Highly skilled and dedicated mental health professional with ability to identify, analyze and explain the different psychological variables and levels to understand human actions; apply the methods of intervention, evaluation and research to contribute along with other professional practices to increase the skills of human beings focused on exchange and maximize resources with their environment. Knowledge in individual and group behavior of human beings throughout their development.

Ability detection techniques, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of psychological problems. As well as experience in scientific methodology for the study of natural and social phenomena involved in human behavior.

Great thoughtful and critical thinking ability to understand the mutuality of individual and psychological events sociales.Capaz appreciate and value individual and cultural diversity and intervene in optimizing the teaching process - learning.

Efective motivator, communicator and advocate with inherent ability to manage many types of personalities, even in stressful situations, proactively resolve issues and achieve challenging goals. Exemplary leadership skill as proven by successful staff development and group facilitation. 

Professional Experience

Experiencia profesional
feb 2015 - mar 2016

Investigacion Metodologica en el area de Neurociencias

Facultad de Medicina Humana de la UNACH
ene 2015 - jul 2015

Área de Recursos Humanos 

Refricomercial Maringuizar


Formación académica
ago 2011 - dic 2015

Licenciatura en Psicología

Universidad del Valle de México
ago 2008 - jun 2011


Universidad del Valle de México
ago 2005 - jul 2008


Universidad Pablo Guardado Chavéz