team and reporting to the Managing Director of AXEL Christiernsson BV. Main markets: West-, Central - and SE Europe, Turkey and South Africa.

Main achievements

  • Defined plans, objectives, actions to grow turnover and volume until 2012 by organic growth (+40%) . Increased cold prospecting power (+0.4 FTE in 2009) by hiring and coaching a sales consultant, specialized in Lubricants. Plans are agreed and approved by Global Management Team and Board and are the basis for the 2010 - 2012 budget plan.
  • Improved the margin over the past years (+20% unit gross sales margin). This improvement is the combined effect of a diversified price strategy in 2008 and 2009.
  • Decreased customer overdue from over 10% from outstanding in 2007 to 5% in 2010.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by establishing a new inside sales position.
  • Gained significant new volume in 2009 from major oil company (+15% gross sales margin).
  • Improved the sales process by introducing six distinct sales steps along the sales cycle based on "Service and value based selling" This process was rolled out to all other sites in the AXEL Group.
    • Developed AXEL specific key account plan template to be used group wide.
    • Developed service level agreement template to be used group wide.
Jan 2004Jan 2007

Territory Manager International Marine

ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties

Responsible for 25mio$ turn over / 20 customers. Reporting to Central Europe Cluster Manager. Main markets: dredging, reefer business, tramping.

Main achievements

  • Changed biggest customer from loss making to healthy margin business in 2006. In 2007, volume increased 11%.
  • In 2004-2006 over 500mT of new business was gained at existing customers with unit gross sales margin above target.
  • Increased market share at dredging customers from 70% to 75%. Ensured that dredging receives special treatment within the ExxonMobil international marine standard offer.
  • Renegotiated all contracts and pricing schedules according to the latest ExxonMobil business guidelines. This was done in time, in a joint effort with international marine global contract controller and significantly simplified customer support.
Jan 2003Jan 2004

Process Engineer Utilities

ExxonMobil Refining & Supply

Responsible for executing and managing projects and advisor in optimizing utilities in the day to day operation (4 plants). Reporting to PTA Console D Supervisor.

Main achievement

  • Initiated and executed project for replacement of anion/cation resin at the demin plant. New supplier selected which saved 100k€ on resin investment. Project executed safe, within budget and in time. Yearly saving on water consumption > 200k€.

Core Competencies

project management; investment proposals; risk assessment; management of change; decision making analysis; auditing.

Jan 2001Jan 2003

Process Engineer APS

ExxonMobil Refining & Supply

Responsible for executing and managing projects and advisor in optimizing the main refinery distiller in the day to day operation (4 plants). Reporting to Process Technical Assistant Console A Supervisor.

Main achievement

  • Initiated and executed desalters upgrading project. Project was managed from basic design, along the gate review process to implementation in the desalters. Project executed within budget, in time, during refinery turn around 2003.
Jan 1997Jan 2001

Sales Engineer Industrial Lubricants

Mobil Oil Lubricants & Specialties

Responsible for 5mio€ turn over / 60 customers. Reporting to Benelux Industrial Lubes Manager. Main markets: gas engines, food, steel, paper. 

Main achievements

  • Team leader of the autonomous group Food. The team target, gross margin growth of 65k€ within 2 years was realized according plan.
  • Team leader of the autonomous group Gas Engines. The team target, gross margin growth of 50k€ was realized well ahead of plan target date.
Jan 1996Jan 1997

Lubricants Division Department Coordinator

Mobil Oil Lubricants & Specialties

Responsible for aligning sales and marketing programs within the lubricants division department (including: sales, marketing, production). Reporting to Benelux Lubricants Division Manager. Main markets: industry, automotive, marine, aviation and specialties.

Main achievement

  • Involved in many sales and marketing activities. Gained support for number of changes in delivery and packages. Provided database support for several prospecting and mailing programs including automotive, metal processing oils, paper and food industry.
Jan 1995Jan 1996

Business Analyst

Mobil Oil Lubricants & Specialties

Responsible for aligning sales and marketing programs within the lubricants division department. Reporting to Manager Business Analysis. Main markets: industry, automotive, marine, aviation and specialties.

Main achievement

  • SOR and SOR+ was developed in close cooperation with lubes management. SOR was strategic outlook review for next 5 years.
Jan 1994Jan 1995

Operations Assistant Mobil Amsterdam Terminal

Mobil Oil Fuels

Responsible for assisting Operations Manager in day to day business and for developing, executing and managing projects.

Main achievements

  • Project leader dismantling/cleaning lead additive injection plant. Project was done safe, within budget and on time.

Training & Additional Skills


  • Karrass - Effective Negotiating (2 days, June 2014)
  • ExxonMobil Professional Sales Seminar (10 days, May 2005)
    • Account Prioritization, Sales Process Cycle, Pipeline Management. Achieve Global
    • Professional Selling Skills. Achieve Global
    • Professional Sales Negotiations. Achieve Global
  • ExxonMobil Marine Sales Course (5 days, November 2004)
  • Mobil Industrial Territory Account Manager Program (10 days, August 1998)
    • SPIN Selling. Huthwaite, Inc.
    • Major Account Sales Strategy. Huthwaite, Inc.Mobil Sales Entry Course (10 days, November 1997)
  • Professional Sales Presentations.
    • Business School for Sales Mercuri International (3 days, June 1998)
    • Achieve Global (2 days, November 2004)
  • Key elements of Marketing. De Baak – Studiecentrum VNO (6 days, April, May 1997)


  • Key elements of Financial Economic Management. De Baak – Studiecentrum VNO (6 days, May, June 1997)
  • Control & Risk Self-Assessment for high performing work teams. Internal Mobil course (5 days, May 1997)
  • Effective Influencing Skills. Sheppard Moscow Ltd (4 days, March 1996)

Technical, Health and Safety training

  • Cryogenic Engineering and Safety. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. (5 days, September 2010)
  • ExxonMobil Safety Management and HAZOP auditing. ExxonMobil internal course in preparation of participating European utilities HAZOP team (5 days, May 2003)
  • High pressure safety training. (2003, certificate expired)
  • Vapro II, Safety training operational supervisors. (2001, certificate expired)
  • ExxonMobil Engineering Course. ExxonMobil Fawly Refinery. (10 days, 2001)

PC skills

  • SAP R3, Siebel, MS office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)


  • Native Dutch
  • Bilingual English
  • Colloquial German

Competencies & Character


  • Leadership & execution                                           
  • Broad knowledge & experience
  • Team-play
  • Business development
  • Business analysis & budgeting
  • Sales control & monitoring
  • Optimizing the commercial process
  • Productivity improvement
  • Sr. key account management


  • Enthusiastic, energetic
  • Flexible, open minded
  • Perseverance, tenacious, acumen
  • Eager to learn, adaptive
  • Creative, original
  • Nuanced
  • Positive minded

Personal Information

  • Born on 23 June 1967, Enschede, the Netherlands
  • Native Dutch citizen
  • Living near Amsterdam
  • Married, two daughters, Anna (6 July 2001) & Sophie (15 October 2003)




University Twente

Master study Chemical Engineering. Specialization in Process Engineering



Hogeschool Enschede / HTS de Maere

Bachelor study Chemical Engineering. Specialization in Process Engineering


Optimizing the commercial process
Overdue management
Business development
Business planning & budgeting
Account management